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  DR WILLIAM MOUNT William Mount 997  have me in circlesView all Add to circles  Thursday, July 7, 2016 Clinton Death Count Rises - Pray CLINTON DEATH TOLL RISES - PRAYVideo: Clinton Death Toll Rises - Pray - YouTubeWith the death of Gucifer toll rises again. Intel reports indicated he had his throatcrushed because he was going to speak out against Hillary.Gucifer, as you recall, just released the hidden Emials that indicate Hillary is guilty of  Treason Julian Assange released enough enough Emails on Wikileaks to hang Hillary 7 years ago -we read many of them on TV.As you recall - the former Director of the United Nations was found dead a few days agowith a crushed throat because he was to testify against Hillary the next day.What Really Happened covers the hundreds of people found dead who opposed theClintons - or should we say the Rockefellars These recent “Presidents” are not who you think they are: …..George Bush Senior was renamed after being adopted from a high ranking NAZIofficial and was renamed Bush…..William Jefferson Blyth (Rockefellar) was renamed Clinton…..Barry Soetorro was renamed Barrack ObamaSee the pattern?--------------------Despite all the Murders the Clintons are connected to and all the treason they are bothguilty of they are both still walking around aren’t they?Senator Riegle implicated Hillary and the La Farge Company of treason in a SenateReport 21 years ago - and now one went to jail or was even prosecutedEven the FBI and US Department of Justice have bowed the these Elites when the FBIDirector claims Hillary was not guilty of any treason?----------------------------------------------Please keep in mind that all of the people who were killed surrounding the Clintonssigned non-disclosure agreements to get to where they are and all of them worshipLucifer.If You Sleep With The Dogs You Get The Fleas----------------------------------------------Also keep in mind that:1) The Clintons are merely Pawns in a huge Chess Game and Bill has enough on everypolitician to hang them.. Blackmail. This is how it is played at the top.▼ 2017 (325)▼ May (13)Huge French Voter FraudElects Macron PresidentFrench Voter Fraud ElectsMacron PresidentDems.. Funded By RussianBanksDems Funded By RussianBanksDying Veteran Tells AllMall-A-Geddon -- See For Yourself Mall-A-Geddon Trump Stomps Elite Plans ForWorld ConflictIndia, China, Russia Bypass USDollarPuerto Rico (US) Files ForBankruptcyPuerto Rico (US) Files ForBankruptcy Trump Stomps Elite Plans ForWorld ConflictUS Running Out Of Bombs???► April (61)► March (85)► February (82)►  January (84)► 2016 (920)► 2015 (438)► 2014 (479)► 2013 (10) Blog Archive William Mount Follow 997 View my completeprofile About Me Showing posts sorted by relevance for query cia drugs . Sort by date Show all posts 33  Plus Blog suivant»Créer un blog Connexion   Ce site utilise des cookies provenant de Google afin de fournir ses services, personnaliser les annonces etanalyser le trafic. Les informations relatives à votre utilisation du site sont partagées avec Google. En acceptantce site, vous acceptez l'utilisation des cookies. EN SAVOIR PLUSOK !  Never remove your clothes for anyone, never take bribes and they will still will makestuff up about you so they can control you.Murders, lies, worshipping Lucifer by human sacrifice - it’s all thereGOD is your only refuge.2) Keep in mind also that it is not the Clintons ordering the murders but their CIAHandlers - who - on many occasions - have not exactly appeared to be human. TheClintons are trapped and around them circles huge amounts of Evil3) Even when Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas protecting the Mina Air Force Base’sMain Drug Distribution Center is was the CIA/FBI that killed the people - thousands of them - who opposed these murdering drug dealers in these Foreign Agencies like the CIA- Owned by the English Crown and the FBI - owned by the IMF in France4) So both the CIA and FBI are foreign mercenaries selling drugs, counterfeiting, etc.5) If you sign a non-disclosure agreement and decide to come out and speak out - youare dead6) The CIA and FBI transport, and sell, over $3.5 Billion Dollars of Illegal drugs per day7) The CIA/FBI force on the world about $7 Billion dollars of Legal drugs per day.8) To do as Benjamin Fulford Proposes - to offer $5 million per person to capture 52 keyPlayers - that is not even one hour of Rothchilds Drug Sales for these Monsters on top….But we all pray Fulford is successful and the White Dragons take down these evil folks,but it is not likely9) The FBI was set up to take over the Mob’s Drug Trade and they have been competingwith the Black Dragons (White Dragons Now) for over 80 years.10) Three nukes would destroy their Command Structure: One under Langley, one underthe Brazilian Jungles in their underground city, and one in the Congo at their third base -but that will not be allowed to happen will it???---------------------------------Rather than getting angry and feeding into their world wide web through their satelliteswe can prayLet it go - take a deep breath - and let it go. The Demons feed off of your anger.Despite what You Tube shows we have around 1 million people hitting our You Tubechannel daily and YOUR PRAYERS ARE making a difference----------------------------------------------First - their Empire is being exposedSecond - it is unwinding Third - the leaders are finding out this week that their entire system is about to unwindand these Banking Elites are now targets by those they trusted - they are the ones to bekilled first.So what can you do to change all this?a) Keep praying with us that those on top either leave or turn back to the Living GODb) Prepare your family for at least 3 months of no grocery stores or electricity. Thatmakes you less controllable and more independent.c) Keep in mind that GOD is now in charge-------------------------------------------------------- YOU DO make the difference The News You NeedDr William B. Mount----------------------------Survival Foods We Eat Daily: Tea we drink daily to clean our bodies Threat To “Destroy Everyone” Throws Washington Into Chaos THE CLINTON BODY-COUNT | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED  Dead:President UN General Assembly:Admiral Jeremy Boorda:Chairan, DNC Ron Brown:  CIA Director: William ColbyClinton Fund Raiser Hershell Friday:
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