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Cultural Influences on Students' perceptions of Written feedback in L2 Writing .
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  Critical Readin Response CULTURAL INFLUENCES IN STUDENTS’ PERCEPTION  OF WRITTEN FEEDBACK IN L2 WRITING Humairah Tanjung 0304163183 Enlis Education Departmenr, Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Traning, State Islamic University of Nort Sumatera, Medan, Indonesia PBI3/ 7t Semester Email: asyifa h INTRUDUCTION In this critical journal talking about “Cultural Influences on Students' perceptions of Written feedback in L2 Writing”. This journal Written by Rahma Fitriani. In this journal will explain the content of journal and response from the reader. The outlines from this journal discuss about students views that the culturally constructed towards the feedback process are significant in the topic of discusaion in study of feedback in writing L2. Beside that, in the content of journal also talking about the statement about Students' perceptions of written feedback in L2 ans can critized between agree or disagree with some of the statement from the  journal. SUMMARY L2 very important for us to improve our skill. One of the way is writing. From writing we can use as communication tools to deliver the message. The most problem that always appear is the process to deliver the message from L1 to L2. And culture influence also dominant in language development, especially in L2. Many research stated that in the process of writing will better if we make a feedback. Because from that we can correcting the errors before. The way is feedback implementation in L2 in writing instruction. Usually, student culture difficult to appreciate the feedback from their friends, because they think their peers mo more know then him. Different with feedback from their teacher,  because the student will more appreciated and put it in their writing. We can know that different  between students EFL and ESL from this journal, we can see from their way in study language and difialties that they facing. The influence from respective cultures cab be seen and must be minimized , especially those ASIA countries. From this research, the writer find the result of the data that students more appreciate the feedback from their teacher, than their peers. Besaides that, many of students can not be critized by his peers, even they can not control themselves well to make the feedback from their friends as an improvement. In this findings divided of two part:  First, valving more teacher feedback than peer feedback. In oir country, the culture of students usually influenced by the culture of hierarchy. That’s mean the students more appreciate, trust, and assume the teacher always correct and only one the source of the knowledge, until they doesn’t trust and care about the feedback from their peers. Where’s, if they make feedback from they friend as a fulther improvement will help them to be better. Second, Indonesians belong to a collectivist society which practices facesaving strategies to maintain cohesion. In the second finding, here the peers give the feedback to their friend face to face or live, because with this way, the writer can see the emotion from the verbal or nonverbal. For example, from their face Expression and body language. It used in students of collectivist society. So, the interactions in this study make the students easier to be honest in feedback or pure and without doubt. CRITICAL READING RESPONSE In this journal there are some opinionfrom the expert, based on Cohen & Cavalcantin : 1990, research has shown that written feedback is a cricial part of the writing process. I agree with this statment, because I think if we want have better essay or product we must can use feedback from other in our revision. From anote statement I ot from anoter expert, fro Russel and Spada (2005) th at, “we t hink feedback is essential in helping groups and group members learn more about ow tey operate and about temselves individually. Beside that, I also agree with statement from Miao, Badger, and Zhen (2006) an Tsui and Ng (2000) reorted different findings showing that learners from hierarchical culture value teacher feedback more highly then peer feedback but still recognize the importance of peer feedback. My reason I agree with this statement, because biside use the feedback from the teacher we also can not underestimate feedback from the peers, because maybe the feedback from them can make better our essay. I agree that feedback from teacher and peers is good  becaise there is also the statement from ferris& Robert,2001, ferris:2004, goldstein:2004, tjat many studies have shown that feedback activities prourded by the teacher can devlop writing activities learners. This statement also supported from (Yosida,,2008) statement, th at is “from feedback, a student can know te extent of te inredients tat as been taut can be mastered. CONCLUSION So, the conclusion is the influences, especially hierarchical cultures shape students'  perception of written feedback that they receive from the teachers and peers. From this cultures the students more appreciated the feedback from their teacher, than peers. Because, their assumed the teacher more experienced, smart, trusted, and detail, while his peers have the same knowledge as him. Study collectively can provide broader meaning to understand the influence of culture on EFL in Indonesia and how the student perception of written feedback in writing L2. REFERENCE  Fithriani, R. (2018b). Cultural influences on students’ perceptions of written feedback in L2 writing.  Journal of Foreign Language Teaching and Learning,  3(1), 1-13. Available at Muh. Arif & Ika Sastrawati. (2017) Pengaruh Theacer Feedback Terhadap Kemampuan Murid Dalam Pembelajaran Writing. Universitas Muhammadiyah Semarang. 
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