Facebook's Blatant Falsification of Data

A private reflection on Mark Fuckerberg's company in the era of Donald Duck's presidency in the US.
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  Me personally switching between different internet connections (land, mobile and VPN) that I use for accessing online space somehow still always manages to deliver me quite different 'notifications' from, for example the Facebook platform itself. At all times I'm of course accessing the online space from the very same place, my own home apartment in Maribor, Slovenia, using the very tools provided on the market. I bought the Android smartphone that I have for personal use from the very same company that is providing me with both the landline and mobile internet connections, and the VPN provider I chose with the attempt to gain at least a modest degree of privacy, is publicly offering their services on the very 'Play Store' application provided by Google's company (which has in its ownership and control all of the so-called Android phones) and shipping with the phone by default. The previously mentioned Facebook company itself has in the same way provided it's application installed on the phone by default, and from my own standpoint it's not actually physically possible to remove their software from my phone without having to rely on third-party software, the same as with Google's tools themselves. So here I can't really be accused of cheating or using the internet, or the technical tools provided to me, in any improper way. The very company that is providing me with internet access has at the very same time given me all the tools required to discern the technical tricks used in the effort to manipulate both me personally in my access of online services, as also the general population at large. And to return to the beginning of the text, it's quite obvious these seemingly automatically delivered 'notifications', on the Facebook platform for example, are solely based on my own choice of the internet provider I will pick to go online with. It's also interesting that within these 'notifications' themselves, the very time stamp at which they are registered by the platform to have appeared is at this point, at least in my case, bring blatantly falsified. So here, the usual excuse of claiming just how I'm not using the technology in a proper way, or that we're dealing with the issue of simple technological bugs and technical misunderstandings, is simply not enough to cover things up. For example, yesterday a friend on the Facebook platform replied to some online post of mine, and I had quite a long, nice sleep through the entire night in  between, yet now, when choosing to connect to Facebook from the VPN connection, it simply states that that particular comment appeared 1 hour ago. All of this wouldn't really be that problematic, if we were dealing with the simple issues of the state trying to control its population with the best intentions of the public interest and the society at large in mind. But unfortunately the services provided by Google, Facebook and so on, are not simply locally distributed by our country's officials. The headquarters of these companies are based in the so-called Silicon Valley in California, where unfortunately, the ideologists sitting on the very top of the board of executives, are engaged with very crazy attempts to transform the entire world's population through digital-online means into, theologically speaking, a kind of a New Age vision of producing some sort of a technological singularity, a vision which, from the philosophical standpoint, means the disappearance of notions such as subjectivity on the individual level, and with it, consequently, also those of personal responsibility, thinking in any proper sense of the term, freedom in any kind of a positive sense, and finally the very bonds and relations of inter-human love, for which all of these digital companies are claiming to be established in the first place (i.e. the Facebook platform for staying in touch with friends and family, or Google as a very basic search engine to access publicly available data).
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