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Fifth Group Accepted Papers

Fifth Group Accepted Papers
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  1 Fifth  Group / Accepted Papers of The Fourth Annual International Conference on Languages, Linguistics, Translation and Literature Ahwaz, Iran, 1-2 February 2020 WWW.LLLD.IR    Fifth Group / Accepted Papers / 1-2 February 2020/ Ahwaz, Iran   ةعوجل سم خل / ةلوبقل ت قل /  - 1 ی ربف 22  وه /   Full Name of Authors and Title of Articles کرا   ا   ا / ا   نا Affiliation یا   ا   Country   ا   1   Paulina Sepulveda Escobar Bringing t o Light English Language Teachers’ Voices for Continuous Professional Learning in Chile University of Exeter UK 2   Dr. Serge Potemkin & Dr. Galia Kedrova Alignment of Parallel Texts at the Level of Sentences Moscow State University Russia 3   . درا      يذا ) لاو   ئاا  (    ا      ا   تاا      ِت   زا      Egypt 4   Dr. Elena Shelestyuk Representations of Iraq in Russian Memoir and Biographical-Documentary Prose Chelyabinsk State University Russia 5   . د   ار أ (    ا   ا         ا   ةر      فاأ 1/  A1 ر  ) ت   ا   يا   يوروا      غد          2   Algeria 6   . دص       او   يا     : ا   ا      Syria 7     . د    و   يئا      ا   ا   ي   ءا   ئاا   ا   Lebanon 8   Dr. Salih Mahdi Adai AlMamoory, Sebe & Masoumah Wit Wit Exploiting Non-verbal Language in Analyzing Samuel Beckett's 'Act without Words': A Quasi-Linguistic Study University of Babylon Iraq 9   Dr. Xiaochen Hua Critical EFL Teaching Practices in a Chinese University South China Normal University China  2 10   . دّ   لد   يّا   ا   ي   ا   تا ( ا   تاو   ّا   ا ) ًذأا   ا   Lebanon 11   و   يا   ن  . د . داو   نآ   وا   د   ى   ا   رآو   أو   ا   ا   تاءا   ياا   ا   اا   ر   وا   ر    France 12   . دردا   أ      ى تا      اوا   ا   ي   ةا   اكا      Jordan 13 Mohsen Kafi “Translations read more fluently these days”: The Attitudes of Adult Readers in New Zealand towards Translated Fiction Books Victoria University of Wellington  New Zealand 14 أ  . در   ي  " ا    " ةئ   ةئا   ا   اوّا   ي   ّدّا   راو   واا       ) ًذ   بوا   او ( ا   ا   Lebanon 15   . د   ي   يا   ي   ردا    ا   ا   و         يا   سراكا      Jordan 16   Dr. Youssif Zaghwani Omar Impact of Application of Cognitive Linguistic Theory in Teaching Translation at Libyan Universities University of Benghazi Libya 17   . د   اإ   ل لو   تأ   با      ي   زا   اوا   ا   Lebanon 18   Dr. Jamila Zghal Rhetoric in American Officials’ Discourses: Case Study: Middle East Crises (1956-1975) Faculty of Letters and Humanities, Sfax Tunisia 19   Dr. Hussein Dhahi Muzhir, Dr. Musaab Abdulzahra Raheem Al-Khazaali & Ali Muhammed Ridha A Survey Study of Motivation in English Language Learning in Iraqi EFL University Context University of Kufa Iraq 20   . دواا      ن ا   او   يا   نزا      ا   ا   ادا      Iraq 21   Constance Bobroff On translating Farhad Hasanzadeh's "impossible-to-translate" In veblag va-gozar mishavad   ---- Georgia 22   Dr. Hakob Avchyan Anbarāni And Lankarani Dialects of Talyshi: A Comparative Analysis of Verbal Systems Yerevan State University Armenia  3 23 . دادا   ي   ا   ّرا   ا   تا   ي   ّا      ئإ   ارددرا   ا   لآ      Jordan   24   ا   ردا      و   ز   رغ  . د   ا   ا   ى   أو   تا   ي   ةءا   ئاا   ا   ا   ي   عا   او   ا   وا   ي   ااو - اوو لا Algeria & Turkey 25   Dr. Zdzisław Wąsik    Knowledge as Lived Experience of Worldhood or Involvement in Possible Worlds Semantics Mediated Through Language Philological School of Higher Education in Wrocław  Poland 26   . دد   ي ذأ  " ةءاا   ى "    ىوا   را   يا   بدا   رو   ح         Algeria 27   . دراا   شا   ةر او   ي   م   ا   نآا   و   ا   ا --- Algeria 28   Abderrazak Ben Hamida & Dr. Hatem Haddad Shifting Boundaries in a Multilingual Context: The Case of Tunisian Social Media Network Writing iCompass Tunisia 29 Alexandre Dubé-Belzile Translation Studies for Liberation Quebec University in Outaouais Canada 30   Dr. Tawfeeq Majeed Ahmed Al Kharasani & Ali Hussain Ali Translating Proper Nouns in the Holy Quran into English: An Analytical Study University of Karbala Iraq 31   Dr. Aamir Zaheer The Pronunciation of Persian-srcin Words among the Punjabi Speakers of Pakistan  National University of Modern Languages (NUML) Pakistan 32   Dr. Asima Ranjan Parhi & Madhumita Nayak Translating form over Lexis in Language: Native Regional Poetry and Faithful Translation Utkal University India 33   Dr. Mufeeda Irshad Challenges Faced During The On-Line Collaborative Writing Process University of Sri Jayewardenepura Sri Lanka 34   . دا      د   ما      ا      ا   ا   ر   ي   ا      ماا   اا   نا      Iraq 35 Dr. Julia An-Lun Cheng The Function of Reference Tracking of Chinese Nominal Classifiers Feng-Chia University Taiwan 36 Mostafa Oubejji Diglossia in Arabic Classes in Sweden: Who Speaks Arabic? Uppsala University Sweden 37   Dr. Dr. Nabila Boucharif Qur’an Units Translation: The Controversy of Context and Exegesis University of Algiers 2 Abou Alkacem Saadallah Algeria  4 38   Dr. Abdul Ghafoor Memon Post-modernism and Sufism in Context of Shah Latif. (Sindhi Poet) University of Karachi Pakistan 39 اإ   ا      أ   أ   و   اإ   ج     . د    و   ارد  : او   ا      ئا   ما      International Islamic University Malaysia Malaysia 40   Dr. O. M. Chunakova & Dr. A. A. Umnyashkin Everyday Vocabulary of Iranian Languages of the Caucasus   Saint-Petersburg University & Center for Study of ancient and modern languages GLOSSA Russia & Azerbaijan 41   . دد   ردا    ةا   تا   ء   ي   فداارو   ح         Algeria 42   Dr. Rajgur Santosh Pundalik A Cultural Look at American Films: Popular Culture in Contemporary American Literature Laxmibai Bhaurao Patil Mahila College India 43   . د         إ   يا      ي    ا   ر   ي   ارد  .... او   تااا   ا   Bahrain 44   Dr. Seema Singh The Importance of Hindi Language Jawaharlal Nehru University India 45 . دا   ص   ف ؟إ   مأ   إ  : و   يا   ا   و      يا    -       Algeria 46   . دو   ن    . د   ةرا او   ا   ا      ا   ا      Algeria 47   Sean Collin Mehmet An Intercultural Examination of Orania, South Africa: Implications for Foreign Language Educators Matsumoto University Japan 48   . ددادز   ن داو   ا   أو   اا       2   Algeria 49   Dr. Arshad Mehmood, Sabir Hussain Shah, Dr. Tayyaba Bashir & Tahir Qayyum Linguistic and Visual Representation of Kashmir Issue in Pakistani, Indian and International Media University of Kotli Azad Jammu & Kashmir Pakistan 50 . د   لو   و   و      ى   ّا   تارا   أا   ا      لا   رو   ح         Algeria 51   Huda Abd Ali Hattab & Dr. Ihsan Mohammed Jwad Linguistic Perspectives of English & Arabic Collocations and Some Challenges University of Baghdad Iraq  5 52   . ددا   يغ    اور   ي   تا   ء   نا   ردأر   ذ      Iraq 53   Thandeka Sibiya Language and Immigration: Changing Perceptions on School Medium of Instructions Eötvös Lorand University Hungary 54   . دغ   د   او   فا   ي   و   ا    -    ارد - رو   ح         Algeria 55 يا   از        . د تا   مو   ا   ا   و   ا   ا   Oman 56 Dr. Malika Lakhdari Towards a Bilingual French-Arabic Lexical Tool: Language, Cultural and Educational Issues INALCO France 57   . دو   واا             . دد   ي    يا   ا      ا   و   ا   را   ب   ي   ا   تا   ت (017) هء      Iraq 58   Mohammad Ashraf joyo & Sania Memon Psychoanalysis of Iskander: The Protagonists of Elif Shafa’s Honour University of Sindh Pakistan 59   Dr. Ammar Shamil Kadhim Al-Khafaji A Study of Susan Glaspell's Regionalism and Ideal Feminism with Special Reference to Trifles  University of Baghdad Iraq 60 . د         اا   و   يا            ي   وا   اا   ا   اا   ا   ةرازو   و   دا      Iraq 61   . د      ا لا   ي      ي   ةا   ا   ا   غد            Algeria 62 Wasan Norri Fadhil & Dr. Muayyad Omran Chiad An Analysis of Types and Functions of Illocutionary Acts in Hassan Nasrallah's Speech University of Kerbala Iraq 63   . د   اإ   ئاا   جا   ي   غا    -    ا   ا  – رو   ح         Algeria 64 Dr. Elżbieta Magdalena Wąsik    Extending the Domain of Interpersonal Rhetoric in Linguistic Pragmatics Through Interactive Properties of Communication Participants Adam Mickiewicz University Poland 65 را   ة  . د تاو   اا  : او   او   راو   ا      ا   نآا      ا   ت   يا   Tunisia
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