Huawei Eudemon200E Series End of Life Announcement for Some Models and Interface Cards

Leading Huawei networking products Huawei Eudemon200E Series End of Life Announcement for Some Models and Interface Cards
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  Huawei Eudemon200E Series: End of Life Announcement for Some models and interface cards In order to help customers better cope with challenges brought by market changes and technological innovations, Huawei have informed customers of the milestones in the life cycle of Some models and interface cards of Huawei Eudemon200E Series ( Involved models  Eudemon200E-X1AGW  , Eudemon200E-X1W  , Eudemon200E-  X1AW  ,E udemon200E-X2  , Eudemon200E-X2W  , Eudemon200E-X5 DC Host  , Eudemon200E-X6  , Eudemon 200E-BW  , Eudemon200E-B AC Host NO IPSEC  , Eudemon200E-BW AC Host NO IPSEC  , Eudemon200E-C AC Host NO IPSEC  , Eudemon200E-F AC Host NO IPSEC   and Eudemon200E-F DC Host NO IPSEC  ! Involved interface   cards  1 Chnne! G shds! Inte#$%e Bo#d  , 2 Chnne! G shds! Inte#$%e Bo#d  , & Chnne! G shds! Inte#$%e Bo#d  # $able% describes the end of life milestones, definitions, and dates for some models of Huawei Eudemon200E Series#$able% End of life milestones and dates for some models of Huawei Eudemon200ESeries MilestoneDefinitionDateEOM End of &arketing# $he E'&date is the date from whichthe acceptance of the 'sfor new deployments andcapacity e)pansions will bere*ected# $he product is notsold any longer after thedate#+une 0, 20%- EOFS End of .ull Support# /fter theE'.S, 1 will not developpatches for the softwareversion#+une 0, 20%3 EOS End of Service and Support# /fter the E'S, Huawei doesnot provide software problemanalysis services#ecember %, 20%3 1   Huawei suggests that you replace or upgrade your devices, which has similar features and capabilities but optimi4ed functions compared with suggestion of table 2#$able2 eplacement release End of Life ReleaseRelacement Release &odelEudemon200E56%/78Eudemon200E56%/7858Eudemon200E56%8Eudemon200E56%/8Eudemon200E562Eudemon200E56Eudemon200E5628Eudemon200E569 : HostEudemon200E569 /: HostEudemon200E563Eudemon200E56;Eudemon 200E5<8Eudemon200E5<Eudemon200E5< /: Host =' ISE:Eudemon200E5<8 /: Host =' ISE:Eudemon200E5: /: Host =' ISE:Eudemon200E5:Eudemon200E5. /: Host =' ISE:Eudemon200E5.Interfaces card% :hannel 7#shdsl Interface <oard 2 :hannel 7#shdsl Interface <oard - :hannel 7#shdsl Interface <oard $able eplacement release end of life milestones MilestoneDate!ote E'&ecember %, 20%-lannedE'.S+une 0, 20%;lannedE'Secember %, 20%;lanned  As a world leadin Huawei networ#in roducts sulier$ Huanetwor# #ees stoc# of t%e &elow securit' roducts: 2    It refers from urityProducts/hw-32!3 .htm More related: =I200059000 IS IS>S72000 >nified Security 7ateway>S79%00 >nified Security 7ateway>S79900 >nified Security 7ateway>S7?900 :loud ata :enters Security 7ateway More Huawei roducts and Reviews 'ou can visit:  http@@www#huanetwork#com@blogHuanetwork#com is a world leading Huawei networking products supplier, we wholesalesrcinal new Huawei networking eAuipments, including Huawei switches, Huawei routers,Huaweisymantec security products, Huawei I/, Huawei S. and other Huaweinetworking products# 'ur customers include telecom operators, Huawei resellers, ISand system integrators# ight now most of our sales are contributed by regular customers# And in our Huanetwor# La&$ we %ave &elow roducts read' for test: ã Huawei 'B$ 'ptical Bine $erminal &/9300$ Series ã Huawei &> &ultiple welling >nit &/9320 ã Huawei '=$ 'ptical =etwork $erminal H7C2-9/, H7C2-9, H7C0%0H ã Huawei SB/& &/93%3 ã Huawei /:5: ower :onverter System ES05-C%9/. ã Huawei 'ptical Splitter %2 ã Huawei 6;00 Series 7E Switch S9;0052C:5EI with %07 >plink &odule ã Huawei 6;00 Series /ccess Bayer Switch S2;005?$5EI5/: ã Huawei 600 Series Bayer  .ull 'ptical : Switch S2C$5EI52-S5:   3  ã Huawei S., S.D, 6. &odule, 7'= <D :D &odule ã Huawei outers /%200 Series ã Huawei >2000 =etwork &anagement System ã Huawei eSight =etwork &anagement System ã :isco 8S5:930652-5B Switch (for compatible test purpose !ow wit% Huanetwor# La&$ customers can do &elow test: %#.$$) System $est2#/SB2D System $est#:ampus B/=@8/= $est-#'ptical $ransceiver $est9#=etwork &anagement $est3#:ompatible $est;#Software >pgrade $estC#roducts $est.or customers interested in Huanetwork products, please feel free to contact your salesreAuest for test arrangement# indly note, Huanetwork Bab is not open to public, it is *ustavailable for Huanetwork customers# Huanetwork reserve the right to re*ect any test@loginreAuirement#'ur website http@@www#huanetwork#com$elephone DC925090%?-0Email salesFhuanetwork#com /ddress 2@. Bucky la4a, %952% Bockhart oad, 8anchai, Hongkong   4
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