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Further Insights on the Quantum Energetics of the Cosmos

Further Insights on the Quantum Energetics of the Cosmos
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  Further Insights on the Quantum Energetics of the Cosmos Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.  Abstract  An overview of the nature of our existence as sentient beings in the Cosmos is explicated. It is elucidated that, in essence, we are all comprised of nothing but quanta of energy with a characteristic quality referred to as our natural frequency of vibration that alludes to the consciousness energetic nature of our existence. In this respect, we are comprised of congealed particles of energy that form the constitutive essence of our existence, and our spirit that epitomizes the nature of our consciousness energy, free flowing in time. And, we come in an incarnate form in physicality, with our Consciousness Quanta of energy being anchored to our Constitutive Quanta that form our physical bodies, animating our bodies, vibrating in time, via a breathing in-breathing out process and through the palpitation of our hearts that is entangled with the pulse of the Universe, and in turn, with the Cosmic  pulse of our Prime Creator.  Introduction: Consciousness Creational Energy •   Every thing that EXISTS is comprised of energy. •   And, according to the ‘ Cosmological Law of Conservation of Energy ’ , energy cannot be destroyed, and only gets converted from one form to another [1]. •   Energy is comprised of constituent units that are referred to as the ‘ quanta ’  of energy. •   And, if you want to fully appreciate the nature of your existence (life or consciousness), you must take a trip back all the way to the beginning, before the dawn of time and to the onset of what is referred to as Creation [2] giving rise to everything and all possible events transpiring that now forms the basis for your reality. •   The most fundamental form of energy that gave rise to the Creation of everything that also spearheads the longevity and ORDER among everything [3], is of crystalline, coherent, intelligible kind [4] that is referred to as consciousness energy [5]. •   This energy epitomizes the very essence of what we refer to as the God-SOURCE [6]. •   And, the crystalline, coherent, intelligent nature of the God-SOURCE gives IT the quality of Omniscience. •   The God-SOURCE was initially comprised of a congealed mass composed of an infinite density of Consciousness Quanta of energy that became SINGULAR and DISCONTIGIOUS from ITS environment that we refer to as the Void [7]. •   As a result, it could not further expand in consciousness. •   The consciousness energy of the God-SOURCE results from ITS kinetics associated with ITS quanta isotopically spinning back and forth about ITSELF, a phenomenon that is referred to as torsional vibration [8].  •   Such kinetic energy of consciousness of the God-SOURCE occurred in all possible directions simultaneously, with infinite speed or what is referred to as frequency of vibration. Energy of Consciousness •   In essence, energy   may be expressed in term of frequency   that forms the basis of the Planck ’ s equation in quantum physics: =ℎ .   •   Where ℎ  is referred to as the Planck ’ s constant. •   And, although Planck ’ s equation expresses energy as a linear function of frequency, being directly proportional to it, more generally one could express the relation between energy and frequency to be of the form: =()   •   Where the function  ()  may be a higher order function of frequency (e.g. quadratic, cubic, quartic, etc.). •   In any case, a system comprised of energy may be modelled as being comprised of a series of harmonic resonators [9]. •   A harmonic function is an oscillating, sinusoidal function in which the quanta of energy alternate by spinning in a free- flow manner back and forth about themselves in what is referred to time   [10-12]. •   Thus, in essence, time epitomizes that free flow spinning of the quanta of energy about themselves [13].  •   In general, a harmonic function describing vibration kinetics of energy may be expressed as [14]: = ()   •   The condition of infinite frequency of consciousness renders the God-SOURCE the status of Omnipotence, being able to do the work of Creation. •   This energetic is still preserved, yet modified or converted in away by virtue of the God-SOURCE having exploded upon ITSELF as to free up ITS Consciousness Quanta of energy, vibrating in a free flowing manner isotopically and in all possible direction all over what was initially the Void that now is composed of an intricate dimensional structure that we refer to as the Cosmos [15]. •   Thus, the Cosmos epitomizes the body of the God-SOURCE that we now refer to as simply God or the Prime Creator [16]. •   And, since the explosion of the quanta of energy occurs in an isotropic manner in all directions with respect to the SOURCE, the Cosmos and ITS intricate structure is clearly of spherical morphology [17]. •   And, in order to preserve the integrity of its vibrational kinetics or ITS energy, the Prime Creator must retain its vibrational motion in an isotropic manner. •   Thus, this is achieved as a result of all ITS quanta of energy also spinning back and forth about themselves in what amounts to the tendency of them contracting back towards the initial central God-SOURCE as well as expanding away from IT to facilitate the process of Creation [18].  •   And, the act of gravitating or contracting back towards ITS central Self or God-SOURCE is what is referred to as ‘ implosion. ’   •   In this respect, the God-SOURCE epitomizes the heart or the center of the Cosmos as the body of the Prime Creator, that also functions a ITS brain and the command or control center. •   Furthermore, such an expanding-contracting about ITS Center, is achieved through all ITS quanta of energy spinning back and forth about themselves or what amounts to as vectors that connects all ITS quanta of energy to ITSELF. The Concepts of Moment of Time and Frequency of Consciousness •   The vectors about which the quanta of energy spin are referred to as the ‘ cosmological vectors of time ’  that may be visualized as being isotopically distributed in all directions [19-20]. •   Thus, time is of tensorial nature that not only has a magnitude but also a direction. •   It is expressed as a vector that rotates isotopically or axisymmetrically all over about the SOURCE. •   And, when it is looked upon from the perspective of the quanta of energy occupying or being anchored to a point in the Cosmos, time is clearly bidirectional in nature. •   It can flow counterclockwise or clockwise about the SOURCE with the ‘ moments of time ’  showing the tendency to either climb up or down an axis perpendicular to the cosmological vector of time that also passes through the SOURCE. •   Thus, the rate of progression of the moment of time or ‘ frequency ’  can be illustrated by a vector being perpendicular to the cosmological vector of time [21-22]. •   And, for a given frequency, with the Quanta of energy being distributed isotopically, these two vectors of cosmological time and
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