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Duolingo_ _The Best is the Enemy of the Good

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  10/26/2014Duolingo: The best is the enemy of the good.  TOPIC: FRENCH The best is the enemy of the good. Translation:  Le mieux est l'ennemi du bien. 10 months ago 16 Comments LauraBacker  17 13 13 9 7 6 6 What does this mean? In either language?simulacre  15 5 5 The best is the enemy of the good - I think there are multiple possible interpretations.Here are two that come to my mind, the first being the one that I think was srcinallyintended:(1) Don't be a perfectionist. If you go after the best, you won't get anything done.Trying to do the best prevents you to do anything at all, including the good. In thissense the best is the enemy of the good. (2) Ethical/political interpretation. If you set your ethical (and political) standards toohigh, if you want people to be ethically the best (i.e. completely pure ), which issomething that doesn't exist, you will view and treat everybody as evil, even thosepeople that are good: the idea of the best (which is only ideal) becomes the enemy ofthe good (which is real, already existing). In short, it is a critique of ethical and politicalideals, which can make more evil than good (think of the 20th century).It is a wonderful phrase, because it is saying that (a) the best is not real, it can only beideal, and that (b) the best as ideal has negative effects on the real. This relationbetween the best and the good is interesting because it shows that the most ofsomething (superlative) can contradict that something. There is no pure something,something as such   without what it is not (the best is supposed to be the good withoutthe bad).Sitesurf  25 25 2 Your nb1 is the usual interpretation.kmburkezoo  12 5 Yeah, I use perfect is the enemy of good, or the my family's phrase, sometimes done is better than perfect. Markle0  10 5 3 I've always heard it given as advice: Don't let perfect become theenemy of good and it means don't waste time on diminishingreturns. It parallels the 80/20 rule: The first 80% takes 20% of theSite language: EnglishGet startedLogin        S     u     p     p     o     r      t  10/26/2014Duolingo: The best is the enemy of the good. time, the last 20% takes 80% of the time.LauraBacker  17 13 13 9 7 6 6 Thank you! I understand now :)forest_killer  13 6 it means that we must find some mistakes, sth that we do not do well to make it better,to achieve the best. If all the things are ok, no thing to change, we can't reach the best.That what I understand this sentenceCloudcatcher  12 9 I have only ever heard the English expression Good is enemy of the best Meaning oncesomething is ok, people give up trying to make it better. Best is the enemy of good is new tome, although I can see that also making sense.insanekiki  15 'bon' is no good here? Why is that?Basilious  9 2 Bon indicates that something is beautiful; bien indicates that something is well doneand good or fine. That's why we say, Je suis bien when we want to say: I am fine .Remy  12 11 11 7 5 3 I would rather say that bon is an adjective, and that in this sentence, thegood (noun) translates to another noun: (le) bien .insanekiki  15 Trés bien! Merci beaucoup!dadexter  14 9 Mieux in my dictionary is better, where meilluer is best?Sitesurf  25 25 2 adjective: bon  (bonne/bons/bonnes)- meilleur  (meilleure/meilleurs/meilleures)- lemeilleur  (la meilleure/les meilleurs/les meilleures) = good - better - the bestadverb: bien - mieux - le mieux  = well/good - better - the bestdadexter  14 9 Thanks, it is just that my dictionary (Larousse Francais Anglais) shows meilleuras best also so there seems to be some inconsistency.  10/26/2014Duolingo: The best is the enemy of the good. AboutTest CenterMobileGearJobsTermsPrivacy Ariaflame  20 18 480 mieux or meilleur are both roughly equivalent to 'better' putting the'le' in front of them changes the 'better' to 'best'.

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Jul 23, 2017
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