Globalization and New Media

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  University “Sv. Kiril i Metodij” – SkopjeLaw Faculty “Justinijan I” Globalization and the new media: The key role of the Internet in the globalizing trends of the new millennium  Made y! Mentor!  ejan onev# $%   Skopje Contents: &. Introduction ' w%at is all aout() Part I ). *loali+ation and its sp%eres! econo,ic# political and cultural -loali+ation).&. /cono,ic -loali+ation0).). $olitical -loali+ation1).. 2ultural -loali+ation&3 Part II . 4%e i,pact o5 new tec%nolo-y on -loali+ation&00. 4%e Internet – a %istoric look&66. 4%e use o5 t%e Internet in today7s world' Fi-ure &! Internet users per &33 in%aitants# &881 ' )331&9&19. Internet and -loali+ation&:1. 2onclusion)3;ilio-rap%y)& 2  1. Introduction  It has been said that arguing against  globalization is like arguing against the laws of gravity. - ofi !nnan   urin- t%e second %al5 o5 t%e )3t% centuries# t%e world %as witnessed a true tec%nolo-ical revolution# c%aracteri+ed y an uni,a-inale rise and develop,ent o5 in5or,ation# co,,unication and transport tec%nolo-y. <ery =uickly t%e world %as eco,e a di55erent place to live in. >%ere a person needed days and even weeks to travel 5ro, one place to anot%er# now all it takes is just several %ours. In5or,ation and knowled-e %as eco,e availale to al,ost everyone wit% just a si,ple click o5 a utton. 2o,,unication and interaction wit% people livin- on t%e ot%er side o5 t%e world is now ,ade si,ple and easy. ?round t%e turn o5 t%e new ,illenniu, -loali+ation %as entered into a new sta-e# t%e in5or,ation era. 4%e new ,edia# especially t%e Internet# %as rou-%t a new di,ension to t%e process o5 -loali+ation. It %as a55ected al,ost every sp%ere o5 people7s lives# no ,atter w%et%er we speak aout econo,y#  politics or culture. 4oday it see,s t%at even t%e ,ost re,ote areas in t%e world %ave access to t%e Internet# and li5e cannot e i,a-ined wit%out it. 4%is essay will e divided into two parts. In t%e 5irst part# y usin- t%e analytical ,et%od# I will -o t%rou-% t%e di55erent sp%eres o5 -loali+ation! t%e econo,ic# political and cultural sp%ere. In t%e second part I will analy+e t%e role o5 t%e new ,edia# t%e Internet in particular# and try to critically assess t%e i,pact t%at t%ey are %avin- on t%e -loali+in- trends in today7s world. 4%e =uestion t%at I will try to answer y t%e end o5 t%is paper is! id t%e new ,edia# especially t%e Internet# %ave pro5oundly altered t%e way in w%ic% t%e -loali+in- 5orces %ave an e55ect on t%e world( 3  Part I . Globalization and its s#heres: economic$ #olitical and cultural globalization  ?lt%ou-% -loali+ation is certainly not a new p%eno,enon# t%e “use o5 t%e noun @-loali+ation7 %as developed =uite recently” &  Adurin- t%e &8:3sB. I already discussed in ,y  previous essay t%at -loali+ation is one o5 t%e ,ost AoverBused ter,s in recent %istory. 4%ere %ave een nu,erous deates in t%e acade,ic circles aout w%at -loali+ation ,eans and w%at is t%e i,portance o5 t%is concept to today7s world. Cere I will try to -ive a s%ort answer to t%ese =uestions# e5ore I ,ove on eDplainin- t%e di55erent aspects o5 t%e concept o5 -loali+ation. *loali+ation is usually seen as a co,ination o5 processes t%at creates and stren-t%ens interconnected networks all around t%e -loe and leads to t%e co,pression o5 t%e world. 4%ese  processes include econo,ic# political# social# tec%nolo-ical# environ,ental# and ,any ot%ers. Er as oert Keo%ane puts it! “*loali+ation can e de5ined as a state o5 t%e world involvin- networks o5 interdependence at ,ulticontinental distances. *loali+ation as we understand it re5ers to processes – econo,ic# ,ilitary# environ,ental and social – t%at stren-t%en or “t%icken” t%ese networks.” )  In addition# -loali+ation contriutes to t%e de,ise o5 -eo-rap%ical space# as t%e local is eco,in- -loal# and t%e -loal is eco,in- local. In accordance to t%is# ?nt%ony *iddens de5ines -loali+ation as# “Gt%e intensi5ication o5 worldwide social relations w%ic% link distant localities in suc% a way t%at local %appenin-s are s%aped y events occurrin- ,any ,iles away and vice versa.”   Many aut%ors ar-ue t%at# alt%ou-% -loali+ation is not a new p%eno,enon# we are now livin- in a new era o5 t%e -loali+in- trends# si-ni5icantly di55erent t%an t%e one e5ore. 4%is current level o5 -loalis, is inco,paraly %i-%er t%an anyt%in- t%at could %ave ever een i,a-ined. ?s Keo%ane eDplains!“>e are now livin- t%rou-% t%e second ,ajor period o5 -loali+ation since t%e  e-innin- o5 industrial society! t%e 5irst took place durin- t%e decades e5ore >orld >ar I. ;y ,any ,easures# current levels o5 -loalis, – t%e t%ickness o5 networks alon- several di,ensions – are unprecedentedly %i-%.” 0   1  Robertson, Roland. “Globalization: social theory and global culture”  . London: SAGE Publications Ltd, 1992, pp. 8 2  Keoane, Robert !. and #e $r., $osep S. “Between Centralization and Fragmentation: The Club Model of Multilateral Cooperation and roblems of !emocratic egitimacy”  . %asin&ton, '.(.: A)erican Political Science (on*ention, Au&ust + Septe)ber 2, pp. 1 3  Giddens, Anton#. “The Conse#uences of Modernity”  . (a)brid&e: Polit# Press, 199, pp. -   Keoane, Robert !. and #e $r., $osep S. “Between Centralization and Fragmentation: The Club Model of Multilateral Cooperation and roblems of !emocratic egitimacy”  . %asin&ton, '.(.: A)erican Political Science (on*ention, Au&ust + Septe)ber 2, pp. 1 

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