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Dissociative Disorders Homeopath Treatm. Presented at the 1993 AIH Conference, Falls Church, A A!stract The assessment and homeopathic treatment of dissociative disorders and multiple personalit# disorders $%PD& is discussed. 'uidelines are offered to facilitate reco(nition of survivors of se)ual, ritual, and cult a!use. Advice is provided to aid the practitioner in mana(in( the phenomena of transference and counter*transference. +easona!le (oals in the therap# of %PD are identified. %ate
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  Dissociative Disorders Homeopath Treatm.Presented at the 1993 AIH Conference, Falls Church, AA!stract The assessment and homeopathic treatment of dissociative disorders and multiple personalit# disorders $%PD& is discussed. 'uidelines are offered to facilitate reco(nition of survivors of se)ual, ritual, and cult a!use. Advice is provided to aid the practitioner in mana(in( the phenomena of transference and counter*transference. +easona!le (oals in the therap# of %PD are identified. %ateria medicaof some remedies commonl# useful for survivors of a!use $taph, Anac, Phos, %ed, -at m.& are (iven case illustrations are included./e#0ords Dissociative disorders, %ultiple Personalit# Disorders, Incest, e)ual a!use, +itual a!use, Cult a!use, Dissociative )periences cale, Transference, Counter transference.+emedies Anacardium, %edorrhinum, -atrum muriaticum, Phosphorus, taph#sa(ria, Thu2aet us start !# tal4in( a!out assessment of dissociative disorders. A ver# complete discussion a!out dissociative disorders and %PD preceded this presentation. This material can !e over0helmin(. 5ne tool that I find ver# useful is the D, the Dissociative )periences cale. I recommend that an#one 0ho suspects that he or she has a patient 0ith a dissociative disorder should consider usin( this form. Itprovides a more tan(i!le, concrete method of evaluation. The form ta4es a!out ten minutes to fill out it ta4es the practitioner a minute to score. Instructions on scorin( are included. It helps one develop anunderstandin( of 0hat dissociative e)periences reall# are and 0hether such e)periences are occurrin( in patients. I feel that accurate assessment of dissociative disorders is important. %ost patients 0ith multiple personalit# disorders and most ritual a!use survivors have little or no a0areness of the fact and if the practitioner can ascri!e a name to their pu66lin( s#mptoms, the# can ultimatel# (ain a lot more po0er and control over their s#mptoms. I mi(ht even su((est that practitioners ta4e a sample test to understand dissociative e)periences in terms of their o0n e)perience.I should no0 li4e to direct our attention to the identification of cult and ritual a!use. The definition of ritual a!use is a set pattern of repeated a!use, usuall# done in a (roup, 0ith the (oals of mind  control, isolation, deception, confusion, and e)ploitation. Cult a!use adds 0orship of atan or evil leaders or doctrines. ome of the s#mptoms that one ma# see in patients 0ho are ritual a!use survivors are e)treme fear of !athrooms, toilets, refri(erators or free6ers also fear of circles of people, rituals, chantin( eatin( disorders, especiall# specific aversions, such as to meat or tomato sauce or spa(hetti a((ravations at holida#s, especiall# Hallo0een or satanic holida#s fear of d#in( or of 4illin( oneself at a certain a(e or !irthda#. This is somethin( that is actuall# pro(rammed into cult survivors. Additional s#mptoms are !i6arre ima(es or ni(htmares or flash!ac4s of these specific thin(s !ein( loc4ed in a ca(e or 2ail, !ein( !uried alive or placed in a coffin, !ein( held under0ater, other forms of suffocation re7uirin( resuscitation threats of havin( famil# mem!ers or pets 4illed if the a!use is revealed havin( 0itnessed the death of a pet or person to intensif# the threat in order the 4eep the a!use secret !ein( dru((ed or in2ected !ein( photo(raphed durin( a!use !ein( hun(, tied, or spread on an inverted cross !ein( fro6en !ein( electricall# shoc4ed unusual travel, for e)ample, in planes or su!marines durin( a!use !ein( a!used in churches and (rave#ards under(round torture !ein( forced to eat feces and human flesh, or to drin4 urine or !lood 0itnessin( the murder of !a!ies and adults, dismem!erin( rituals of placin( the devil or the devil8s !a!# inside the patient. ver#thin( I have 2ust descri!ed is from actual stories that I have heard from survivors.Ho0 common is ritual a!use %# su((estion is that, once recovered from the horror of hearin( such tales, the practitioner, hearin( even one of these ver# unusual 4inds of s#mptoms or flash!ac4s, !e(in to consider that this person mi(ht !e a cult survivor. er# often cult survivors 0ant to determine if the practitioner 4no0s enou(h to help, so the# 0ill drop one of these little clues and then a0ait a 4no0in( response. If it isn8t forthcomin(, the# 0ill sa# nothin( else, for man# different reasons. It is reall# not 4no0n ho0 common cult a!use is in this countr#. The media often suppresses reports of cult a!use. ome ma# remem!er the case of isa tein!er( she 0as a seven* or ei(ht*#ear*old (irl 0ho 0as a!used to death in -e0 :or4 Cit#. There 0as a (reat deal of media covera(e of her death and of the trial of ;oel tein!er(, !ut one of the thin(s that 0as not !rou(ht out 0as that she had cult s#m!ol scars on her s4in, leadin( to the suspicion that she 0as a cult*a!used child. Ho0ever, that suspicion 0as not 0ell*  pu!lici6ed. There are man# such cases 0hich have !een similarl# suppressed.Throu(h m# contact 0ith self*help (roups for incest survivors in -e0 :or4 Cit# and in inpatient units for dissociative disorders, I have learned that a!out half the people there have !een rituall# a!used. %# suspicion, therefore, is that there is a lar(e num!er of people 0hoare severe incest and a!use survivors.<here does this ritual a!use ta4e place It can happen in autonomous (roups of men 0ho foster a!use of their dau(hters $mem!ers of the /// have alle(edl# !een involved& it can occur in hi(hl# or(ani6ed, po0erful international, inter(enerational or(ani6ations 0ith lin4s to child porno(raph# and prostitution it can happen on militar# !ases, in da#care centers, in satanic cults, etc.=riefl#, I 0ould no0 li4e to discuss transference and counter*transference. 5ne of the reasons I sou(ht to ta4e a ps#chiatric residenc# 0as to learn a!out transference and counter*transference in a ver# careful, prolon(ed, and supervised 0a#. uch 4no0led(e is critical to a health# and effective therapeutic relationship. Transference is the pro2ection of the patient8s emotions, usuall# feelin(s a!out parents, onto the therapist. An#one a!used and ne(lected enou(h to develop a dissociative disorder is e)7uisitel# sensitive to an# !etra#al of trust. The first time one of the thirteen*#ear*old (irls that I 0or4 0ith disclosed that she 0as a cult survivor, she 0as ta4en a0a# from her famil#, put in foster care, and immediatel#, her first ni(ht there, a!used in the ne0 home !# the cult leader and his 0ife. I tell #ou this to (ive #ou a sense of ho0 difficult it is for these people to trust an#one enou(h to tal4 a!out their a!use. To this (irl8s credit, she later disclosed her a!use and leftthe famil# at the a(e of thirteen, 0hich is an ama6in(l# coura(eous act.5ne strate(# is for cult mem!ers to dress up as doctors and nurses and then a!use the children to ma4e them afraid to disclose their a!use to doctors. The cult mem!ers 0ill also dress up as policemen or other authorit# fi(ures. Another o!stacle to disclosure is that disclosin( a!use to the homeopath 0ill tri((er a terror of punishment this applies not onl# to ritual a!use survivors !ut also toincest survivors and se)ual a!use survivors. People have tal4ed a lot a!out ho0 to !uild trust 0ith patients. I 0ould 2ust li4e to mention  the o!vious, 0hich is to !e trust0orth#, scrupulousl# honest, consistent, and availa!le #et clear a!out #our limits. ettin( appropriate !oundaries also creates safet#. It is important to sho0 patients ho0 to titrate their disclosure !ased upon their comfort level.A!use survivors have !oundar# pro!lems and ma#, if the# trust #ou, disclose a lot of a!use to the practitioner ver# rapidl#, 0ithout an# !oundar# around it su!se7uentl# the# end up feelin( incredi!l# vulnera!le, 0onder if the# have over!urdened the practitioner, and, insome cases, ma# feel a need to (et a0a# from him>her !ecause of ho0 much the# have disclosed. If the# have !een severel# a!used and rituall# a!used, the# ma# have !een involved in perpetration incidents in 0hich the# 0ere forced to perpetrate a!use the# ma# have murdered, either in self*defense or as part of a ritual, and the# 0ill have a ver# hard time remainin( 0ith the homeopath if the# disclose that information !efore there is sufficient trust esta!lished. Conse7uentl#, if the speed of their revelations is tempered, ultimatel#it 0ill !e of !enefit to them.I thin4 it is also helpful to communicate and esta!lish a united front 0ith the patient8s therapist, especiall# if the patient is am!ivalent a!out either his $or her& therapist or #ou, the homeopathic practitioner. This 0ill help to avert their feelin( split !et0een #ou and the therapist, one 0ee4 one of #ou !ein( the (ood (u# and the other !ad, and vice versa. This homeopath*therapist union is also helpful if there is an# 7uestion or histor# of self*harm or harm to others. 5ther0ise #ou as a homeopath, 0ho ma# !e seein( this person once a month, 0ill simpl# !e over0helmed !# 0orr#in( a!out 0hether he 0ill hurt himself durin( the month. It is (ood to !e a!le to call his therapist and have him chec4 out such concerns. It is also useful to call if #ou or the patient are feelin( too an)ious or over0helmed. It is also ver# important to communicate 0ith the last homeopath or, if #ou referred, the future homeopath. I had a case 0here the patient told me a!out ver# severe a!use, somethin( he had perpetrated, andthen fled from me and 0ent to another homeopath. I 4ept tr#in( to call that homeopath, !ut m# calls 0eren8t returned. I 4ne0 the patient needed Anacardium !ecause of the situation. I can onl# hope the homeopath considered that remed#.Also, I refer an# patient 0ith a histor# of a!use to individual and (roup therap# and to self*help (roups, 0hich have the advanta(e, at least in -e0 :or4 Cit#, of !ein( free and ver# availa!le. urvivors


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