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  DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERINGFACULTY OF ENGINEERINGAHMADU BELLO UNIVERSITY, ZARIAPRINCIPLE AND APPLICATION OF ERGONOMICLAB REPORT(AGE 734)BY IDRIS SUNUSI IDRISM.Sc/ENG/!3 /!#$$%!#$!SUBMITTED TO&D'. M.A. GARZODEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERINGFACULTY OF ENGINEERINGAHMADU BELLO UNIVERSITY, ZARIA 1 st  AUGUST, 2012  INTRODUCTION  The word ergonomics is derived from the Greek words ergon (work)and nomos (law). n several co!ntries, the term h!man factor is also !sed.A s!ccinct de nition wo!ld #e that ergonomics aims to design a$$liances,technical s%stems and tasks in s!ch a wa% as to im$rove h!man safet%,health, comfort and $erformance. The formal de nition of ergonomics,a$$roved #% the &A, reads as follows' &rgonomics (or h!man factors) isthe scienti c disci$line concerned with !nderstanding of the interactionsamong h!mans and other elements of a s%stem, and the $rofession thata$$lies theor%, $rinci$les, data and methods to design, in order too$timie h!man well#eing and overall s%stem $erformance.n the design of work and ever%da%life sit!ations, the foc!s of ergonomics is man. Unsafe, !nhealth%, !ncomforta#le or ine*cientsit!ations at work or in ever%da% life are avoided #% taking acco!nt of the$h%sical and $s%chological ca$a#ilities and limitations of h!mans. A largen!m#er of factors $la% a role in ergonomics+ these incl!de #od% $ost!reand movement (sitting, standing, lifting, $!lling and $!shing),environmental factors (noise, vi#ration, ill!mination, climate, chemicals!#stances), information and o$eration (information gained vis!all% orthro!gh other senses, controls, relation #etween dis$la%s and control), aswell as work organiation (a$$ro$riate tasks, interesting o#s). &rgonomicsdraws knowledge from vario!s elds in the h!man sciences andtechnolog%, incl!ding anthro$ometrics, #iomechanics, $h%siolog%,$s%cholog%, to-icolog%, mechanical engineering, ind!strial design,information technolog% and management. ENERGY MEASUREMENT Several methods for meas!rement of energ% e-$endit!re areavaila#le. ne method is the direct calometr%. This involves $!tting as!#ect in a s$ecial cham#er called calorimeter. /eat li#erated is a#sor#ed#% water circ!lating ro!nd the cham#er. or known amo!nt of water, andif the tem$erat!re of the water is known when entering and leaving thes%stem, total heat li#erated #% a s!#ect can #e calc!lated (kar$ovich,11). This method is often not feasi#le, es$eciall% for task of shortd!ration. /ence other methods have #een devised for h!man energ%meas!rement. These methods are #ased on the relationshi$s #etweenenerg% e-$endit!re and certain $h%siological inde-, which have #eenesta#lished thro!gh n!mero!s st!dies. These $h%siological inde-esincl!de' o-%gen cons!m$tion, $!lmonar% ventilation, heart rate, sweetrate, and rectal tem$erat!re. AIMS AND OBJECTIVE: ã To measure   the anthropometric data of the subject ã To measure the physiological index of the individual subject (heart rate) ã To calculate the energy expenditure of the individual subject (work done) ã To correlate the work done to the rate of heart beat, so that energy expended by theindividual on certain field work can be assess from the calibrated graph.  MATERIALS AND METHOD  Materials ã  Bicycle ergometer  : the bicycle ergometer is basically like an ordinary bicycle inwhich one of it wheel is turned into flywheel a friction belt is fixed around theflywheel. ne end of the belt is attached to a scale while the other end is attached to aweight hanger. !t has a speedometer for displaying the pedalling speed and atachometer for measuring the number of revolution per unit time. ã  Set of standard weight  : these are , #$, # , %$, % , and &$kg respectively. ã  Stethoscope :  for measuring the rate of heart beat ã  Stopwatch : for recording time  Method  The experiment was conducted by attaching a kg weight on the hanger and recording theinitial reading on the tachometer scale. !nitial rate of heart beat of the subject was thenrecorded and the ergometer was pedalled for one minute at constant speed. 'nd the final rateof heart beat was measured and recorded. The experiment was repeated with a mass of #$, # ,%$, % and &$kg respectively. The data was recorded as shown in table # below.'nalysis of data Table1 : xperimental ata*ass(+g)ounter reading (-evmin)/eart rate(0eatmin)!nitialfinal!nitial1inal 234#$5354 $#$#$53##$6 $ ## ##$6##6% # 5%$##6%#%%& 5 6% #%%&#%4 6 3&$#%4 #& $ 3 4Table#: heart beat and number of revolution7here 89 number of revolution19 1orce applied-9 -adius of the wheel7 # 9 %(%%3) #$$.# (#$53;234)#$$$ 9 &.% 7 %....... 7 6 an be found in the same manner  Table2 : 7ork rate and /eart beat/eart -ate7ork -ate (+<*in)  (0eatsmin) 304.23313.3536.23511.30316.51 Fig.1:  =raph of work rate against heart rate Conl! ion The anthropometric data has been measure. The physiological index (/eart rate)   has beenmeasured and correlated with the energy expenditure (7ork rate). The correlation coefficientis $.2&6 which shows good relationship between the heart rate and work rate. Therefore thework rate of an actual field task can be asses from the graph. Re#e$ene #.>rgonomics for beginner? (%$$4), <an ul and 0ernard weerdmeester %.@ecture note prepared by r. *.'. =warAo.&.>Bhysiology of muscular activity?, 3 th  edition, (#23#), Beter C. +arpovich, 7ayne .Dinning, Dunders (7.0.) o. @T

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