How to Change The System

How to Change The System
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  How to change the system? There are two types of system: alien foreign system and native local system. The Prophet PBUH changed the system of Arabia to Islam through dialogue and wars. The system of Arabia was foreign to Islam and the message of Islam was also foreign to Arabia. The native local system is the system under which Muslims are. This can be Islamic or anti-Islamic or un-Islamic. Except Islamic republic of Iran, today’s Muslim systems are mixture between anti -Islam and un-Islamic. Anti-Islamic system is a system which actively fights political, social, economic and/or cultural Islam. Un-Islamic system is a passive system which has un-Islamic laws and allows some form of Islam in it. Muslims must follow Imam Hussein to change their native local system. Imam Hussein started his struggle and movement with a call and awareness campaign. This campaign was against Yazid the infidel. Today Muslims lack Islamic political leadership in their native lands. Islamic republic of Iran cannot help unless there are movements in native Muslim countries. These political movements are being actively hunted down by anti-Islamic rulers. It is individual duty of the true Muslims to take the matter of resistance in their hands. They must use their resources to spread awareness of Islam and what the enemies of Islam have done to Muslims and are doing. This campaign must be first political and intellectual. These true Muslims must resist the status quo by refusing to contribute to un-Islamic establishment either by voting them or by assisting them to have a grip on their power. However, Muslims must join this system to change the system from within and to empower the resistance by political facilitation. Political facilitation of Islam and resistance means promoting Islamic values, religious, intellectual, economic, social and/or cultural and fighting un-Islamic values. The aim is to reach power for Islam. Why? First, it is because the land must be ruled by God through His religion to create justice and harmony for all and stop exploitation and transgression. Quran 12:40 “  Legislation is not but for Allah ”    Quran 5:47 “   And whoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed - then it is those who are the defiantly disobedient. ”    And second, see the ending paragraph. In native Muslim countries there are two systems: democratic and authoritarian. The democratic process must be infiltrated by Islamist either by forming Islamic political party or infiltrating the un-Islamic parties and/or security apparatus and civil service of the system.  If all these fails and the real Muslims are monitored and censored, then the last step is the military campaign as Imam Hussein did. To attain this, help of foreign nations/donors are needed given ➢   This foreign aid does not support anti-Islamic block or establishment ➢   This does not hamper other Islamist movements and activities. ➢   This aid must not be conditioned with total submission to the foreigner unless o   The foreigner is an Islamic block or entity seeking to extend Islamic block and Islamic unity Now this may take time, or it may be swift and Allah willing we will find victory and Islamisation of native countries or we may continue until the savior Imam Mahdi comes and we have prepared for him the mindset of the Ummah. All these steps and policies are part of the Jihad (struggle). The spirit of Islam and it’s heart the Holy Quran must be alive and beating in our native countries and among us. We will not accept the colonial legacy. We inherited Islam from our Prophet (PBUH) and Imams of Ahl Bayt and it was taken away by colonialism and force. We have not given up Islam!
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