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  14/10/20191 GOOD GOVERN NCE ND N TION BUILDING; CONTRIBUTIONS ND CH LLENGES Compiled by: YUSUF ADAM KHALIL MSSN KANO AREA UNIT STATE LEADERSHIP COURSE JULY 2017  14/10/20192 GOOD GOVERN NCE ND N TION BUILDING • Outline • Introduction –Islam encompassing all spheres of life, necessity of leadership and qualities of a leader • Good governance –meaning and scope. • Nation building –Meaning and scope • Islamic perspective of good governance/characteristics • Contributions of good governance in nation building • Challenges of good governance • Conclusion –Way forward 1. INTRODUCTION Islam isacomprehensiveanduniversalreligionforallracesandclassesof peoplenotinclinedtoserveaspecificcategoryorgroupofpeoplebutspeciallyaimedtoaddresstheneedsofallhumanitywithitsmoral,spiritual,social,legal,politicalandeconomicsystems.TheaimofIslamistoestablishtheidealhumansocietyandbrotherhoodspreadinggeneralbenevolenceandthedivineguidanceamongmenfortheirbettermentandsalvation.TheProphethoodmissionofProphetMuhammad(Sm.)providesguidanceforaperfectbalancingofindividualandspirituallifewithsocialandmateriallife.“ O mankind! The (Prophetic) Messenger has come to you with the truth from your Lord. Then believe; (it is) better for you. But if you disbelieve, still, surely, to Allah belongs whatsoever is in the heavens and the earth, and  Allah is ever Knower, Wise.” (4:170) October 14, 2019 State Policy of Prophet Muhammad(SAW) 4  14/10/20193 Necessity of Leadership • The necessity of leadership is very clear, considering the following points: • The story of the aunts when their leader directed them to go back to their respective residences so as to avoid them being matched by Suleman(A.S.) and his troop in the chapter of Al-baqarahof the holy Qur’an. • The prophet (S.A.W.) necessitated the nomination of a leader within three or more persons on a journey (Abu-dawood, Tirmidhy). • Leadership in prayer (Imam), which is the highest mode of worship. • Ali bnAbu-Talibwas reported saying leadership or governance is a necessity within a community being it just and noble or otherwise. (Ibn Taimiyyah; Al-siyaasahel-shar’iyyah) • The necessity of leadership was agreed on consensus of the ulema’ both on the basis of Intellect and Law. Basic Qualities of a Leader • Scholars have identified a lot of qualities required of a leader. • Maawardyin his Ahkaamsultaaniyyahenumerated 7 qualities as; Justice, Knowledge, Physical fitness, Healthy sensory organs, Skills/experience on leadership, Braveness and Family clan (Quraysh) • I have decided to summarize them in to the following: • Knowledge which encompasses Islamic and western education, experience, skills, wisdom, knowledge of the society and it’s custom, etc. • Capability which encompasses physical and mental fitness, foresight, consciousness, perseverance, patience, steadfastness, sound moral character, etc. • Trustworthiness which encompasses accountability, transparency, justice, fairness, truthfulness, piety, responsibility, etc.  14/10/20194 Qualities –cont. • These qualities can be deduced from the three stories in the holy Qur’an: • The story of Taalutwhen Allah chose him as the leader of his people and described him, convincingly, as: • “……..and Allah increased him in knowledge and body (fitness).” • The story of prophet Yusuf (A.S.) when he suggested to the king to appoint him as the custodian of the wealth of the nation after interpreting the dream. To prove that he is able, he described himself as; • “……..I am Trustworthy and knowledgeable.” • The story of Musa (A.S.) when he assisted some ladies. They suggested to their daddy to employ him and they said in describing those to be employed: • “……..verily, the best to be employed is competent and trustworthy.” • In addition to these qualities, he is expected to employ mutual consultations. PROPHET ATTRIBUTES SIDDIQ (HONEST)AMANAH (TRUSTED)TABLIGH(SPREAD OUT CORRECT INFO)FATHANAH (INTELLECTUAL) MUH MM D (S W) S LE DER -PROPHET TTRIBUTES 8  14/10/20195 Prophet’s excellent Morals October 14, 2019 State Policy of Prophet Muhammad(Sm.) 9 2. GOOD GOVERNANCE The Qur’an defines good governance as the rule of  justice, a just and ethical order and observance of rights and obligations in a society.The Qur’an declares: “Those when given authority inland, establish (system of)  salah , give  zakah  andenjoin what is good ( ma’ruf   ) and forbid what is wrong( munkar  ). al-Hajj 22:41
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