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Class : PBI-1/7 th Semester Introduction Writing is one part of skill in English. Writing means expressing the idea or opinion that we have. Writing also means the process of devoting or creating all our ideas through writing on paper. Writing can
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  Name : Laisya Tanzila Reg. Number : 0304161007 Class : PBI-1/7 th  Semester Introduction Writing is one part of skill in English. Writing means expressing the idea or opinion that we have. Writing also means the process of devoting or creating all our ideas through writing on paper. Writing can improve student creativity. Students can devote their ideas and opinion through their writing. Therefore, students are very important to have writing skills, they need to train their writing skills from now on. As time goes, technology is growing, both among people, as well as among education. As students EFL, they are required to have four capabilities in English speaking, listening, reading and writing. However, the ability of writing is one of skills that is difficult to develop  by EFL students at the moment. Therefore, through the online blogging students can increase interest in writing. They can create what they think, their opinions also reflect their learning outcomes about the lesson they learned at school. I do agree with this statement in this article  because online blogging is an effective tool and also one of the technologies that has a  positive effect on EFL students to improve their writing skills in English Summary In the article entitled “Integratin g Online Blogging into EFL Writing Instruction: Exploring Student’s Perception” explained about research on the use of online blogging in student’s English writing skills. Writing class is not yet a priority in Indonesia education. While writing in English is difficult ability for students. Some students learn to write in English prepare themselves for the test. With the problem, the researchers decided to examine the EFL students, that is the use of online blogging as a student creativity container in  pouring their ideas and also increasing their attraction in writing. In addition, the use of online blogging can also increase students’ motivation in practicing their writing skills. Online blogging has been popular among the people especially the younger generation. Therefore, online blogging is one of the technologies that is suitable to be used as a  motivational development tool and also students' interest in their English writing creations, not only writing they can also post their works so that they can collect their written works. Although in Indonesia, the use of online blogging is relatively small, but from the results of the research in this article, it is hoped that EFL teachers will apply this method  because not a few results from this research can increase the positive effect on EFL students which can increase their motivation in writing. Critique In the findings section, on theme one: improvement of writing fluency. Based on the data from the two sources, most participants found that blogging activities help improve their writing fluency. They reported that writing on their blogs regularly allows them to practice their writing skills and as a consequence they found it much easier to find a topic and write it in a blog post, as seen in the following excerpts: “ I used to spend a lot of time thinking of what to write or even if I already knew what the topic is I want to write, I didn't know how to start it ... but now I think I can sit in front of my laptop and the ideas just come like that [snapping fingers] ”  (Excerpt 1, interview). I do agree with this statement because based on the findings I got from the article, that is By reaching the information and making and meaning in mind, learners develop a high level of thinking skills. Blogs are also a collaborative learning tools which have aroused a great interest among educators lately (Godwin-Jones, 2003). Then, will give my critism about the aouthor's finding about: Student: I think I provided at least a comment on every single post that I readInterviewer: wow! Good for you. Why did you do that? Student: Not only for the grades although it’s one of the reasons [laugh] reading my friends’  posts gives me ideas of what to discuss in my blog. When commenting and giving suggestions [on their posts] I also learn how to be more specific and detailed in my own writing (Excerpt 3, interview). I do agree with this findings because based on the finding that I got, that is by writing comments, critics and feedback to each other's page and interaction among users are necessary to improve the overall quality of a blog. Blog discussions may help to improve feeling of community among students (Miceli et al., 2010). Blogs not only support collaboration but they also help autonomy. Learners may decide the topic and write freely whenever they want. By using blogs, ownership and creativity are stimulated. Learners  use the foreign language in a comfortable way, they learn about the target culture, which is impossible to learn from textbook alone (Ducate & Lomicka, 2008) in article “ The effects of  blogging on EFL writing achievement ”.   According to another article “The effects of blogging on EFL writing achievement” that said, EFL teachers should also use blog-oriented environment in addition to traditional classroom setting to increase writing achievement in a process-based approach. For this  purpose, policy makers, curriculum developers and material developers should pay attention to the contribution of blogging to writing achievement, and develop materials, techniques and  procedures that are suitable for blog oriented writing. By this way, it will be possible to integrate blogs into their classroom settings for improving EFL writing achievement. However, target groups should be also aware that the use of blogs as a learning environment does not bring any extra advantage when they are compared to traditional learning environment. That is to say, while the use of blogs increases writing achievement, it does  provide more improvement than the use of traditional learning environments. So, this statement is same with the article “Integrating Online Blogging into EFL Writing  Instruction: Exploring Students’ Perceptions” that the research has same purpose. The use of online  blogging gives positive effect to writing skill’s EF L students. Conclusion Online blogging is a technology that is suitable to generate motivation for EFL students in writing and also enhance students' creations in writing. In addition, this way can improve the ability of EFL students to write because writing skills are needed by EFL students. So, online blogging is a suitable and appropriate tool that has a positive effect on students' writing abilities. This is very effective in dealing with the problem of EFL teachers who want to increase their students' motivation in writing because writing is rarely sought after by students if the teacher does not take a role and find modern ways in the current era of globalization such as the use of online blogging. References Ozdemira E., Aydon S., (2015). The Effects of blogging on EFL writing achievement GlobELT:  An International Conference on Teaching and Learning English as an  Additional Language.    Fithriani, R., Rafieda, T., Siahaan A. (2019). Integrating Online Blogging into EFL Writing Instructions: E ksploring Students’ Perception.  Advances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research (ASSEHR), volume 188, 89.
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