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  2013 timeline contents  Solar flares are disrupting Earth's magnetosphere |  China overtakes the USA in scientific research | The Gaia mission is launched |  3D technologies are widespread |  Highly flexible touch sensors are appearing in a range of gadgets |  Launch of the PS4 and Xbox 720 |  Full-body scanners are mandatory in US airports |  Direct high-speed rail from London to Frankfurt and Amsterdam |  The expansion of the Port of Rotterdam is completed, tripling its capacity |  14nm chips enter mass production |  The first test launch of the Falcon Heavy |   2014 timeline contents  The IPCC releases its Fifth Assessment Report |  The Internet has a greater reach than television | The new World Trade Center is completed |  The Shanghai Tower is completed |  Brazil hosts the FIFA World Cup |  The Large Hadron Collider reaches its maximum operating power |  The first solar aircraft to circumnavigate the globe |  Completion of the Panama Canal expansion project |  Personalised DNA sequencing for under $100 |  Better protection against tooth decay |  The first products to use memristor technology are becoming available |  Terabyte SD cards are available |  Robotic pack mules are entering military service |  Completion of the International Space Station |  The first test flight of NASA's Orion spacecraft |  The MAVEN probe arrives at Mars |  India's first Mars mission |  The Rosetta probe deploys its lander on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko |  Most telephone calls are made via the Internet now | Increased automation in retail environments |   2015 timeline contents  The deadline for the Millennium Development Goals |  Expo 2015 is held in Milan, Italy |  The world's first fully sustainable, zero-carbon, zero-waste city |  The world's first lunar tourist |  A new generation of hi-tech supercarriers |  The United States and South Korea dissolve the Combined Forces Command |  The first large-scale solar updraft towers are operational |  Queen Elizabeth II becomes the longest reigning monarch in British history |  Gay marriage is legal in the United Kingdom |  Battery technology gets a boost |  3D printing is a mainstream consumer product |  OLED displays are in widespread use |  LED lamps are dominating the commercial and domestic lighting markets |  10 nanometre chips enter mass production | Scientists resurrect the woolly mammoth |  Lifesaver bottles are in widespread use |  The Carteret Islands are abandoned |  The New Horizons probe arrives at Pluto |  The Dawn probe arrives at Ceres |  Voyager I enters the heliopause |    2016 timeline contents  China passes the US in PPP |  Euro 2016 is held in France |  Rio de Janeiro hosts the Olympic Games | Apple Inc. achieves a market capitalisation of one trillion dollars |  US vehicles are becoming more fuel-efficient |  India's first manned space flight |  India launches its second unmanned lunar probe |  The first hotel in space |  The Juno probe arrives at Jupiter |  Agricultural robots are appearing on farms |  Laser guns are in naval use |  Holographic versatile disc (HVD) supersedes Blu-ray |  New drug delivery methods for brain-related conditions |  A pill to prevent sunburn |  Completion of the i5K project |  The Strait of Messina Bridge is completed |  China completes the largest environmental cleanup in its history |  The East Side Access subway extension opens in New York |  United States Presidential Election |  The Gotthard Base Tunnel is completed |   2017 timeline contents  The European Union has been expanded |  Worsening crisis in Yemen |  China establishes the largest megacity in the world |  The world's first kilometre-high skyscraper |  The world's first Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) platform begins operations |  The Nabucco gas pipeline is completed |  India completes construction of the Dibang Dam |  The M1A3 Abrams tank enters the battlefield |  The remaining JFK files are released |  Total solar eclipse in the US |  China launches an unmanned sample return mission to the Moon |  The first test flight of NASA's Space Launch System |  Sales of electric and hybrid trucks reach 100,000 annually |  Electronic paper is seeing widespread use |  Traditional newspapers are becoming obsolete |  Tooth regeneration is transforming dental care |  Cosmetic surgery has doubled its market size |  Portable medical lasers that seal wounds |  Teleportation of simple molecules |   2018 timeline contents  A missile defence shield is deployed in Europe |  The African Central Bank is established |  Oil drilling gets underway in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge |  Russia hosts the FIFA World Cup |  The James Webb telescope is launched |  A drug to prevent obesity |  Crossrail opens in London |  The City Circle Line opens in Copenhagen |  The Transbay Transit Center is completed in San Francisco |  Many complex surgeries are performed by robots |  Robot insect spies are in military use |  Ubiquitous internet nodes connect appliances, vehicles, etc. |  Consumer devices with 100 Gbit/s transfer speeds |  Scientists drill into Earth's mantle |  The Mackenzie Valley Pipeline is completed in Canada |  The market for biofuels is experiencing a period of rapid growth |  The last of Nigeria's rainforests have been felled |    2019 timeline contents  China's first high-tech stealth fighter enters service |  The ITER experimental fusion reactor is switched on |  The International Linear Collider is completed |  The ExoMars rover touches down on Mars | Acute spinal injuries are fully treatable |  Computers break the exaflop barrier |  Bionic eyes with high resolution are commercially available |  Connected vehicle technology is being deployed in a number of countries |  Automated freight transport |  Lunar-resonant streetlights are appearing in many cities |  US copyright begins to expire, starting with all works from 1923 |  Jordan opens its first nuclear power plant | The Aral Sea disappears from the map |  Oil demand is outpacing supply by a significant margin |  
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