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Money is: Use the following table to determine the levels of M1 and M2 in the United States. Money Categories in the United States Asset Amount (billions of dollars) Currency $82 Demand deposits 80 Money market funds 44 Other checkable deposits 37
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  ECO 372 Apply Week 4 Money and the Federal ReserveHomework (100% Correct) (All Possible Question/Answers) For more course tutorials visit   Money is:Use the following table to determine the levels of M1 and M2 in theUnited States.Money Categories in the United StatesAsset Amount (billions of dollars)Currency $82Demand deposits 80Money market funds 44Other checkable deposits 37Savings deposits 460Small time deposits 22Traveler's checks 4The part of the Federal Reserve that determines and implements thenation's monetary policy and controls the money supply to promotestable prices and economic growth is the:a. Sam gives the grocery store clerk a $5 bill to pay for his purchase.   b. Bill looks at the $20 price tag on a clock to see how much money hewould need to purchase it.c. Maria writes a check to pay her electric bill.d. Susan transfers some of her wealth from her checking account into acertificate of deposit that earns interest.•The Federal Reserve District Banks are divided:The M1 measure of money consists of the sum of The Federal Reserve System consists of which of the following?•Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Controller of the CurrencyOther things being equal, an expansion of commercial bank lending•changes the composition, but not the size, of the money supply.The reason for the Fed being set up as an independent agency of government is toWhen a consumer wants to compare the price of one product withanother, money is primarily functioning as a  If the reserve requirement is 20% and commercial bankers decide tohold additional excess reserves equal to 5% of any newly acquiredcheckable deposits, then the effective monetary multiplier for the banking system will beIf you put a $20 bill in the pocket of your winter coat at the beginning of spring so that you will be surprised when you find it again next winter,you are using money asWhich definition(s) of the money supply include(s) only items that aredirectly and immediately usable as a medium of exchange?Money is "created" whenThe equilibrium rate of interest in the market for money is determined by the intersection of theThe Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC)The required-reserve ratio is equal to a commercial bank’sThe coupon rate is theMoney eliminates the need for a coincidence of wants in trading primarily through its role as aOne hundred percent reserve banking refers to a situation in which banks' reserves equal One hundred percent of their Fractional reserve banking refers to a system where banksThe functions of money are to serve as a  A bank’s net worth is equal to itsWhat function is money serving when you deposit it in a savingsaccount?A wealthy executive is holding money, waiting for a good time to investin the stock market. This action would be an example of theIf product prices were stated in terms of tobacco leaves, then tobaccoleaves would be functioning primarily asWhich group is responsible for the policy decision of changing themoney supply?Cash held by a bank in its vault is a part of the bank’sAssume that the required reserve ratio is 20%. A business deposits a$50,000 check at Bank A; the check is drawn against Bank B. Whathappens to the reserves at Bank A and Bank B?------------------------------------------------------------------------ ECO 372 Apply Week 5 Fiscal and Monetary Policy Homework (100% Correct) (All Possible Question/Answers)  For more course tutorials   The existence of lags in designing and implementing fiscal policy helpsillustrate some of the limitations of fiscal policy aimed at easing the burdens of a recession.Which of the following statements best describes a situation when fiscal policy is more appropriate?For each of the following scenarios, determine which time lag is mostlikely to result when designing and implementing fiscal policy.
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