Film Analysis In Contemporary Philippines Arts from the Region

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   Film Analysis In Contemporary Philippines  Arts from the Region Submitted by: John Edward B. Inciong Submitted to Ms. Claudette Nicole Gardoce  Bwakaw Bwakaw is a comedy-drama Filipino movie that was Written and Directed by Jun Lana and Produced by Tonee Acejo. Bwakaw was release on July 21, 2012 (Philippine Independent Film Festival) this movie was Distributed by Star Cinema and Fortissino. The actor was Eddie Garcia as Rene, Princess as Bwakaw, Rez Cortez as Sol etc. Bwakaw won the Netpac Awards and the Audience Choice during the Cinemalaya conception, while Eddie Garcia was awarded as Best Actor. This movie has a good theme and we can learn a lot about how life is run in different person. And how person accept their self and the problems that they can encounter in life. On the first place when I heard the title of the movie it is interesting because the word “Bwakaw” is unique. The movie tackles about the life of Rene a gay man who accept his real personality at the age of 70. Rene thinks it is too late for love because he is already old. He already distributed all his wealth to his friends. It is interesting that Rene is more focused on his death rather than living. And he fell in love to a tricycle driver in their barrio. The message of the story is to tell us to be true to ourselves and accept our own personality. When we are true to ourselves, we can grow we can distinguish our strengths and weaknesses. And develop those skill to a good way that can help other people and ourselves.  Another lesson we can learn to the movie Bwakaw is life is beautiful, yes in life there are many challenges we can encounter but this challenges or problems teach us a lesson that we can use and make it an inspiration. And this mistake teaches us what is the right thing to do in different situations. Next lesson that we can learn is we must enjoy our life. Treasure every seconds of our life do the things make us happy and contented rather than waiting our death. Another lesson was we cannot live without other persons such as friends, parents, brother, siste r and so on. I believe in the saying “No man is an island” everyone of us need people in life to live.  We need to be part of a community in order to thrive. Not all the times you can do the things you want we must admit that sometimes or most of the time we need the presence or help from others. And lastly the lesson that we can learn from this movie is it shows the love from animals we must love animals like human too. Like Rene we must take care give love from the animals. Nowadays people are abusing animals and killing them treated like a non-living thing.t The movie was successfully serving their purpose they make the audience understand the message of the story. Because the information and the scene in the story was accurate and explained well. It is related in the present world; many people are being not true to their self. Being not true to yourself you don’t have a chance to know your real personality and you are losing your chance to develop yourself. The movie Bwakaw is a great Indie film it is a movie that every audience can relate to it. The concept of the story is good and full unexpected things. The movie was hard to predict what will happen next.  Even though it is lower budget but the lesson in the indie film was powerful. Most of the indie aims to understand and clarify the lesson of movie for the audience. The movies contain lesson so many people can learn from this and it contains Philippine culture. So, it can represent to be a contemporary Philippine art. It gives many scenarios that people can related to it. This movie can represent the contemporary Philippine arts because it gives best emotions in every scenario. The theme of the movie is all about a man that accept his true self at the age of 70. He is confusing of his feelings with the tricycle driver in their barrio. Until he realizes that Rene love Sol the tricycle driver. When the tricycle driver knew that Rene is gay Sol run away. This is the part of the story that is important because it is happening in the real world. The significance of the theme of the story is talks about the people who are confusing about there self. They can ’ t distinguish if they are boy or girl like Rene. And have a problem when they are falling in love with someone with same sex. It shows the voice and life of every person that is part of LGBTQ community. We must accept those people that is part of LGBTQ community. Because they are human too, they are just confusing to their sex or gender. Rather than we insult them lets help them to the way that they can help their self to become a good person. The whole movie was good is good the flow of the scenes is smooth because some movie the information and scenario are not fix or not in the proper place. It is good for a low budget movie when you watch Bwakaw it is not obvious that is a low budget movie. The camera appearance is good I can’t  see anything that make it a bad movie because the conflict was slowly raising not like other movies the conflict is just exist in the scene, they don’t  explain what Is the cause o that conflict. The costume is excellent the location of the movie is great the house the barrio it is perfect because it connects to the main actor of the movie. I have nothing to say about the visual appearance because it performs well it reach the standards of a good Indie film. Therefore, the movie is good people must watch Bwakaw because it teaches many lesson in life that we can use it. The way of actor and actress perform of there role is good the emotion is there. I have a recommendation in the end the director must show the life of Rene when he change his perspective and life he didn’t  wait to his death he enjoy his life do the things that makes him happy and contented. So, that is the scene in the story that must fix. If I rate the movie out of 10 I will give 8 but this movie is good and must watch.
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