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English Year 6 Paper 1

English Year 6
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    Easy Score Paper 1 January (Week 1) Section A Section B Name : ____________________________ Class : 6 __________________________  2 Set A Choose the best  word to complete the sentence. 1.  A baby tiger or lion is called a __________. A cub C foal B kid D calf 2.  We have to go to the __________ to wait for the plane. A jetty C airport B hangar D railway station 3.  All the prefects in my school have to wear white shirts and __________. A blouses C baju melayu B neckties D apron 4.  There is a bird perching on the __________ of the tree. A flower C branch B bud D root Read the text and choose the best  phrase for each of the pictures given. Fahmi is in the garden. He is _______ (5) . He uses ______ (6) to scrub the wheels. Then he wipes his bicycle _______ (7) . 5.  A washing his motorcycle B washing his bicycle C washing his scooter D washing his trishaw 6  A a sponge B a paper C a brush  3 D a comb 7  A with a piece of cloth B with a piece of napkin C with a piece of tissue D with a piece of plastic Based on the picture given, choose the best  answer. 8  A The boy is flying a kite. B There is a kite on the wall. C The boy is giving the kite to the woman. D The boy is taking the kite from the woman. 9  A The small boy is wearing his shorts. B The small boy is wearing his shoes. C The small boy is wearing his socks. D The small boy is wearing his trousers. 10  A Pn Ariza is talking to the  butcher. B Pn Ariza is speaking to the fishmonger. C Pn Ariza is chatting with a fisherman. Choose the best  answer to fit the situation shown in the picture. 11  A Two ringgit each. B Give me two coupons, please. C Where can I get the coupon? D You need a coupon to buy the food here. 12  A Go get it yourself. B What would you like to have. C Can I have some eggs and butter. D Sorry, I am closing shop now.  4 13  A Be happy B Old people are always sick. C You should take some medicine. D Come let's have some cold drink. 14  A I do not have an umbrella. B I have an umbrella like yours. C Is that your umbrella? D I have a raincoat. 5  A What is under the bed? B Where's my book? C Where's my bed? D Is that my bed? Set B Choose the best  word to complete the sentence. 1  John woke up late and he missed the _________ to school. A bus C bicycle B lorry D motorcycle 2  A __________ is a useful animal that gives us milk and mutton. A goat C camel B buffalo D cow 3  Most trees shed their __________ in autumn. A roots C branches B leaves D twigs 4  All drivers and passengers in cars must wear ____. A life jackets C shin pad B safety belt D helmet Read the text and choose the best  phrase for each of the pictures given.
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