Essays on Humanity -Part IV: Emotion-Intuition versus Thought-Logic

A fundamental distinction between space-time, matter-antimatter, and thought-emotion has been presented. It is elucidated that each of the aforementioned paired phenomena are not only symbiotic in nature, but are also of mutually competing
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   Essays on Humanity  –  Part IV: Emotion-Intuition versus Thought-Logic By Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.  Abstract  A fundamental distinction between space-time, matter-antimatter, and thought-emotion has been presented. It is elucidated that each of the aforementioned paired phenomena are not only symbiotic in nature, but are also of mutually competing characteristic. In fact, these conjugate concepts, in essence, describe the contrasting aspect of the same phenomenon. More clearly, the former (space, matter, or thought) epitomize the congealed aspect of the latter (time, antimatter, or emotion), respectively. Moreover, the low-consciousness dimension of the 3 rd   as is typified by life within the system of the Omni earths is grossly inundated by the notion of the  former (the congealed state) as opposed to the free-flowing nature of the latter. This is why in the 3 rd dimension the phenomena of time, antimatter, and emotion (as well as intuitive intelligence) appear to be rather ‘elusive,’ or less ‘tangible.’ It is clarified that as humans, we are actually incarnated light beings occupying temporary physical shells that facilitate our process of experimentation within space-time with matter-antimatter through experiencing thought- emotional energies as to ‘grow’ via spiritual education leading to our consciousness expansion. Thus, as offspring of an omnipotent SOURCE of seemingly infinite consciousness, it is prudent that we pay great attention to our ethereal (divine or angelic) srcin, living through intuitive intelligence rather than simple logic.    Introduction    Thought and emotion comprise two phenomena that can only exist symbiotically together.      Similar to space-time [1-3] and Matter-antimatter [4-6], thought-emotion represent a conjugate pair that describe the very essential dualistic conjugate components of creation [7].    These dualistic conjugate components of creation cannot exist without one another.    They are symbiotic in nature, with the advent of one necessitating the existence of the other.    These conjugate components actually compete with one another, with the notion of one diminishing the propensity of occurrence of the other.    So, in a sense, one can surmise that one constituent is the inverse of the other.    And, of the two conjugate components, one is often more dominant and the other is more recessive in nature.    To be more specific, the components of time, antimatter, and emotion represent the more dominant aspects over space, matter, and thought, respectively.    Furthermore, the latter constitute the most congealed aspect of the former.    Thus, in the context of our discussion emotion  epitomizes the more free-flowing, and the thought, the more congealed aspect of the very same phenomenon, which are ultimately, the products of creation.    Unfortunately, as space, matter, and thought portray the more congealed aspect of the same phenomena, they appear to be more ‘tangible’ in physicality, which is inundated with the notion of space  rather than time, matter versus antimatter, as well as thought as opposed to emotion.    Furthermore, the former components are envisioned to be the dominant aspects, spearheading what transpires in physicality.    And, although time, antimatter, and emotion seem to be rather elusive when compared to their more congealed counterparts, they are the key phenomena that constitute our ethereal versus our physical nature [8].    Thus, as they appear to be more stealth in physicality, they are often overshadowed by comparison to their more congealed counterparts, giving the illusion of being ‘intangible’ or at best ‘less tangible’ in physicality, and are clearly overshadowed.    This notion is akin to the nature and definition of physics that we view to describe the very nature of physicality and the purported character of our existence.    And, this all emanates from the state of relatively low-consciousness that plagues the 3 rd  dimensional living [9].    Moreover, within such a state of low-consciousness, the phenomena of time, antimatter, and emotion, appear to be elusive, or indescribable through physics.    Yet, in essence, these concepts are more ‘subtle’ or ‘abstract’ as opposed to be utterly indefinable or indescribable that require more efforts contingent on acquiring a higher extent of consciousness [10].    And, it is clear, that the game has been played very well by a horde of self-serving, malevolent race of beings who have been suppressing and oppressing us for at least the past 13 millennia, adhering to the same doctrine that instigated their abhorring de-evolutionalizing effort as to re-shape us to a more docile, more controllable, low-consciousness, species [11].     What is more, it is rather ironic, if not sad that such ‘aliens’ are only slightly more advanced than us in terms of consciousness, only belonging or anchoring their consciousness to the 4 th  dimension.    However, in this age of pre-ascension, the veils have been lifting.    We have come to realize that we are, indeed, more ethereal in nature, and only physical in a comparatively minuscule fashion.    In fact, most of us (our soul) resides in the higher dimensions [12], vibrating in time in the innerspace, existing within antimatter, with our progenitor spirit being void of constitution, and prevailing beyond the space-time.    In this regard, we are sentient light beings [13-15] that are governed more by emotion rather than thought [16], spearheaded more via intuition rather than logic [17], in essence, and should be living in physicality more through our heart rather than our brain [18].    Yet, within the context of our 3 rd  dimensional low-consciousness, we are unaware that we actually live within the heart, and exist as a result of the vibrations of our very heart.    In the companion papers, these statements are more expounded upon using citing that emanate from substantial experimental results obtained via established scientific research that leaves very little to imagination for their validity but a simple reasonable logical brain for their decipherment [16, 18-19]. The Role of Brain and Logic versus Heart and Intuition    There can be no doubt that a human being functions as a complex quantum holographic bio-computer [20].      In this respect, it is not the brain that constitutes the command center or controls the entire affairs of the body.      And, it is neither the brain that interfaces with our ethereal state.      It is indeed, the heart that functions in such a capacity.       It is clear now that we are not purely physical beings.      In fact, the greatest majority of our existence thrives beyond our time and space and lives in the ethereal.      This is what has been referred to as our ‘angelic’ side in metaphysics and the manuscripts dealing with our spirituality.      Indeed, we are all connected to one another, being entangled with each other in a quantum manner [21-23] that includes the very SOURCE of our consciousness, the Prime Creator, as well as countless light beings of consciousness of higher order than us that may be generally exemplified as other souls, oversouls, avatars, rishis, etc. [24-27].      In fact, at the center of our being, there exists a consciousness being of much higher acumen, insight, and with higher frequencial consciousness-light quotient, that is referred to as our HIGHERSELF [28].    And, the HIGHERSELF directly interfaces with our heart rather than our brain.    The HIGHERSELF tightly conforms to a DIVINE ORDER that emanates non-locally from the Mind of our Prime Creator [29-30].    Yet the Divine Mind of the Prime Creator exists in a Unified Field [31] that everyone with proper consciousness frequencial state is privy to tap into.    It is all achieved through the process of intuition that operates in a silent or stealth form of subtle energy directly interfacing with our heart.    And, in order for our physical system to be able to optimally benefit from this omnipotent source of consciousness, our physiological system comprised of an autonomous nervous system that includes our heart and brain must function synchronously and harmoniously in a coherent state [32].
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