Heart Palpitation Prevention Guide

You're suffering heart palpitations, or afib, and you can't stand the feeling. It scares you a lot! You want it gone! Ok. Here is one man's regimen that is the result of 12 years study on this subject. It is a report that is constantly being modified, so visit the website and get new copies from time to time. No one like so suffer from atrial fibrillation or from heart palpitations. Find out exactly what you can do today to rid yourself of this horrible afflication.
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  The Heart Palpitation Prevention Guide   Introduction   You are reading this document because you asked for it. You are either suffering from heart palpitations, and want to find out how others cured the problem, or you are conducting research on how to fix the problem for yourself. I wrote this guide so that you can benefit form the experience of other who have already traveled this road ahead of you.   If you find this document interesting, it will be because you recognize so many situations that are so close to what you have been experiencing. I also wrote this guide as a pro-forma response for the thousands of emails that I receive in this topic every year.   I used to field questions one at a time in the early days, but it seems there is no end to the number of you that suffer from palpitations. At the same time, it is also universally true that many of your doctors will rarely get to the bottom of what it happening to you. We know that doctors are smart people, so the way I see it, is there are three possibilities:   1.doctors don’t fully understand the digestive system and hence failt to make identify your issue, and fail to refer you to an gastroenterologist…   2.doctors believe that there is a problem with your heart’s electrical system and hence proceed in that direction - prescribing beta blockers and other toxic pharmaceuticals…   3.doctors realize that 99% of people will never change their habits. They want the magic pill and will not change old habits to create a new well being. In this case you get told that “it’s in your head; your life has too much stress, and you should cut out caffeine and get more exercise.”   Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not blaming doctors. My own experience is that most people will not change their ways. It took me 6 years to realize why doctors just prescribe the drugs first. Its almost “paliative care” at this point.   Before I get into the essence of this discussion, there are some things I want make very clear. I am not a doctor.  You should make sure that your own doctor is fully apprised of what you are doing regarding your own health. Nothing I say has been evaluated by the US FDA. Everything you read here is just the results of 12 years of personal testing. I will reference the supplements that I use. You should do your own research to see if any of them are suitable for your own use.   That said, you should also examine the health care system where doctors have no professional incentive to find cures. Imagine the financial catastrophe that would ensue if they did find cures! They would be burning their own nests. If a doctor cures you of a  1  The Heart Palpitation Prevention Guide condition, he loses the revenue from your visits for that condition for life! His masters in Big Pharma lose the revenue from the drugs he will prescribe to you - FOR LIFE! You will nearly always find that your doctor will simply tell you that you are fine. He’ll tell you that it’s in your head.  Maybe the result of anxiety or stress? In the end, all you will get out of your doctor is a prescription for a pharmaceutical beta blocker that is highly acidic and only compounds the problem down the road.   Background   Does your heart seem to keep having extra beats  and sometimes has some really heavy beats? Perhaps you can feel your heart beating in your throat! It's scaring you - right? Maybe you feel dizziness associated with this irregular heart rhythm. You might even feel as though you're going to pass out. You feel like the extra beats are taking your breath away.   You are afraid to go to bed at night because the minute you lay down, “it starts!” It starts to take over your life, and you really don’t like that!   As I mentioned, going to bed at night can be problematic as your heart is likely to feel like it is skipping and fluttering, especially if you lay on your left side! If you didn’t have anxiety before, you certainly will know! Even when you bend over to pick things up, your heart can start acting up. The anxiety builds with every episode. You feel like you have a “buzz” going on in your chest. You find it hard to explain to people. It doesn’t feel right and you know it! Eventually, you realize that you really can't live with this feeling, so your quest for solutions begins by going to your doctor.   If your attacks are bad enough, you might even check into the ER for some emergency care. And if you don't have medical coverage, you might be as unlucky as one young lady that I spoke with not too long ago. She thought she was dying. Her ER bill cost her $6,100!   This could go on for several months as you try desperately to find a solution. You start “Googling” the problem. You visit blogs and sites related to the issue but find little help. Everyone you find is thinking “inside the box” and it does you no good at all. You are at your whit’s end. But suddenly, for some reason, you type the secret words into the search engine, and you find my site. When you do, it’s like you found a whole new world. The site will reveal everything that I have learned about palpitations! If you read between the lines, it will also tell you why most of us never get any help. Some of you won’t like the opinions, because I am not not very endearing toward the political forces that are keeping us sick.  2  The Heart Palpitation Prevention Guide Possibilities   What if I told you that my fix was as easy as making some small changes  to my lifestyle and environment, and possibly spending a few bucks on some essential supplements?   What follows is the shortened version of my own story. In 2002, I suffered palpitations that scared me silly. I had attacks every single day that made me think I was dying. I knew that I could not go on living this way. The anxiety alone was enough to drive me over the top. But I'm a full time computer analyst and researcher - and Irishman (with no reverse gears!), so I decided to put my skills and determination to work. It took almost 6 years of testing and networking with others all over the world, but I was finally able to nail enough of the risk factors to take a bite out of my palpitations. Today, I am palpitation free and have never felt better in my life!   There are a couple of things that must understand about palpitations before one takes any action. If your doctor has thoroughly diagnosed you and he/she has given you a clean bill of health, but maintains your palps are related to anxiety or drinking too much coffee or something along those lines, then you may be in the same category that I was and you should keep reading. Your doctor might even tell you that your job is too stressful and that you need to chill out a bit and relax. Get some exercise and take life a little slower. This is all good advice. But keep reading!   In another scenario, your doctor’s diagnosis is that you have some physical defect in your heart. It might be a prolapsed mitral valve, or maybe defective purkinje fibers in the heart that cause improper electrical conductivity, or you have heart disease. If this is you, then put this document down and walk away. You are in dire need of professional medical care! If you are the one described in scenario #1, then keep reading. Chances are you will learn enough to work with your doctor and to fix your issues in the next few days.   My Theory Regarding Chronic Inflammatory Palpitations (CIP)   At birth we are alkaline. Our mothers transfer alkalinity to us as babies throughout the pregnancy. This is why pregnant women experience morning sickness and why they experience special food cravings. The body is reacting to the loss of alkaline material and the mind makes women crave food substances that are likely to be alkaline. There are numerous tests where pregnant women were given high alkaline water to drink during pregnancy. In most cases, they suffered NO morning sickness. I have personal experience with this fact in my own family.   From birth forward nearly everything we do tends to deplete our mineral stores (in our bones) that help to keep us alkaline. The body must maintain a pH of 7.365 in the blood, give or take a very small margin. So when you drink any carbonated beverage (cola, beer, cider etc.), unless you drink 32 eight ounce glasses of high  3  The Heart Palpitation Prevention Guide alkaline water, then you will not have neutralized the damage done by that single bottle of cola.   That said, the human body is incredibly strong and adaptive. It can take 40 years to wear yourself down through self-abusive dietary habits. You might have four or five colas per week and feel just fine. However, in the long run, you are going to be writing to me for help when suddenly you find your body has given up. You will begin to notice things like arthritis and joint pain. These are the early warning signs.   The solution to losing minerals from our bones can be a bit complex since there is a cascading effect to depleting your mineral base. When you are deficient in just one mineral, then there will be a process in your body that suffers. It will mean that you don’t get to make that enzyme or hormone that you really need - and so the first domino falls. My friend Dr. Jim LaValle wrote a great book called “ Cracking the Metabolic Code ”. I highly recommend it if you really want a good insight into the human digestive and endocrine system, you check this book out. Dr. LaValle calls the process that I am talking about - “Dysbiosis”. If you go to Youtube and search his name, you will find a lot of videos that he has done. He teaches other doctors and lectures all over the world.   By the time you reach my website, who knows where you are in terms of a dysbiosis? You really have to study the material and work with your doctor to determine exactly where you are on this road. My Story As An Example   I had a fair bit of stress in my life from 1999 to 2002. I found a young man hanging from a support in his bathroom. He was just 20 years old and had committed suicide. I cut him down and tried unsuccessfully to revive him. In the six months that followed, my father-in-law died of cancer and my own father died, in my arms, also from cancer.   I was in the middle of a career change and had purchased some land to build a house near my new job, when suddenly things changed. My new work location was going to be somewhere else, so I had to turn around and sell the property only a week after buying it. I had also listed my principle residence. We had several showings per week.   At the same time, I had a rental house a few miles away. The renter suddenly took off without notice and had ruined the inside of the house. I had to rip the carpets out and put new toilets, gyproc, carpets and lino down. Meanwhile my own house sold and I had to find a new one to live in quickly. I found a new one and had to hit the road running in order to meet the closing dates. All that and my work wouldn't give me the extra time I needed to move, so I worked during the day and worked all night loading mobile containers with our stuff. I did this for three days. Zero sleep.  4
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