Essays on Humanity -Part V: Living as Sentient Beings

Essays on Humanity -Part V: Living as Sentient Beings
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  Essays on Humanity  –   Part V: Living as Sentient Beings By Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.  Abstract The subject of sentience and the relevance of time to consciousness has been revisited. It is explicated that a fundamental point that is often not appreciated in mainstream science is the understanding of the true nature of space-time, and in particular, the significant underlying role that time plays in defining dimensional space-time that categorizes the extent of consciousness. In this respect, it is emphasized that the concept of time is derived from the very fact that EVERYTHING gravitates about a central SOURCE of omnipotent consciousness that triggers or endows our very consciousness and sentience. Indeed, sentience is defined as the propensity to decipher and even manipulate time. In this respect, a sentient being’s consciousness is intimately geared to the concept of time. It is furthermore emphasized that a sentient being is endowed with the gift of Free Will as to experiment within space-time as to utilize the gifts of thought and emotional energies as to ‘learn  , ’ effectuating the evolution or expansion of its consciousness. This way, as all things are interconnected and entangled to one other via the SOURCE through their rotational spin about the SOURC  E that we refer to as ‘time,’ such consciousness expansion eventually leads to instituting cosmological ORDER as well as contributes to the overall consciousness expansion of the cosmos at large. The role of ‘soul contract’ as a template for experimentatio n in space-time has been explicated and certain acumen are pointed out as to culminate in overall optimal performance as conscious generating sentient beings.  Introduction    The underlying key point in properly understanding the cosmos and the nature of existence of the sentient beings that reside within it is to appreciate that the COAMOS TOGETHER WITH ALL ITS DIMENSIONAL LAYERS ROTATES BACK AND FORTH ABOUT A CENTRAL OMNIPOTENT POINT OF SINGULAR CONSCIOUSNESS THAT WE REFER TO AS THE ‘ SOURCE ’  OR GOD  [1].    I t is difficult for us to fathom or ‘sense’ this fine point through our rather limited ‘physical’ consciousness with reference to the phenomenon of time-space continuum [2-5] and its workings, as everything occurs relative with respect to one another.    Both the dimensional layers of cosmos [6-8] and us within it spin back and forth about the SOURCE, from which ALL was created.    As sentient beings, we commonly anchor our consciousness to a particular dimensional layer.    And, at the same time, we vibrate rectilinearly   back and forth radially with respect to the SOURCE [9-11].    This phenomenon of ‘relativity,’   restricts our ‘senses’ from properly deciphering as to exactly what is occurring. Sentient Vibration    In essence, we constantly expand away and then contract towards the SOURCE through our actions and intents via exercising our ‘right of Free Will,’ oscillating about a mean point or ‘station,’ which can be dynamic and change its position with ‘time.’    Therefore, we commonly time travel in what is referred to as the ‘innerspace.’      And, as we exercise our right of Free Will, we undergo through what is referred to as ‘positive or negative karma’ [ 12].     In this respect, we thrive spearheaded by a soul that functions as a linear elastic spring, capable of expanding away and contracting towards the SOURCE as well as storing these karmic energies within its body.    And, as a cycle of vibration is completed, through proper absorptions of these karmic energies within our souls, we return to the particular dimensional layer that we have anchored our consciousness, which in essence, acts as the mean position about which we locally oscillate.    This is the fundamental principle behind the nature of our ‘sentient vibration that involves a ‘rebooting’ process, always returning to  the same anchored position [13].    No matter what we do, instigating either positive or negative karma, we add to the entropy of the cosmos [14].    No matter how you classify it, positive karma leading to ‘ contraction towards the SOURCE ,’ or negative karma prompting ‘ expansion away from the SOURCE ,’ it all triggers a change in the rate of entropy, which is always positive [15-16].    It is all part of a learning process that ultimately leads to an overall consciousness expansion within the cosmos [17].    Although i ts ramifications are ‘locally’ felt by us, the total result as a WHOLE is the same.    In fact, we are ALL constituent parts of an all-inclusive SOURCE, whose mission is clearly rippled down to its fundamental components, us as sentient beings [18-19], which is to firstly experiment with ‘life’ and gain experience in order to expand our consciousness, and secondly, assist all others to do the same, i.e., to also gain further consciousness.    So, in this respect, we are ALL CONSCIOUSNESS GENERATING APPARATUSES, who in turn, benefit from the same fruits of  sentience that is enlightenment, through proper utilization of the mechanisms of thought and emotional generation.    And, what we do, and how we handle this mission ‘locally,’ is entirely up to us.    We are ALL charged with the very same task through our gift of sentience and power of Free Will.    We are left alone to experience and experiment with ‘life’ in our very own ways.    Nothing is to interfere with the right of exercising our Free Will, not even the Mighty God, the omnipotent SOURCE of consciousness itself. The Advent of ‘Soul Contract’      Prior to any incarnation (or reincarnation), we carefully plan our own missions and objectives as to how to go about accomplishing this task, devising scenarios or scripts of our particular timeline sojourns that the author refers to as ‘soul contract.’      We do this collectively and with the aid and cooperation of other fellow sentient beings, usually of the same species with whom we incarnate.    The scripts and sojourns of ‘life’ are carefully formulated with one another.    What appears to be a ‘villain,’ and ‘impediment’ in a given time line to us is only prudently concocted to serve a particular purpose with regard to gaining certain experiences, only in cooperation with the individual playing such a ‘role,’ in our particular incarnated life.      One who appears to be nasty or a rogue in one particular lifetime may actually be a friend or a family member in another.     And, it seems that we usually reincarnate [20] with the same group of other sentient beings who keep changing roles from one lifetime to another.    Thus, do not take things too seriously within a particular lifetime.    In only appears to be ‘real,’ and have particular implications on triggering certain thoughts and emotions within a particular lifetime because it is purposefully designed to do so.    All you get out of the whole mechanism is experience.    An experience that is meant to serve a purpose raising your consciousness further.    It may be difficult to fathom this within this particular lifetime because you are purposefully left in ‘ amnesia ’  as to not hamper your experiential endeavor.    The proper attitude is to “live the moment,” and not to take it so seriously.    This may seem as a cliché, yet is accurate, and a truthful fact in ‘life.’      There is purposeful wisdom behind its design.    What is deterrent to you in the long run, is allowing anger, anxiety, fear, or even discomfort to take precedence.    It spoils the ‘moment,’ of gaining from the experiential endeavor , and it may backfire on you, taking the wrong path dealing with it.    An error, that is not only discomforting and upsetting at the time, but one that may lead to redundancy with respect to having it repeat itself within a consecutive reincarnating lifetime.    The crux of the whole affair is that most likely it was designed by you and your cohort reincarnating with you, to help you not only gain a proper experience or lesson, but also to teach you perseverance and gaining further wisdom in life.    In this respect, even the ultimate tyrants you encounter within a particular lifetime, the Cabal, the Illuminati, their alien masters, the
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