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Essays on Humanity -Part II: Sentience

A general overview of sentience with particular reference to frequency of vibration has been presented with clarification of the metaphysical expressions of 'HIGHERSELF' and 'I AM PRESENCE,' and its relevance to the life we perceive
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  Essays on Humanity  –  Part II: Sentience By Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.  Abstract  A general overview of sentience with particular reference to frequency of vibration has been presented with clarification of the metaphysical expressions of ‘HIGHERSELF’ and    ‘I AM PRESENCE,’ and its relevance to the life we perceive as being the sole form of existence within the lower dimensional physical consciousness of this parallel Omni earth. It is explicated that as light beings, we primarily exist as a spirit form thriving in a wave-like manner, but experience what is referred to as  physicality in a holographic fashion, surfing the myriad parallel dimensions of Omni earth, gaining spiritual experience with the underlying mission or intent to raise our own consciousness and that of the cosmos, the body of the Prime Creator. In this respect, we are ALL ‘consciousness generators’ benefiting from our experiential sojourns WITHOUT, but inevitably remain ‘entangled’ with our Prime Creator and its other offspring, being guided or governed by a ‘  divine order  ’   whose mission is to maintain longevity and positive entropy or order within the cosmos. In this respect, we are all ‘spiritual scholars’ embarking on a  journey of self-discovery guided by WITHIN. Also, as sentient beings, contingent on our extent of frequency-light quotient, we ALL possess an inherent consciousness, reminiscent of the characteristics of our omnipotent Prime Creator, ever capable of manipulating the space-time, with myriad of invincible powers of materialization- dematerialization, etc., due to our creative traits. In this respect, we constantly vibrate to and fro a number of dimensional space-time continuums of consciousness.  The Meaning of Sentience      Earth human beings, as sentient entities, are comprised of a spirit, a soul and myriads of physical bodies.    The spirit is the fundamental driving impetus for our consciousness, which is actually inherited or endowed by a much higher, omnipotent SOURCE of consciousness that we refer to as the Prime Creator or God [1].    As sentient beings, we are interconnected constituent parts of the WHOLE [2-3] who exists as an overall hologram [4].    As offspring or constituent parts of the WHOLE, we exist as repeated fractal sequence of the WHOLE that contain the information about the WHOLE and all its other interconnected parts.    Furthermore, the metaphysics statement that “we are created in the image of the WHOLE, ” the Prime Creator, God,  is not a cliché, as being a constituent part of the WHOLE hologram, we essentially potentially possess the very characteristics and the quality of the WHOLE.    In this respect, we are ‘entangled’ with the WHOLE, in a ’non - local’ manner, being bound by a divine order that glues or binds us together to form or maintain the WHOLE, through which our ‘life’ is spearheaded or regulated [5-7].    Therefore, humanity’ s contention that we exist independently and separately from every other sentient being is false, and constitutes a futile illusory discord, being triggered by the very gift we have received as Free Will individuals, inundated by ego [8], that does not serve or operate within the parameters of its design.    Such strife, however, provides the means for diversity for experimentation, deciphering and further learning that would ultimately contribute to consciousness expansion [9] most definitely at large.     The question of ‘local’ consciousness expansion is decided through what the author refers to as t he ‘principle of positive karma’ [10], a phenomenon that gives rise to an uplift in our frequency of vibration in physicality [11].    It is accompanied by comfort and tranquility and prosperity, and constitutes an optimized ‘straight shot path’ to achieving our target goal of adding to the entropy of the cosmos and the WHOLE via local consciousness expansion [12].    And, such feat of achieving local consciousness expansion is ensured via acknowledgment of the existence of the portion of the hologram of divinity of the WHOLE WITHIN, and by submitting or subscribing to its inherent phenomenon of entanglement with the WHOLE.    It is then that the information will flow from WITHIN to WITHOUT, ever guiding us, and supporting our efforts and safeguarding us from errors and futile endeavors that otherwise would have dire ‘local’  consequences.    Note that as sentient beings we are endowed with the gift of thoughts and emotions, in which the former ‘drives’ and the latter ‘senses’ our experiential life sojourns.    And, there are these thoughts and emotions that establish the ‘local’ effect.    In contrast, the WHOLE represents the ‘non - local,’ which irrespective of the ‘local’ consequences, always benefit s and thrives from its ‘local’ endeavors through positive entropy  production and expansion of consciousness [13].    Therefore, as sentient beings and ‘units’ of consciousness of the WHOLE, we signify, epitomize, and function as CONSCIOUSNESS GENERATORS [ 14] through experimentation from WITHOUT.    Furthermore, again, this brings the metaphysical terminology of “WITHIN,” together with its statement that asserts “GOD is WITHIN,”  and such, which again, is not a cliché’ but a scientific fact manifesting itself as a wave of light [15], or what we refer t o as the ‘spirit.’      And, this wave of light is contained by congealed gel-like coherent crystalline liquid light, the essence of our DNA-RNA, that act as laser mirrors capable of receiving, absorbing or recording and transmitting consciousness energy in the form of informational signal or data, and what we commonly refer to as the ‘soul.’    Our soul serves as the hard drive of a bio computer device, capable of recording life sojourn events in the form of genetic memories.    During each cycle of sentient vibration, the non-elastic and dissipative karmic energy gets written within the soul, thereby relieving the karmic energies from the equation, effectively rebooting us and ‘initializing’ us for another cycle of elastic and ‘conservative’ consciousness vib ration [16-17].    If the karmic energies are positive, they add to our natural frequency of vibration.    If they are negative, they diminish our instantaneous frequency of vibration.    However, the overall effect is that the overall entropy of the cosmos or o ur ‘surroundings,’ increases, leading to overall consciousness expansion of the WHOLE.    And, thus is how we always function as ‘consciousness generators.’    Apart from our underlying ‘inner’ spirits and the soul, we also possess myriads of physical bodies, each interpenetrating, and existing simultaneously ‘out of phase’ with one another in myriads of parallel dimensions within diverse Omni earths [18].    Note that there are three parameters defining the vibration of a sentient or inanimate entity [19-20].    These include: frequency, phase angle, and amplitude.     Frequency is the most prominent parameter defining vibration of dimensional layers or inanimate and sentient bodies contained within their edifice.    When our natural frequency is commensurate with the threshold frequency of a particular dimensional layer or time-space continuum, we begin to ‘resonate’ or appear within that dimension  [21].      The author, through various papers, has illustrated that there are a total of 356 of such ‘main’ dimensional layers [22] spinning about the SOURCE at the core of the cosmos, which constitutes the body of the WHOLE, Prime Creator, or God, as well as rectilinearly vibrating about a mean position, in a radial direction to and fro the core [23].    Additionally, within each dimensional layer of time-space continuum, there exist these ‘parallel’ sub -dimensional layers [4, 18].    These sub-dimensional parallel layers can be accessed through a change in the phase angle of the vibrational profile.    In essence, we vibrate discretel y as waves that ‘lead’ or ‘trail’ one another.    Each leading or trailing vibrational wave profile characterizes a distinct discrete aspect of our consciousness existence [24].    Everything about our sentience is essentially quantum mechanical.    As such, we have a substance-wave duality of existence [25].    We exist ethereally as waves in form of a spirit with its associated soul.    We also have a substance characteristic.    This manifests itself as a series of particulate matter (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorous, calcium primarily) that combine with each other bio-chemically to form the amino acids and nucleotides and nucleosides, sugar and phosphoric acid back bones, giving rise to our DNA-RNA molecules [26], and form proteins and a
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