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Giovanni Battista Antonelli: Theory, Model and Reality.

Giovanni Battista Antonelli: Theory, Model and Reality.
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  The international conference “Between East and West: transposition of cultural systems and military technology of fortied landscapes”  is organized in order to compare the results and the updates about the several researches made by experts of various nationalities, about the theme of cultural routes and fortied landscapes. The scientic knowledge, the analysis, the documentation and the architectural survey of the heritage in all its meanings, are essential instruments for the understanding and the improvement of any information and sign that history and culture has produced in each places or in a specic geographic area. These signs are in any case the result of the transposition of cultural models, of building technologies and offensive and/or defensive strategies, that have been tested, consolidated and exported for a long time, and that have determined the image of whole territories. The implementation of the knowledge, the specic studies and the documentation programs, also constitute the main basis for the exercise of critical and interpretative activities, in order to training and to develop a particular settlement, city or area. Besides, they are also useful for the expectation of the necessary specic planning for the conservation and the improvement, that are aimed at promoting the conscious development of human activities in that places. This international conference aims at comparing the experiences made in this scientic area, that have allowed the development of operational methods for researches useful for the correct understanding of both the architectures and the historical and archaeological complexes. Furthermore, it also aims at taking into consideration the cultural and environmental contexts of the contemporary history, giving essential advices for a critical reading and a proper evaluation about the conservation actions for this important heritage. B ETWEEN  E AST   AND  W EST TRANSPOSITION   OF   CULTURAL   SYSTEMSAND   MILITARY   TECHNOLOGY   OFFORTIFIED   LANDSCAPES    B    E   T   W   E   E   N    E    A   S   T   A   N   D    W    E   S   T EDITED   BY S ANDRO  P ARRINELLO S TEFANO  B ERTOCCI G IOVANNI  P ANCANI  € 14,00  EDITED   BY S ANDRO  P ARRINELLO S TEFANO  B ERTOCCI G IOVANNI  P ANCANI B ETWEEN  E AST   AND  W EST TRANSPOSITION   OF   CULTURAL   SYSTEMSAND   MILITARY   TECHNOLOGY   OFFORTIFIED   LANDSCAPES  The editors would like to thank all those who contributed with their work to the international congress and given their authorisation for publication. The editors and the organizers cannot be held responsible  for either the contents or opinions expressed in these works. In addition, the authors hereby declare that the contents of this communication are srcinal ones, or when appropriate, they have the corresponding authorisation to include, use or adapt long quotations or tables and illustrations from other works. This is a double blind peer review publication evaluated by experts in the eld of fortied landscapes and  fortresses. The sources and information found within that particular work has been veried by the referee committee. The referee committee was selected by the scientic committee of the Conference among the most experts in this eld; peer review referee screened the submitted articles. This process has been chosen to encourage authors to meet the accepted standards of their discipline and to prevent the dissemination of irrelevant ndings or uncorrect interpretations. © Copyright 2012 Edir-Edizioni Firenzevia Fiume, 8 - 50123 Firenzewww.edir.itISBN 978-88-7970-564-6  Managing Editor  Simone Gismondi  Design and Production Editor  Elena Mariotti  Editing Andrea Pagano, Silvia Bertacchi Graphic design project  Andrea Pagano Printed by Pacini Editore Industrie Grache, Ospedaletto (Pisa) On cover  : Copy of “Fortied Harbour”, oil on panel, by B. PeetersPhotocopies for reader’s personal use are limited to 15% of every book/issue of periodical and with payment to SIAE of the compensation foreseen in art. 68, codicil 4, of Law 22 April 1941 no. 633 and by the agreement of December 18, 2000 between SIAE, AIE, SNS and CNA, ConfArtigianato, CASA, CLAAI, ConfCommercio, ConfEsercenti. Reproductions for different purposes from the previously mentioned one may be made only after specic authorization by those holding copyright the Publisher.  Department of Architecture, Drawing, History, Design, University of FlorenceForum UNESCOICOMOS ItaliaICOFORTUniversity of PaviaUniversity of FlorenceLaboratory of Landscape Survey & Design,University of FlorenceProvince of FlorenceProvince of ArezzoMunicipality of PoppiUnion of Municipalities of the Casentino MountainsFRDB - Life Beyond TourismCAM 2- Faro Group Technology Inc. OIKOS srlDepartment of Civil Engineering and Architecture,University of Pavia  Proceedings of the International Conference  “Between East and West: transposition of cultural systems and military technology of fortied landscapes”. Poppi (AR)-Firenze, Italy May 7-13, 2012.University of Florence; Department of Architecture, Drawing - History - Design.University of Pavia; Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture. O RGANIZING  C OMMITTEE S ANDRO  P ARRINELLO  University of Pavia, Italy S TEFANO  B ERTOCCI   University of Florence, Italy G IOVANNI  P ANCANI   University of Florence, Italy A LESSANDRO  B REZZI  Director of Rilliana Library, Poppi (AR), Italy M ILAGROS  F LORES   R  OMÁN  ICOFORT president, USA S CIENTIFIC  C OMMITTEE P HILIPPE  B RAGARD  Belgium T AMARA  B LANES  M ARTÍN  Cuba R  OBERT  T REUFELDT  Estonia  N ICOLAS  F AUCHERRE  France M ICHEL  P ERLOFF  France A THANASIOS  N AKASIS  Greece C HO  Doo W ON   Korea C ARLOS  S CHELTEMA   Holland S TEFANO  B ERTOCCI  Italy M ARCO  B INI  Italy A  NGELO  B UGATTI  Italy A LESSANDRA  M ARINO  Italy A  NNA  M AROTTA  Italy S ANDRO  P ARRINELLO  Italy  C IRO  R  OBOTTI  Italy G IOVANNI  P ANCANI   Italy F RANCISCO  M UÑOZ  E SPEJO  Mexico M ARICRUZ  P AILLES   Mexico R  OBERTA  L UCIANI  H AVRAN  Norway D OMINGOS  B UCHOS  Portugal M ANUEL  J ESÚS  R  AMÍREZ  B LANCO  Spain F ERNANDO  C OBOS  Spain P ABLO  R  ODRÍGUEZ  N AVARRO  Spain J UAN  A. R  ODRÍGUEZ -V ILLASANTE  P RIETO  Spain D AVID  M ITCHELL   UK D OUGLAS  P RITCHARD  UK V IACHESLAV  K  ULINICH  Ukraine M ILAGROS  F LORES  R  OMÁN  USA R  OY  G RAHAM  USA S CIENTIFIC  S ECRETARIAT S ANDRO   PARRINELLO O RGANIZING  S ECRETARIAT S ILVIA  B ERTACCHI  G IOVANNI  M INUTOLI A  NDREA  P AGANO W EBSITE , GRAPHIC   DESIGN S ARA  P ORZILLI F RANCESCA  P ICCHIO A  NDREA  P AGANO

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Oct 14, 2019
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