CRITICAL ESSAY- MOVING FORWARD-How Can We Transform Our Urban Cities Into Sustainable Networks FINAL ASHA FARAH

Moving forward: can technology help us achieve the sustainable cities Report by Asha Farah [k0721804] BA Hons, Landscape Architecture Image above: Tomorrow!s think tank today by Andrew Birds FOREWORD The overview of this essay is to examine how effective, implementing sustainable initiatives can change our urban cities, in what context this should be achieved and what the future ecocity would mean to the UK cities. Sustainable measures have to been implemented in response to the issues of
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  Moving forward: can technology help us achieve the sustainable cities  Image above:Tomorrow ! s think tank todayby Andrew Birds  Report by Asha Farah [k0721804]BA Hons, Landscape Architecture  The overview of this essay is to examine how effective, implementing sustainable initiativescan change our urban cities, in what context this should be achieved and what the future eco-city would mean to the UK cities.Sustainable measures have to been implemented in response to the issues of social economical and environmental changes in cities.The essay is written fom a point of view of connecting with the reader, through five points;value, belief, expectation, attitude and action. I believe that these individual pillars play a pivotal role in advocating an understanding of sustainability and therefore forms the body of this essay. The view “Sustainability; is achieved through an act of affection for ourlandscapes” 1 and that each individual makes up the vast urban network and has a collectiveresponsibility to acknowledge and adopt a lifestyle congruent to working within a widersystem of inputs and outputs.With this in mind the main focus will be on landscapes, the infrastructure that surrounding it and how these components when overlapping interconnect.The overall success of this essay derives in whether a more distilled image of what an eco-citycomprises of and the type of transformation needed to achieve this.This essay is not anadvocacy; how to achieve equilibrium societies, but how to achieve a dynamic one byunderstanding the limitation we are currently facing in the UK cities and how we areimplementing technology to resolve perplexing demands and its effects in achieving thosestrategies. FOREWORD  As in all matters, religion has givenfoundational roots to many ideas and conceptschallenging our preconceived understanding of the human existence here on earth.Although this is a contested philosophy intoday’s divided views, there has been astruggle to connect to God in our early historywhere a deep respect for nature manifested as asymbol of God’s presence in nature.Thus a bond between Nature (God) and thecreated; Human, through the Europeanphilosophical idea of the Judeo-Christianbelief, assimilated this to the divine unity of the heavens and earth.According to this bond, God completes his‘creative work’ and positions humanity asstewards over the rest of nature.Technology emerges, viewed as a separateentity from this bond and becomes anindependent structure to represent the changein thoughts of the church where by humans,have been selected to complete God’s work.Efficiencies and reliability of innovativetechnologies had greatly improved communityboth socially and economically andas the development of more tools came about,this became a necessity to resolving otherconstraints.In a sense technology was viewed as a tool forsurvival, and a problem solving mechanism.This greatly aided both the philosophical andmoral belief at the time and technology waswelcomed but by a few. Connection between land, nature andtechnology Technology has facilitated and centralisedpopulation growth. These patterns of growthcan be mapped around regions whereadvancements of technology are seen. Thisheavy reliance on technology has resulted in anendless change to our landscapes and mappedout new territories termed; the city. Theseregions saw trajectory social developmentcoupled with an increase in population growth.This put a huge pressure on the rural farmers tomeet consumerism demands, and when thetraditional labour intensive work of thecountryside could not meet the demands,technology make it possible to mass producefood mechanically, gradually loosing profitsand forcing a wave of migration from thecountryside to the city. Eventually leading touneven distributions of economical gains.This life-cycle has proved a reality for mostcities in both the developing and developedcountries across the world and has become thesymbolic struggle for hundred of yearsbetween nature and technology. How technology  shapes nature As technology has come into being through thenecessity to resolving issues of survival, it hasnot taken any formal design processes orstyles, however each era of technologicaladvancement can be chronological dated.Cultural influences imposed by beliefs havealso dated technology.Furthermore decades of industrialdevelopment, and urban expansion, landconsolidation and numerous roads and railwaysbuilt, paint an image of the development of theurban region as nature subordinate to thedemand of the people. Perception of the natural environment The image of our urban cities are a fragmentedmix of different concerns and aspiration  Abstract: Since there is an ever growing emphasis on the need for urban regions to become more sustainable,i hope to better understand how we (as Landscape Architects) can improve the functionality of our citythrough informed designs and bridge the gap between the aspired self-sustaining city and the possible sustainable city. Keywords: Bio-mimicry, ecology, Nature, Strategies, Technology, Introduction: The core  groups “Moving forward”: How can we transform our urban cities into sustainablenetworks
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