Essays on Humanity -Part I: A Critical Look at our Existence

An overview of the facts regarding the nature of our existence within our vast holographic cosmos together with all its dimensions of reality-, consciousness, has been presented. It is explicated that we are ALL light beings, of spirit or wave-like
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  Essays on Humanity  –  Part I: A Critical Look at our Existence By Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.  Abstract  An overview of the facts regarding the nature of our existence within our vast holographic cosmos together with all its dimensions of reality-, consciousness, has been presented. It is explicated that we are ALL light beings, of spirit or wave-like nature, having holographical experiences within certain parallel dimensions of reality. And, as such, we constantly vibrate to and fro these parallel dimensions of Omni earth, as well as have the propensity, contingent on the extent of our frequency-light quotient activation, to vibrate within all 356 main dimensions of consciousness. It is elucidated that it is constitution that retards our consciousness, reflected through our natural frequency of vibration-light quotient, which is the main reason as to why we are fragmented into light beings of diminished physical consciousness on these planes of  physicality, and in particular, the parallel dimensions of the 3 rd   dimensional Omni earth. We are, once again, reminded that as light beings we primarily have two missions in life: 1) to expand our consciousness, and 2) help others, who we are ALL inevitably entangled with, and who emanate from the same omnipotent SOURCE of light, in order to continue adding to the overall consciousness of the cosmos, thus effecting ORDER and positive entropy throughout the cosmos via creationism. And, as a constituent part of a WHOLE with unbounded unconditional love, we are reminded to best achieve our goals through exercising compassion, a trait that makes us all unique among all the other beings within the cosmos.    Introduction      We all live in a cosmos whose fundamental existence may be described in terms of the principle of holography [1-4].    The cosmos may be described as a realm that was brought into existence through an omnipotent SOURCE of unbounded consciousness.    It is as if this omnipotent SOURCE of consciousness once made a ‘peek’ into a new realm of existence through perforatin g a hole in the fabric of its already existing realm of existence, perceiving and creating a new ‘cosmos’  [5].    We must always remember that that consciousness is EVERYTHING [6-9].    It is composed of pure energy.    It contains within itself an omnipotent force, capable of perceiving and creating ALL THERE CAN BE.    Consciousness epitomizes the ‘essence’ of creation and its consequent perception, which is imparted upon all sentient beings via what may be referred to as the “Akash” or “Adamantine” quintessence.    Only a minute fraction of our essence (less than 1%) is expended to manifest in time-space, which may appear in particulate form and appear to have solidity in physicality.    The rest consists of pure conscious energy existing in spirit form, thriving in a waveform pattern.    The instrument of dissemination of consciousness is light [10-11], which exists in a wide spectrum of ‘frequencies’  [12].    And, frequency is what quantifies the extent of consciousness.     Our omnipotent SOURCE, our Prime Creator, has essentially an infinite frequency, vibrating continuously in time-space and beyond.    On the other hand, we, as infinitesimal constituent parts of this omnipotent SOURCE of consciousness, have discrete consciousness, operating at the quantum scale, ever appearing and disappearing from the very time-space continuum that we associate ourselves to reside within [8].    Consciousness is dissemina ted through diverse ‘dimensions’ [13-14].    The author has previously argued the number of ‘main’ dimensions to be at least 356 [5], with the lower numbers designated as to infer the ‘lack’ or ‘hindrance’ of consciousness [ 15].    These dimensional layers are arranged in a geometric sequence as to disperse from the most inner layer encompassing the SOURCE, to layers progressively decreasing in the extent of consciousness outwards, with the extent of each dimensional layer becoming successively coarser and occupying more and more ‘space.’    Note that ‘space’ is more of a ‘concept’ than a true ‘phenomenon’  [16].    It provides the means for ‘separation,’ and therefore, a forum for experimentation and learning ‘away’ from the SOURCE.      In reality, we are ALL constituent parts of an omnipotent SOURCE of consciousness that practically still occupies a singular ‘point.’    And, at the beginning, when there was no ‘space’ or ‘time’ to speak of, this omnipotent SOURCE imploded upon itself as to create space-time, in which its constituent parts, by forming companions to itself, were given the opportunity to roam around the time and space, ever experimenting, experiencing new endeavors, thus providing a chance to add to their (as well as its) extent of consciousness.    And, indeed, consciousness expansion defines the crux of our existence [17-18].     As sentient beings, we primarily have two directives or missions: 1) to add to our consciousness, and 2) to help other ‘companions’ to do the same.    In this regard, we are intimately entangled with the SOURCE [19-20], and to one another as sentient beings [21-23].    Indeed, ‘separation’ is an illusion, a mere obje ct of convenience for experimentation and learning.    This learning may be described as ‘spiritual education,’ which is the primary mission underlying our existence [24].    In the process, we are to be enlightened, and experience ever joy and self-satisfaction with regard to our individual spiritual accomplishment.    You might say that we are ALL students of life, of time and space, who embark on an everlasting career of spirituality, in order to experience bliss.    This Omni earth lies within the 3 rd  dimension, a highly coarse dimension, which may be regarded as the incipient point for experiencing sentience.    In this regard, the challenges to our progress are substantial, particularly being impeded by the presence of ‘evil,’ which nevertheless provides the means for contrast, and thus, education [25].    The purpose of lessons to be learned is to appreciate this contrast.    By defeating the dark, one learns and grows in strength.    This strength manifests itself as resolved intent as to empower Free Will further to choose wisely.    The goal is to stay ‘balanced’ and ‘integrate’ the contrasting polarities existing in this ‘ University of Duality ’  as to achieve both strength and compassionate resolve.  Creation of Cosmos and the Dimensions of Consciousness    The creation of cosmos has been discussed by the author elsewhere [1, 5].    According to this model, the cosmos was created as our omnipotent SOURCE of consciousness took a peak into a new realm by punching a hole into the fabric of existence from a singular point.    This is what is commonly referred to as the “Big Bang.”      With the advent of Big Bang, the space-time was created [26-27].    Note that space and time are not separate phenomena and can only exist together.    Without space there is no time and vice versa.    In fact, there is a single phenomenon involved that may be referred to collectively as space-time.    Space was created as the omnipotent SOURCE, emulating a rotating- expanding ‘nozzle,’ emerged from a point of singularity to occupy the newly created space-time, at the same time discharging matter-antimatter into the space-time continuums.    The stretching action of the ‘nozzle of creation’ represents a rectilinear motion in space-time about a radial direction, together with a rotational motion of the time-space about the SOURCE.    The rectilinear motion of the nozzle of creation gives rise to the advent of space, while the rotational motion of the nozzle culminates in creation or inception of time.    This is why experiments show that rotational motion of a gyroscope or any other device is intimately related to the concept of time [28].    Within the context of a space-time phenomenon, it may be envisaged that the creation of the dimensional layers is associated with the rotational motion of the nozzle of creation about itself.    In other words, as the nozzle subtends one rotation about itself (analogous to having a full 360 0  panoramic viewing of the new realm
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