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  DAY—2Explain about DC OP’s Architecture. Server Management: It means maintenance of web servers i.e, when you have afully managed server, your webhost is responsible for some/all servermaintenance. If your sever is not fully managed, you are responsible for maintainit or you have to hire someone for this.   Server Monitoring & Reporting: It means , here we are monitoring the servers,server uptime/downtime reports, server health chec!ups....etc. dmin & Security Services: It means , the admin peoples gives the rightpermissions/privileges to all employees and he maintains all the employeesinformation, he is having rights to change the employee passwords.....etc. Install & #pgrade/$atching Services: It means, to update the software/%S fromolder version to newer version. ere patching means, to '( the issues/errors.Server Security & ardening: It means to update the software i.e, taing a softsurface/material & maing changes to it, which result in that surface becomestronger & more resistance to damage it. )his is how e(actly how the server ishardening*acup Recovery & +ob Scheduling:   *acups is to recover data/ copying andarchiving of omputer data. so, it may be used to restore the srcinal after a data loss event. +ob scheduling, refers to a batch system that manages and monitorsthe behind!the!scenes data and applications that are necessary for batch -obs tooccur . Incident Management:   It means, creating the logs i.e, it contains assign to group,time, assign by....etc and it is performed by monitoring peoples0123$repared *y $rudhvi  $roblem Management:   It means, if we receive same issues/alerts multiple timesin a same day, but bacground process running successfully, in this casemanager will access this and he is responsible to this type of issues.hange Management: It is performed by change management team. It containsincident raised by, time, involved peoples, what we have to do, to whom we haveto inform after resolving the issues....etc.Service Re4uest Management: If you need any server/mail access/inter related4ueries, we need to raise the service re4uest. Note: Most of the servers are placed in other countries/client place based onclient re4uest, So that we can recover the data easily due to disasters/5oods. What is Threshol! It is a type of dis usage alert and it will comes from 6S client & automatically itwill generate i.e, reached the ma(imum in dis space. What is tic etin# tool! It is a software which provides solutions for the ticets. )icet means a problem. )here are many ticeting tools are available. 7or e(ample *M Remedy. )icetconsists : S8 S9RI9 8998 ;R99M96)3,)icet 6o, Summary, Status, Start )ime, 9nd )ime, Reporting $erson : 9mail I< , $hone 6umber will be there in thisIf Instructions are big attachments will be there. What is $PN! $6 means virtual private networ. )hrough $6 only we can enter/login intoclients networ i.e, if one server in #S &one server in India, we have toconnect/login through $6 with your #sername & $assword. What is D%CP! It means dynamic host con'guration protocol. It gives I$ addresses automaticallyto the clients who is re4uesting for an I$ address & it is a centralised I$ addressmanagement. What is DN&! It means domain name system/services. It provides resolution of/convert hostnames to I$ addresses & I$ addresses to host names. omputers are running for<6S service can be server =11>, =11?, =111,6) @.1, linu(,uni(...etc.   $repared *y $rudhvi
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