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Helpdesk Paper: Getting the Internal Buy-in. G e t t i n g t h e I n t e r n a l B u y - in P a g e 1.

G e t t i n g t h e I n t e r n a l B u y - in P a g e 1 Helpdesk Paper: Getting the Internal Buy-in WhsOnLcatin Limited, All Rights Reserved 1 P a g e G e t t i n g t h e I n t e r n a
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G e t t i n g t h e I n t e r n a l B u y - in P a g e 1 Helpdesk Paper: Getting the Internal Buy-in WhsOnLcatin Limited, All Rights Reserved 1 P a g e G e t t i n g t h e I n t e r n a l B u y - in P a g e 2 Intrductin WhsOnLcatin is a web-based visitr and cntractr presence management applicatin adpted by hundreds f businesses every year because it delivers a feature-rich, integrated set f receptin, security, evacuatin and cntractr tls at minimal cst when cmpared t ther slutins. With WhsOnLcatin, all f the hardware, sftware, maintenance, upgrades and ther elements f the dwnladable sftware mdel g away. Welcme t ur wrld f cnstant innvatin, ease f use, unparalleled cllabratin and rapid adptin. Every WhsOnLcatin accunt cmes with instant access t the fllwing standard features. Standard Features Visitr Management Kisk Management Tuch screen, ipad, and Nn-tuch Screen mdes Kisk Branding Persnalisatin Custmisable Visitr Questin and Greeting Editr Visitr Arrival Ntificatin Alerts via and SMS Visitr Label Printing Pre-printing f Visitr labels Receptin Management Evacuatin Reprting, SMS Head Cunt Activatin Emplyee/staff Directry Reprting Multi-lcatin management in any cuntry and much mre... Add-ns Administratrs can activate ther Add-ns which can prvide significant benefits t yur rganizatin. The current Add-ns available are: Identity Management Service Prvider Management (Cntractr Management) Inductin Curse Recrding Dashbards WlMbile Acknwledgement Ntices WhsOnLcatin Limited, All Rights Reserved 2 P a g e G e t t i n g t h e I n t e r n a l B u y - in P a g e 3 With hundreds f ideas submitted every year frm users thrugh ur Feature Request frum WhsOnLcatin has evlved t becme the mst cmprehensive web-based peple presence management slutin in the wrld tday. And the mst cst effective slutin, anywhere. WhsOnLcatin delivers different things fr different users: Fr the receptinist: At the mst basic level it is a prductivity tl; managing visitr traffic and autmatically infrming emplyees that their visitr has arrived. But it is als much mre; it is a tl fr: Lking up pre-registered visitrs. Sign individuals and grups in quickly. Issue visitr passes, issue Cntractr passes. Knwing wh is ccupying the visitr car park. Lking up cntractrs apprved t be granted access t the lcatin. Quickly finding emplyee cntact details. Managing the whereabuts f key emplyees and messages fr them. Managing the issuance f assets such as keys and cards. Fr the Facilities Manager it is a tl that assists in: Managing cntractrs, their rights t deliver services t ne r multiple sites and t reprt n the hurs cntractrs have spent perfrming services. Managing evacuatin reprting. Car park ccupancy management. Fr the Health & Safety Manager it is a tl that assists in: Knwing wh is in the building (s). Supprting evacuatin management prcesses. (WhsOnLcatin s WlEvac mbile app allws flr wardens r safety fficers t run a pst evacuatin rll-call; verifying that they have cleared znes within a lcatin befre verifying the safety f emplyees, cntractrs, and visitrs. Identifying which emplyees and visitrs n site need assistance t evacuate a site. Managing nline inductin infrmatin. Managing cntractr recrds, apprvals, and cntract expiry dates. Fr the Security Manager it is a tl that assists in: Visitr and cntractr access t secure areas. The issuance f visitr passes. Issuing and managing ID Cards. Fr the Emplyee it is a tl that assists in: Lking up ther emplyees cntact details and their pht Seeing if anther emplyee is nsite. Pre-registering visitrs. WhsOnLcatin Limited, All Rights Reserved 3 P a g e G e t t i n g t h e I n t e r n a l B u y - in P a g e 4 Wrapping up the Intrductin WhsOnLcatin is packed full f pwerful tls t make the management f peple (be they visitrs, cntractrs r emplyees) easier and cst effective. Whether yu have a single building, a campus f buildings, peratins thrughut the cuntry, r spread arund the wrld WhsOnLcatin will deliver value acrss a wide range f areas within yur business. This Getting the Internal Buy-in paper is designed t help yu, the persn recmmending WhsOnLcatin t yur rganizatin, gain internal buy-in. We examine the cmmn issues and prvide reslutins t frequently asked questins. Online Demnstratins As part f ur supprt fr yu during the decisin-making prcess yu can request nline demnstratins anytime. Just and ne f ur team will cntact yu and arrange a suitable time. Online Training Webinars Please feel free t jin us n ne f ur many training webinars. Upcming webinars are psted in ur Helpdesk and n ur website at: WhsOnLcatin Limited, All Rights Reserved 4 P a g e G e t t i n g t h e I n t e r n a l B u y - in P a g e 5 Selling WhsOnLcatin int yur Organizatin It s imprtant that as the key persn prmting a visitr and/r cntractr presence management slutin int yur rganizatin that yu understand wh will be effected, the impacts n them, their ptential cncerns and issues, and hw t vercme them. The IT Perspective One f the first departments yu will need t invlve is the IT. The key things they will want t knw are: 1. Is it secure? Yes. We use 2048-bit EV SSL Encryptin. 2. Wh uses WhsOnLcatin? Gvernment departments, crprates, manufacturers, security cmpanies (references available n request) 3. D we have t dwnlad sftware, install it, and therefre allcate resurces and csts t manage it? N. WhsOnLcatin is a web-based service with n sftware t dwnlad. 4. D we have t supprt it? N, nce yur WhsOnLcatin accunt is setup the nly element f the applicatin IT get invlved in is setting up the Visitr kisk (if yu use ne), installing a label printer (if yu issue visitr passes and labels), and/r a barcde reader. Fr a mre cmprehensive list f IT questins and answers refer t the Stuff fr yur IT Peple Frum in the Helpdesk. There yu will find the FAQ fr yur IT Peple paper and ther useful articles fr IT. The Receptinist Perspective Receptinists generally the pwer users f WhsOnLcatin are its greatest advcates nce the applicatin has been in use fr several weeks. The range f tls available t them thrugh the main receptin interface really helps this user grup manage many f their daily tasks mre effectively. The main impact n Receptin users is their perceptin that WhsOnLcatin may replace them this is simply a fear brught abut by a lack f understanding as we can t recall a single receptinist being remved frm his/her psitin because a custmer implemented WhsOnLcatin. WhsOnLcatin cannt answer a phne, make a visitr a cffee, rder statinary and supplies, bk travel fr emplyees, hand keys t cntractrs, r any f the ther hundreds f tasks tdays multi-tasking receptin teams d fr their rganizatins. What it can d hwever, is make the management f many tasks easier s that the receptin team can deliver greater value t their rganizatins. We d have clients, many in fact, wh did nt have a receptinist at all, but needed a way t greet visitrs and have them register their presence. Many ther sites have such a busy WhsOnLcatin Limited, All Rights Reserved 5 P a g e G e t t i n g t h e I n t e r n a l B u y - in P a g e 6 receptin area they needed a slutin t supprt the receptin team in their duties. In these situatins a visitr self-registratin kisk helped address the issue. Prbably the biggest buying mtivatr f all f ur users is cmpliance. Nt receptin perfrmance r prductivity. S the key thing with the receptin team is t alleviate their cncerns early by explaining that yur rganizatin has several cmpliance bligatins nt being met by the existing prcesses. Paper-based visitr registers are t difficult t get any meaningful infrmatin ut f. Hand-written paper-based recrds are ften illegible. If yu are using an existing electrnic visitr management system then it may be that it is nt fully meeting yur rganizatin s needs. Legally yu are bligated t knw wh is in the building when an evacuatin alarm sunds AND yu must be able t access that infrmatin even if the paper-based recrd is unavailable. T effectively manage site security and safety yu need t be able t identify wh is n site in any peratin, anywhere in the cuntry, r the wrld instantly. Asset prtectin and Intellectual Prperty frm a key mtivatr fr many f ur custmers. Knwing wh is and was n site is a crucial part f managing and prtecting assets, and yur IP. By fcussing n the cmpliance issues yu alleviate any cncerns abut their psitins. Management Perspective Many f ur users fund it useful t list the key issues they were trying t address when they were seeking management supprt. Here is a list f the mst cmmn issues: Cmpliance: In mst cuntries rganizatins are bligated t have rbust evacuatin management prcesses in place. WhsOnLcatin des nt replace yur existing evacuatin prcess but it des supprt it by answering these questins: If the flr warden is away r nt able t clear the flr/area because they are injured in the incident hw d we knw wh is n site r ff site? If ur assembly pint cunt des nt accunt fr everybdy hw d we knw which emplyees r visitrs needed assistance t evacuate the site? Hw d we knw hw many peple we shuld be cunting after an evacuatin? Hw d we access ur evacuatin reprt (emplyee and visitr list) frm utside the situatin f risk? WhsOnLcatin addresses all f these issues Multiple slutins / multiple csts: Like mst rganizatins yu will already have sme prcess (be it spread sheets, access databases, pint slutins, paper systems) fr managing visitrs, cntractr recrds, emplyee visitr ntificatins, evacuatin reprting, emplyee presence frm ther lcatins, and ID Cards. Why have several fragmented slutins? This is cstly and ineffective. WhsOnLcatin will prvide tls t manage all f these needs in a single, easy t use, cst effective platfrm acrss ne r all f yur sites. WhsOnLcatin Limited, All Rights Reserved 6 P a g e G e t t i n g t h e I n t e r n a l B u y - in P a g e 7 On-Ging Training and Supprt: A cmmn issue with IT prjects is the csts f n-ging supprt and training. We recgnise that n-ging training and supprt is crucial t ur success and yurs; During the trial perid we als prvide nline training fr users free f charge. Thereafter all users can access the nline helpdesk t view user guides, frequently asked questins, and slutins fr issues they may have. We hld regular free training webinars n every area f WhsOnLcatin. Users can register fr these webinars frm the applicatin Helpdesk. We als perate a call centre in each cuntry we perate in fr a mre persnal tuch t custmer supprt. Return n Investment The return n investment is a relatively easy bstacle t vercme especially as WhsOnLcatin is s cst effective. Receptin ROI Only One user calculated that it was taking n average 1min, 22 secs t track dwn an emplyee t ntify them a visitr was here t see them. Based n a $40,000 p.a salary, 220 business days per annum, 6.5 wrking hurs per day the labur cst per visitr was $0.64. Prductivity ROI WhsOnLcatin sends the emplyee and/r their persnal assistant an advising them that their visitr has arrived n site. This is free. Yu can als activate an SMS ntificatin fr $0.17 (r less in sme cases). S if the cst f the ntificatin is the cst f a SMS at $0.17, yu just saved $0.47 per visitr. This is a 73% in labur cst saving; freeing yur receptin team up t d ther mre prductive tasks. Based n ur mst expensive license plan every 16 th visitr per day pays fr the license fee. And this is if yu are slely lking fr a ROI frm visitr traffic management. Cntractr Management ROI: Anther user had three full-time emplyees dedicated t maintaining cntractr recrds, Cntractr Insurances, Inductins, ID Card Issuance, and cntractr reprting. In additin they used fur separate slutins fr managing the abve f which nne integrated. Ttal cst including licenses, resurces, and lst pprtunity cst was ver $500,000 per annum. If yu have cmmitted resurces t manage inductins, cntractr management, and ID card issuance then the ROI is even mre cmpelling. WhsOnLcatin Limited, All Rights Reserved 7 P a g e G e t t i n g t h e I n t e r n a l B u y - in P a g e 8 This user licensed ur Prfessinal 10 Plan fr 10 lcatins, added the Inductin and Cntractr Prtal Add-ns, activated SMS Alerts, and enabled the Cntractr Prtal and reduced their annual csts by 90%. Implementatin Quick Tips Yu dn t have t decide immediately this is what the free trail is fr. But cnsider the fllwing pints: What is the key prblem yu need t slve? 1. Are we lking t slve a receptin management issue with a visitr management slutin r a wider cmpliance management issue arund knwing wh is n site (including staff and cntractrs)? 2. Are we trying t slve a reprting issue abut wh is and was n site? 3. Is it a security issue nt knwing wh is allwed n site, wh is cming n site, wh is n site, and wh was n site? 4. Are we falling shrt n verifying the safety f peple in the event f an evacuatin? 5. Are we verwhelmed with managing cntractr and/r staff inductins? 6. Are we trying t prtect ur staff and assets by managing wh is n site? Operatinal Issues 1. Shuld yur receptinists register visitrs n their PC? Or 2. Shuld visitrs self-register using a visitr kisk near receptin; remembering visitrs can always have a chice? a. Sme visitrs d nt like using a kisk fr persnal reasns. We find abut 10% prefer the receptinists t d it fr them because the visitr cannt type, r they just feel uncmfrtable with keybards, r they simply have their hands full and wuld prefer the receptinist d it fr them. 3. If yu use a Kisk d yu need mre than ne? a. Shuld the kisk include ur brand b. If we have Kisks at multiple entry sites arund the cuntry shuld they all have a crprate brand lk and feel r a lcalised brand lk and feel? 4. What questins shuld we ask ur visitrs? a. Name, Frm, wh visiting b. Title, , mbile, c. Or mre? 5. D yu want t issue every visitr with a visitr label? WhsOnLcatin Limited, All Rights Reserved 8 P a g e G e t t i n g t h e I n t e r n a l B u y - in P a g e 9 a. Shuld it have ur lg? b. Shuld it detail the date and time the visitr checked in? c. Shuld it include the hst s name? 6. D yu want visitrs t be able t check in and ut at ne receptin area r multiple? 7. D yu want t capture if the visitr is parked in the visitr car park? 8. D yu want t manage cntractrs differently frm visitrs? a. Shuld they be pre-apprved using the cntractr mdule? b. Shuld we capture their pht in their prfile s security / receptin can validate they are wh they say they are? 9. If yur emplyees are nt always at their desks shuld we have emplyees receive an SMS when their visitr arrives? a. Shuld all emplyees receive an SMS r b. Just the management team and accunt managers 10. Fr enhanced security arund peple presence shuld we invke a visitr preregistratin plicy a. Shuld emplyees pre-register visitrs r PA s. If yu wuld like t discuss any issues regarding yur decisin t trial WhsOnLcatin, us at WhsOnLcatin Limited, All Rights Reserved 9 P a g e
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