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Englis for 3
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  A.Match the two column below. Write the letter of the cause next to the number of the effect. EFFECTCAUSE1.…... I like studying in this room……..2.……the water is not good for our health....…… he had a stoma!h a!he….".…….many trees were u#$rooted…..%.……..we do not ha&e !lass today…..'a()e!ause the food he ate was !ontaminated'*()e!ause there was a storm last night'!()e!ause it is !lean and tidy'd()e!ause we ha&e to !lean u# our s!hoolen&ironment'e()e!ause it is #olluted RADIO REPUBLI I!DO!E"IA ++I ' +adio +e#u*lik Indonesia( is the largest radio network in Indonesia. This state$owned institution was founded on Se#tem*er 11, 1-"%. Its !entral studio and transmission fa!ilities are lo!ated in akarta and run *y only a few #eo#le.As soon as the /ut!h troo#s in&aded the young re#u*li! along with )ritish allied troo#s in 0o&em*er 1-"%, the war *etween the allied for!es and the Indonesian army *roke out. /uring the war, ++Is rogrammes had a &ery im#ortant role in en!ouraging the Indonesian #eo#le to kee# fighting again the /ut!h. It was really an in&alua*le !ontri*ution to Indonesians struggle for inde#enden! wonder that ++I studios were looked for and *om*arded *y the /ut!h troo#s. 3owe&er, it did not dis!ourage the ++I !rew. They mo&ed from one #la!e to another along with the Indonesian guerrilla units.++I has more than "4 radio stations, with 50usantara6 !oordinating more that 24 regionalradio stations and other radio stations in the distri!t. ++I *road!asts 2" hours a day to gi&e listeners more information and en7oyment). Answer these #uestions base$ on the text .1.3ow old was the re#u*li! of Indonesia when ++I was founded82.9hat was the !ontri*ution of ++I to Indonesias struggle for inde#enden!e8.9hy did the ++I !rew mo&e from one #la!e to another during the war8".9hy is it ne!essary for ++I to ha&e many radio station8%.9hat is the #ur#ose of the non$sto# #rogrammes8 %.%han&e these sentence to the 'ast tense. 1.She goes to the market e&ery day2.:y father gi&es me money e&ery week ./o you *ring a *ook8".9e slee# in the *edroom  %.3e does not a student. D.Ma(e the sentences usin& these wor$s. 1.+estaurant 2.lasti!.Cartoon".Tele&ision%.maga;ine
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