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Essay Questions on Global Warming

IB Environmental Systems and Societies
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  1. (a)Distinguish between global warming and the greenhouse effect. (3)  (b)Explain what is meant by the systems concept and suggest how it can be applied to globalwarming. (6)  (c)Reducing the impact of global warming is extremely difficult. Explain why this is the case. In your answer you should refer to the strategies for managing pollutants in the model below. HU! !#$I%I$&'R(DU#I )'(**U$! $RE*E!+E (,'(**U$! $ I $(E %IR( E $*( )-$ERI'!#$ (,'(**U$! $ ( E#(+&+$E!ltering human actiity through incenties and penalties to promote the/ 0 deelopment of alternatie technologies 0 adoption of alternatie lifestyles 0 recycling.Regulating and reducing the pollutant at the  point of emission by/ 0 setting and imposing standards 0 introducing measures for extracting the pollutant from waste emissions.#leaning up the pollutant and restoringecosystems by/ 0 extracting and remoing the pollutant from the ecosystems 0 replanting and restoc1ing with animal populations. (8)  Expression of ideas (3)(Total 20 marks)  1  2. (a)Describe the role of greenhouse gases in maintaining mean global temperature. (4) (b)Discuss the impact of global warming. #onsider the potential effect on biomes2 global agriculture and human society. (7) (c)'redictie models of climate change may gie ery different results. Explain this statement with reference to the limitations of models and the contrasting arguments about global warming. (6)Expression of ideas (3)(Total 20 marks)  3. (a)Describe some of the contrasting responses to the issue of global warming. (5) (b)utline the reasons why people hae such different opinions on the issue of global warming. (5) (c)Describe what is meant by carrying capacity and ealuate the role that technology could  play in ensuring that the earth3s carrying capacity is not exceeded by human populations. (8)Expression of ideas (2)(Total 20 marks)  2   4. The Gaia Hypothesis proposes that our planet functions as a single organism that maintains conditions necessary for its survival by feedback mechanisms. It was formulated by James Lovelock in the mid-! #s. In his recent book The revenge of Gaia $ he suggests that we have passed the 4tipping point5 on global warming and that feedbac1 mechanisms will speed up the rate of global warming. %a&'tate what type of system the (arth is and what the inputs and outputs are (3) %b&)sing positive and negative feedback models e*plain the process of climate change. (7) %c&'cientists use computer simulations to model the effects of changes in the temperature of the (arth. +iscuss the advantages and disadvantages of this modelling. (4) %d&+escribe your personal viewpoint on the global warming issue and ,ustify your position based on the evidence. (4)Expression of ideas (2)(Total 20 marks)  5. %a&utline the link between greenhouse gases and global temperatures. (2) %b&(*plain why the effects of global environmental problems$ such as global warming and oone depletion$ will not have an impact on every society to the same e*tent. (6) %c&Human responses to global warming can be divided into strategies to prevent global warming from happening %preventive& and strategies to reduce the impactsthat global warming might have %reactive&. utline preventive and reactive management strategies to address global warming. (valuate the strengths and weaknesses of preventive versus reactive approaches. (10)Expression of ideas (2)(Total 20 marks)  3


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