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=============================================================================== Optional Backtracking [wa15] =============================================================================== o---------------------------------------------------------------------------o | | | I T E M C H E C K L I S T | |
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  =============================================================================== Optional Backtracking [wa15]=============================================================================== o---------------------------------------------------------------------------o | | | I T E M C H E C K L I S T | | | | Datadisk E49...................[ ] Datadisk E19...................[ ] | | Datadisk E50...................[ ] Datadisk E28...................[ ] | | Datadisk E36...................[ ] Datadisk E21...................[ ] | | Datadisk E31...................[ ] Datadisk E01...................[ ] | | Datadisk E48...................[ ] Datadisk E41...................[ ] | | Datadisk E43...................[ ] Datadisk E44...................[ ] | | | o---------------------------------------------------------------------------oWe're getting closer and closer to reaching the end of the game, so why don'tdo some backtracking now, in order to collect some datadisks? Everything inthis section is completely optional, so just skip to the next section if you'renot interested in getting all the datadisks. o------------- Optional ------------o | | | - Type: Datadisk | o------------- Optional ------------o | | | | | Turn off the falling trash by | | - Type: Datadisk | | activating the switch in Scrap | | | | Yard 2. Now go to the room in | | Head over to Highway 1. Not far | | Scrapyard 3 where you have to | | from the entrance, there is a gap | | stand on moving blocks in order | | with a gate and a switch in. Turn | | to reach the gate in the right | | on the switch and head through | | end. There is a hole in the | | the gate. You'll find | | ceiling in this room. Fly up | | [Datadisk E49] behind a wall. | | there in Queenbee form, then use | | Use Argoyle's ghost move to get | | Argoyle's ghost move to get the | | the disk. | | [Datadisk E50] from the wall. | | | | | o-----------------------------------o o-----------------------------------o o------------- Optional ------------o o------------- Optional ------------o | | | | | - Type: Datadisk | | - Type: Datadisk | | | | | | In the right end of Floating | | Go to Floating Ruins 3. In the | | Ruins 1, use Queenbee form to | | middle of the area, there is a | | fly below the main path. You'll | | passage with lots of spikes in. | | find [Datadisk E36] on a ledge | | Use Vulturon form to float | | near some spikes. | | between the spikes. You'll find | | | | [Datadisk E31] in the spiked | o-----------------------------------o | passage. | o-----------------------------------o o-------------------------------- Optional ---------------------------------o | | | - Type: Datadisks | | | | Make your way to Legion HQ 2, and find the first air surfing board. | | Jump on it while in Bifrost form. The board will fall downwards and |   | reveal the entrance to Legion HQ 4. Once in HQ 4, run right through the | | fist corridor to find [Datadisk E48] on the floor. Now proceed further | | right to find a Transerver and [Datadisk E43] in the same room. | | | o---------------------------------------------------------------------------o o-------------------------------- Optional ---------------------------------o | | | - Type: Datadisks | | | | Go and complete the sidequest named Find The Wrench . It's covered in | | the sidequests section, in case you need help with it. Once you have | | the reward from that quest -- the Featherweight -- go to the second | | pipe that can be broken in Oil Field Area 2. Normally it will break | | when you step on it, but with the Featherweight equipped, it won't! | | Crawl left from the pipe to find [Datadisk E19]. Remember to be in | | Human/Reploid form while crawling. | | | | You can find another datadisk by breaking the first breakable pipe | | in Oil Field 2. Do that and go to where the Biometal Upgrade was | | located. Drop down into the gap below the place where the upgrade | | used to be. There's a door down here. Stand close to the wall right | | of the door, and use Argoyle's ghost move to find [Datadisk E28] | | which is hidden inside the wall. | | | | | o---------------------------------------------------------------------------o o------------- Optional ------------o o------------- Optional ------------o | | | | | - Type: Datadisk | | - Type: Datadisk | | | | | | In Waterfall Ruins 3 there is a | | Just above where you fought the | | room where there are two E-C | | Langbranch mini boss in Ice Floe | | containers right of the entrance. | | Area 2, you will find a girl | | Go left from the containers, and | | named Mary. Just right of her, | | use Hedgeshock form to roll into | | you can roll right in Hedgeshock | | the narrow passage you'll | | form to find [Datadisk E21] | | encounter after passing 2 spears. | | | | In there you'll get | o-----------------------------------o | [Datadisk E01]. | | | o------------- Optional ------------o o-----------------------------------o | | | - Type: Datadisk | o------------- Optional ------------o | | | | | Go to Biolab 1. Drop down into | | - Type: Datadisk | | the sewer water in the middle of | | | | the area to find a narrow | | Go to the right end of Train 3 | | passage. Roll in there while in | | to find the yellow elevator. A | | Hedgeshock form. When you do, you | | tiny bit right of it, there are | | will find [Datadisk E41]. | | some blocks that you can eat | | | | while in Bifrost form. Doing so | o-----------------------------------o | will earn you [Datadisk E44]! | | | o-----------------------------------oGreat work, dear reader! If you've been following the main walkthrough from thevery beginning, you should now have all of the datadisks in the whole game!Except for two disks that are found in the final moments of the game, that is.  If you're like me, and like reading about stuff, you should head over to thedatadisk building in Hunter's Camp 1, and analyze all of your datadisks.There's a lot of cool sprites and weird information stored in those disks.=============================================================================== Undersea Volcano [wa16]===============================================================================To get to the Undersea Volcano, which is the beginning of Master Albert'shideout, just go to Biolab Area 3. The broken Transerver there can now be usedto transport over there, since you got the Init. Key from Mikhail. Once there,head right through a gate. In the next room, there is a 1UP in the upper rightend, right of some spinning enemies. Take it, then drop into the water. Headright through the next room, which is a huge open area with falling lavastones. Just avoid the stones by dashing.This is another open area with falling stones. Make your way to the right end,and drop down into the hole there to find a bunker-like corridor system.Continue right into the corridors to find a gate in the lower right end.Close to the entrance of this third area, you'll find two gates. One leadingleft and one leading right. It doesn't really matter which one you choose, sotake the left one, if you feel like. You'll have to make your way throughanother corridor system, and drop down through the air to reach the bottom.Just keep on going the only way you can go, until you find a boss gate.Watch the cut-scene with Albert, Pandora and Prometheus. Looks like Albert isup against two traitors! That's good for us, but really bad for Albert. Afterdealing with his master, Prometheus explains that he and Pandora have beenusing Ashe as a tool ever since the beginning of the game. Ashe was the onethat tracked down Master Albert so that Prometheus and Pandora could have theirrevenge against him. But, all isn't good -- now they want to destroy everythingaround them, including you! Fight them off! And make sure to remember usingyour SubTanks! Without them, this is going to be hard. +----+----+----+----+----+----+----+----+----+----+----+----+----+----+-----+ | Boss Battle - PANDORA & PROMETHEUS - Boss Battle | +----+----+----+----+----+----+----+----+----+----+----+----+----+----+-----+ | | | Elemental weakness: --- | | Weak point: --- | | | | - General Information: This is a very stylish battle where you fight | | against both Pandora and Prometheus at the very same time. There's a | | lot of different strategies that you can use, but merging into Model | | H is a very good idea, as you'll be able to dodge a lot of attacks | | by dashing and jumping around. In addition, Model H's saber does a | | good deal of damage to the two Mega Men when it's used. Movement is | | the most important this in this battle; you should never stand still! | | | | PANDORA'S MOVES | | | | - Circling Spears: Pandora places herself in the middle of the room, and | | summons several green spears that start spinning around her small body. | | After a while, she'll start releasing spears towards you. Use Model H | | to dash-jump upwards, jumping over the spears! Make sure to slash | | Pandora whenever you get the chance. | | | | PROMETHEUS'S MOVES | | |   | - Pillars of Flame: Prometheus stands in the middle of the room, and | | summons two huge flame pillars. They start spinning in and out of | | the background. While in the background, the pillars aren't dangerous | | to you. So, run past the pillars while they are in the background. | | | | - Brutal Pillars: This one looks like the previous move, but the | | pillars won't start spinning. Instead, they come straight towards | | you. Attack the pillars in order to avoid taking damage. | | | | - Mole Flames: Prometheus places himself in the middle of the room and | | sticks something into the ground. Soon after, lots of small flames | | start popping up from the ground, like moles! If you're using Model H | | avoiding them won't be a problem -- just air-dash! | | | | DUAL CRUSH MOVES | | | | - Combo Rush: They both appear at the same time. Keep your eyes on | | Prometheus, as he will slash at you with his saber. Pandora just | | flies around, but don't touch her, as doing so is dangerous. Try | | dash-jumping to avoid Prometheus's slash, and attack Pandora while | | you're still in the air. | | | | - Spike Hell & Air Drop: First Pandora appears. She starts sending lots | | of small spikes and electro-beams around in the air. Do your best to | | dodge them, and attack her with your saber at the same time. When | | the spikes and beams are about to go away, Prometheus will come | | dropping down from the sky, usually in one of the corners. Make sure | | you remember to watch out for him! | | | +----+----+----+----+----+----+----+----+----+----+----+----+----+----+-----+Prometheus and Pandora aren't dead yet! However, they don't want to fight more.Instead they start explaining about how Master Albert used Legion as a frontfor finding and choosing people to become Mega Men, then letting them fight anddestroy each other for his own amusement. And now, things get even worse!Master Albert wasn't dead at all -- the man Prometheus killed was a decoy! Thewhole place starts collapsing, and Ashe escapes back to the Hunter's Camp. Makesure to save your game while you have the chance. Now head outside of theTranserver room for another cut-scene. Vent/Aile appears again too! He/she saysthat there is no turning back once you see him/her again, so go fill all ofyour SubTanks, and collect some 1UPs, then speak with Vent/Aile again. Watchthe cut-scene, then prepare for the final stage.=============================================================================== Ouroboros [wa17]=============================================================================== o---------------------------------------------------------------------------o | | | I T E M C H E C K L I S T | | | | Datadisk B02.................[ ] Datadisk B03...................[ ] | | | o---------------------------------------------------------------------------oHead into the opening just right of where you start out. Vent/Aile and theother Hunters won't follow you, as this is a one-man/girl mission! Run rightthrough a corridor system, and when you see lots of blocks in the air, useModel F's Megaton Punch to break them as usual. Proceed further right to find a1UP item on some blocks hanging in the ceiling. Just right of the 1UP items,
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