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  DILLON AEROM134D MINIGUN PRODUCT INFORMATION GUIDE DILLON AERO, INC. 2006 SEAAIRLAND Photograph courtesy of the United States Air Force  Length: 31.56 in./80.16 cm.Width: 12 in./30.48 cm.Weight: Gun Assembly, Steel 29.12 lbs./13.5 kgs. Gun Assembly, Titanium 20.8 lbs./9.3 kgs. Gun Housing only, Steel 4.12 lbs./1.87 kgs. Gun Housing only, Titanium 2.1 lbs./0.95 kgs. Rotor only, Steel 8.3 lbs./3.76 kgs. Rotor only, Titanium 3.7 lbs./1.68 kgs. Feeder/Delinker, Steel 9.2 lbs./4.17 kgs. Feeder/Delinker, Titanium 7.1 lbs./3.22 kgs. GCU 3.3 lbs./1.5 kgs. Flash Suppressor, Steel 3.11 lbs./1.68 kgs. Flash Suppressor, Titanium 2.7 lbs./1.12 kgs. Drive motor, 28vdc (dc/ac) 8 lbs./3.6 kgs. *Battery User SpecifiedTotal System Weight - ( less ammunition, battery and mount  ): Steel, fixed forward fire: 56.9 lbs./25.81 kgs. Titanium, fixed forward fire: 45.1 lbs./20.46 kgs. Steel, crew served: 66.1 lbs./29.98 kgs. Titanium, crew served: 53.13 lbs./24.1 kgs.Ammunition Magazines: 1,500 rd: Empty 31 lbs./14.06 kgs. Full 125 lbs./56.82 kgs. 4,400 rd: Empty 31 lbs./11.09 kgs. Full 295 lbs./134 kgs. HMMWV, 3,000 rd: Empty 24.4 lbs./12.25 kgs. Full 204 lbs./93 kgs. Standard, 3,000 rd: Empty 27 lbs./12.25 kgs. Full 208 lbs./94.5 kgs. Feed Chute: 7 ft./2.13 m 6 lbs./2.7 kgsFeed System: Linked Ammunition BeltFiring Rate: Fixed 3,000 SPM or 4,000 SPMAcceleration Time: 0.5 secondsDeceleration Time: 0.25 secondsDispersion: Hard Mount, 6.5 Mils, 80% circleOperation: External Power (Electric)Reliability/System Integrity: Barrel Life 100,000 rounds Reliability 500,000 MRBF System Life 1,500,000 rounds Gun Life (before rebuild) 1,500,000 rounds Mean Rounds Between Jams 30,000Power Requirements: continuous 24 - 28 vdc, 58 amps vac availableRecoil Forces (at 3,000 SPM) Average 150 lbs./67.5 kgs. Peak 300 lbs./135 kgs.Operating Temperature Range: from -65ºF/-53ºC to +165ºF/+73ºCBarrels: Length 22 in./55.88 cm. Weight - Heavy Barrel 2.85 lbs./1.29 kgs. Weight - Light Barrel 2.45 lbs./1.11 kgs. Rotation of Barrel Cluster Counterclockwise from breech end Grooves 4 Twist Right Hand Length 20 in./50.8 cm. One Turn In 10 in./25.4 cm.Mounts:Huey Mount Assembly - per side: 34.1 lbs./15.47 kgs.Chinook Mount Assembly - per side: 45 lbs./20.41 kgs.Black Hawk Mount Assembly - per side: Dillon Aero: 22.9 lbs./10.39 kgs. General Dynamics: 41.8 lbs./18.96 kgs.Mount Subassemblies: Yoke Assembly, Steel 3.6 lbs./1.63 kgs. Yoke Assembly, Titanium 2.3 lbs./1.04 kgs. Vertical Arm, Steel 9.3 lbs./4.22 kgs. Vertical Arm, Titanium 5.5 lbs./2.49 kgs. Vertical Arm, General Dynamics 12.6 lbs./5.72 kgs. Height (from mounting surface): 13.45 in./34.16 cm.DVRM HMMWV Ring Mounts: DVRM-1 DVRM-2/3 Ring Diameter 42 in./106.68 cm. N/AHeight: 45 in./114.3 cm. 24.5 in./62.23 cm.Length: 53.5 in./135.89 cm. 35.25 in./89.54 cm.Width: 48 in./121.92 cm. 43.13 in./109.55 cm.Weight: 374 lbs./169.65 kgs. 250 lbs./113.4 kgs.Install Time: 60 minutes 30 Minutes M134D Stats and Operating Information Dillon Aero, Inc. (800) 881-4231 ã (480) 444-2919 ã FAX (480) 948-6616 ã  DILLON AERO M134D/T Minigun DILLON AERO, INC. SEAAIRLAND Photograph courtesy of the United States Air Force  Steel, P/N: M134DNSN: 1005-00-903-0751Titanium, P/N: M134D-TNSN: pending Dillon M134D Gatling Gun The Dillon Aero M134D is an electrically powered, six barreled, Gatling gun capable of fixed firing rates of either 3,000 or 4,000 shots per minute. It can be powered by AC or DC power sources. The weapon is chambered in 7.62 MM NATO with magazines available in 1500, 3000 or 4400 round capacities. The M134D is a modular system, allow-ing easy adaptation to any existing platform. This flexibility allows it to perform equally well in the fixed-forward fire or crew served mode. It is simple to load and easy to main-tain. With an average of 30,000 rounds between stoppag-es, the Dillon M134D is one of the most reliable weapons in the world.The standard Dillon Gatling gun fires 3,000 shots per minute. That equals 50 shots per second. No other 7.62 MM weapon comes close to this rate of fire. Why is shoot-ing fast important? Because only fast guns such as the M134D can achieve the extreme shot density needed to suppress multiple targets in compressed periods of time. More importantly, fast guns are more accurate than slower firing weapons. There are two reasons for this and both are a result of the high cyclic rate. First, Gatling guns experience virtually no recoil. The M134D fires 50 shots per second, meaning there is 1/50th of a second between each shot. Because the time between shots is so short the M134D, on a properly engineered mount, simply moves aft with the first shot with no tendency to pitch up or yaw. This makes the weapon far more stable and easier to aim. Secondly, in the time it takes to fire one round from an M-240, four rounds are fired from the Gatling gun—this makes for very dense shot grouping. This also means that with four times the number of impacts in the target area, there is a four-fold reduction in the amount of time it takes for a gunner to see his hits and adjust his aim. Additionally, fast guns are more accurate when it comes to reduced error correction. When a gunner fires on a tar-get, he must see the impacts to know exactly where the gun is aiming. As the amount of time between each impact increases, the amount of error caused by target movement or gun movement also increases. The amount of error can grow quite large due to helicopter movement, gun move-ment, and target movement. As the range to the target increase to 100 meters or more, the problem becomes severe. However, by increasing the number shots per sec-ond, the amount of time between each observed impact is greatly reduced. But just how much more accurate is the M134D? Four times the number of shots should equal four times the number of hits, right? Wrong. Surprisingly, the M134D is, on average, nine times more likely to score hits. This is true because of the combined effects of high rate of fire, extremely dense shot grouping, and high weapon stability. Since Gatling guns are more effective and more reliable than conventional “gas operated” guns, fewer weapons are required to cover a target area. Fewer guns mean fewer bodies to man them and fewer platforms to support them. This translates into big cost savings. The Dillon M134D is a true force multiplier.On land the M134D is currently deployed worldwide for convoy escort, border patrol, and VIP protection. In the naval role Gatling guns are employed in the force protec-tion role on board the US and Royal Navy blue water fleet, and as fire support weapons on Special Operations boats. However, it is in the helicopter that the M134D is most often found. It is used throughout the world, on board the Bell UH-1, Bell-212, Bell-412, AH-6, H-60, H-47, and H-53. The M134D, or component systems, are currently employed by the US Army, US Navy, US Marine Corps, US Air Force, the United Kingdom, Bahrain, Jordan, and Colombia.Dillon Aero is currently delivering new produc-tion M134D Gatling Guns. Dillon also offers Service Life Extension kits for older generation General Electric GAU-2B/M134 Miniguns. Photograph courtesy United States Air ForcePhotograph courtesy Her Majesties Royal NavyPhotograph courtesy United States Army Dillon Aero, Inc. (800) 881-4231 ã (480) 444-2919 ã FAX (480) 948-6616 ã


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