Essays on Humanity -Part VI: The Process of Life

An overall account of life process has been explicated that identifies 'life' as being synonymous with consciousness. The origin of life or consciousness is traced to the process of creation initiated by the so-called "Big Bang,"
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  Essays on Humanity - Part VI: The Process of Life By Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.  Abstract  An overall account of life process has been explicated that identifies ‘life’ as being synonymous with consciousness. The srcin of life or consciousness is traced to the process of creation initiated by the so-called “  Big Bang, ” triggering the Prime Creator as the incipient SOURCE of consciousness fragmentizing itself into ‘  consciousness units ’   that can  function as consciousness generating co-creators. A brief review of the author  ’s space-time theory, motivated by explicating the process of dissemination of light of consciousness as to create sentient beings, has been presented. This also briefly sheds some light on the concept of dimensional consciousness as a possible station for anchoring one ’ s consciousness, as well as the streaming of the programs of reality via these dimensions as the underlying mechanism for experiencing the life sojourns. It is explicated that these programs of reality are initially conceived in the Divine Mind of the Prime Creator, but after separation, are then disseminated to particular parallel dimensions via light. The advent of spirit, soul, and body as the underlying components for us as sentient beings and their relevance to the ego mind as the builder of our reality has been explicated. It is elucidated that our parent spirit, as an offspring of the Prime Creator, often fragmentizes its consciousness to be incarnated onto biological physical bodies in order to animate and simultaneously gather information in certain parallel space-times to serve as a means for its spiritual education, leading to consciousness expansion. And, this is achieved via the utilization of the mind through  deciphering using logical thinking plus application of our intuitive intelligence. Such a life process builds personality that could lead to  finally giving us our own spiritual identity. What coordinates the process of communication between the parent spirit and our physical mind is our soul that works in concert with our genetics. The soul also has the responsibility of recording and playing back our memories. Our developing personality is, thus, recorded through the advent of the soul. Through the process of fragmentation of soul into what the author refers to as ‘soul aspects,’ being incarnated into diverse parallel dimensions at once, we are privy to gather information more efficiently and expediently, leading to our acquiring further consciousness expansion. And, such an experimentation in space-time is suitably  performed in the physical (outer 9) dimensions through corporal incarnation where the space is more congealed, and as a result, time  progresses much more slowly. This affords better observation of the  pixels of reality, which is particularly accentuated in the highly dense environment of the 3 rd   dimension, in which, by comparison, time  progresses rather infinitesimally. This, however, leads to the illusory sensation of linear time, progressing in the sequence of past-present- future. In reality, however, time is circular in nature with no beginning or end, and everything, in fact, transpires simultaneously and at once in what is referred to as the NOW moment. However, due to the low  frequency of consciousness of our particular soul aspects, we are not  privy to sense the true nonlinear character of time as reflected in our quantum consciousness. In this regard, we routinely and sequentially  jump (vibrate) between different parallel dimensions with an extremely  fast speed as reflected by a highly short interval of time (wavelength) that is of quantum scale, closely approximating the Planck  ’s number of 10 -43 earthly seconds. Yet, we are totally oblivious of such happenings.    Introduction to Creation of Life      As ‘ sentient beings, ’  we are ALL offspring of an omnipotent SOURCE of ‘consciousness’ [1-2] that has been referred to by many different names in the past, but herein, we shall speak of as the ‘Prime’ ‘Creator.’    And, the aforementioned words or terminologies have been stated in quotation form because hopefully with this article, and by making works by the author that are referenced herein [1-79].    It is hoped that after reading this article and reviewing the cited papers, the whole concept becomes more crystal clear, establishing a common understanding regarding the utilized vernacular.    A sentient being [3-5] is an entity that ‘senses’ time [6-8] and can manipulate time in order to ‘animate’ or ‘vibrate’ [9-13] and further grow in consciousness [14-18].    The Prime Creator is the srcinal SOURCE of ALL forms possessing consciousness.    Initially, as a seemingly infinite form of consciousness, culminated in a SINGULAR point in terms of consciousness growth, it exploded- imploded upon itself as to form ‘companions’ who could function in a capacity as ‘co - creators,’ providing a viable means for the Prime Creator to further grow in consciousness.    In this regard, the author has referred to these companions as ‘consciousness generators . ’      Note that when a ‘living’ entity reaches a point of SINGULARITY, there are two scenarios that can govern its further existence.    1. Either the point of SINGULAR consciousness remains stagnant in terms of further growth that essentially constitutes its perpetual ‘ death, ’  or     2. It will find a means for its further growth, remaining vibrant and continue being ‘alive.’      It is also clear that nothing ever stays perpetually stagnant.    B oth in this ‘cosmos’ of ours, and any possible cosmos beyond this cosmos, within which it could feasibly exist, everything must be dynamic, epitomizing ‘life’ that must inevitably grow to have a purpose and/or survive as a living being.    And, our Prime Creator is of no exception.    Thus, as an omnipotent SOURCE of consciousness, the Prime Creator exploded-imploded upon itself to essentially form ‘consciousness units’ of itself that c ould further grow and prosper, ensuring the continuity of its ‘life . ’      Note that these consciousness units must eternally remain connected to one another and the SOURCE to ensure contiguity [19], ensuring functionality of the Prime Creator itself as a unit.    Thus, as sentient beings, we ALL thrive within the cosmos, which in essence, constitutes the very body of our Prime Creator.    And, this requisite condition provides the fundamental aspect of what is referred to as ‘connectedness’ or ‘entanglement’ [20].    In fact, mainstream scientists have only begun to understand this fine point that the principle of connectedness or entanglement is very much reflected in our own genetics [21] as well as governs the principles of nature [22-23]. The Light of Consciousness and its Dissemination    Consciousness is a fundamental form of energy that ordinarily exists and propagates in a waveform, or what may be referred to as a ‘spirit,’ capable of ever ‘free - flowing’ without any constraint.       And, what is tangible for us to fathom, is that consciousness free-flows as light [24-26].    Thus, the srcinal essence of sentient beings exists as light.    In other words, we are all light forms or beings of photonic light [27].    And, in order for a sentient being to be able to further grow in consciousness, it must be able to thrive on its own, being able to provide and maintain its own ‘form , ’ in order to be able to gain stability and longevity [28-29].    For this purpose, all sentient beings are endowed with the gift of Free Will.    And, in order to obtain its own ‘form,’ a sentient being must first anchor its consciousness to be able to grow roots and nurture itself in order to thrive and develop [30].    Thus, it is for this purpose of anchorage of consciousness that the cosmos, which essentially epitomizes the ‘body’ of the Prime Creator  that contains all its ‘units of consciousness,’ is structured in layers  [31-35].    Each layer, in essence, has its own characteristic level of consciousness.    It is clear that as light disseminates or disperses from the SOURCE, the fountain of light of consciousness and congeals, it loses its potency in terms of consciousness, what is referred to as i ts ‘light quotient’ [36-37].    And, in essence, the energetics of consciousness are expended in order to create form or ‘constitution.’      This is a principle introduced by the author under the auspices of the ‘Cosmological Law of Constitution -Consciousness In teraction’ that stipulates the fact that constitution essentially ‘retards’ consciousness, meaning that it causes its potency to be diminished [38].
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