Critical Reading Respons by Yolanda Izatul Zikra || Integrating Online Blogging into EFL Writing Instruction: Exploring Students' Perceptions by Rahmah Fithriani

The article " Integrating Online Blogging into EFL Writing Instruction: Exploring Students' Perceptions is written by Rahmah Fithriani, S.S., M.Hum., Ph.D.
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  CRITICAL READING RESPONS Integrating Online Blogging into EFL Writing Instruction: Exploring Students’ Perceptions   By: Yolanda Izatul Zikra PBI-1/7 Semester Scientific Writing Course Introduction Writing is one of important skills in teaching English. Writing is the expression of language in the form of letters, symbols or words. Dewi stated that the primary purpose of writing is communication. Through writing, people can understand about other’s i deas and it can be communication for the reader to know about the writer’s ideas. According to Carrol (2001), writing is one of the most powerful communications tools that are to share our thoughts and ideas for the rest of our life. Based on the definition above, writing skill is very important to produce some ideas and to communicate the ideas to others. Teaching English is important to EFL learners. So, writing skill is one of teaching English that EFL learners should be learned. According to Harmer (2001: 25), there are two approaches in teaching writing. They are focusing on the product of writing process and focusing on the writing process itself. So, writing skills focus on the process that conducted in writing. In teaching writing skills, teachers should have some strategy to make students interested in writing skill class. There are some strategies that can be used to develop student’s writing. It can use social media and  blog. These are kind of technology. In other words, technology has its own role in student’s writing skill. In this chance, the writer try to use blog to improve student’s writing skills. Blog is one of technology that can be used by students to express their mind, opinion, statement, and so on. Summary Technology is one of the things that can support students' writing abilities. Such as the use of a Blog which is one of the technological facilities, students can develop their writing skills even though there are still many things to be learned. Based on statements written by the authors, writing English becomes a challenge for students in organizing their thinking to form  a pattern that they did not recognize before. Then, by using online blogging, students can express their ideas in written form without having to think about the structure that they should. Based on the findings by the author, the use of blogs is a pleasure for students. This is supported by the author's statement that students have a positive perception of the integration of online blogging as an alternative activity in writing English. A blog can be applied to students as a practice in writing. The author recommends that EFL students use this blog. Critique The article has shared the information about online blogging. In the article, there is a statement “English writing becomes very challenging as students need to organize their ideas in those new patterns they might not familiar with.” Based on that statement,  I agree with the statement but not only organize the ideas, but also students should realize that their ideas still related to the writing. The writer says, “They also need to transfer their ideas from their first language, Indonesian to English.” I do agree with the writer said. The students can share their ideas in their first language before transfer it to English. It can make them free in conveying their thoughts. Based on Molina and Albir (2002:507)” Translation method refers to the way of a particular translation process that is carried out in terms of the translator’s objective, i’e., a global option that affects the whole texts ”. It means that the students should have method to ease them transfer their ideas from their first language by using translation. In another part, the writer also state that one method which has been increasingly much used in EFL classroom setting is technology integration in the teaching of various language learning skill. I really agree with the statement. Technology integration is the best way to increase writing skills. People in this era are not far from technology. They always used technology in every job. That’s why technology can play an important role in teaching writing skills.  The weakness of this article can showed by the writer stated that However, despite its increasing popularity in many EFL writing class context, the use of blogs in EFL writing classes in Indonesia seems still relatively few. Based on the statement above, I agree with it. I think many students in Indonesia didn’t know about blog can increase their writing skills. They only use social media, like instagram, to share their thinking and sometimes to share their critique.  On the other hands, the writer state that all those challenges facing Indonesian EFL learners in learning writing skills call for teachers and instructors to find better way to make English writing class skill more interesting and authentic to learn. Based on the statement, I don’t agree with that. I think, in improving writing skills for Indonesian EFL learners, teachers and instructors are not really needed. In this era, every student will be able to find their own way to improve their writing skills. One of them is as has been said in the sentence that follows is the use of technology. Learners will find interesting ways to English writing skills and the teachers or instructors only serves as a motivator and facilitator of student in working on their writing. It only takes time for students to understand and master the writing skills gained. Conclusion The use of technology can be related to the writing skills. Indonesian EFL learners can improved their writing skill by using technology as the way to produce English writing. Blog, one of technology that can be used, is the best way to get the interesting writing skills. By using blog, learners can express their mind, opinion, and statement. It can make students easy to learn English writing skills. References Dewi, Utami. (2013).  How to Write , Tanjung Rejo Medan: La-Tansa Press. J.A. Carrol. (2011). Writing and Grammar  . New Jersey: practice Hall. Fithriani, R., Rafida, T., & Siahaan, A. (2019). Integrating online blogging into EFL writing instruction: Exploring students’ perceptions.  Advances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research , 188, 87-90. https://doi.org/10.2991/eltlt-18.2019.17
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