Hyderabadi Chicken Dum Biryani Recipe

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  Hyderabadi Chicken Dum Biryani RecipeMarination: 4 hrs Prep & Cooking: 1 hr Seres ! # persons$%ngredients:1 kg chicken 'ashed and drained comp(ete(y) (arge onions *ine(y s(iced) tbsps chopped coriander (eaes1 tsp sa**ron1+) cup (uke 'arm mi(k sa(t to taste) tbsps ghee , - tbsps oi( For marination: .+4 cup thick curd+yogurt/ 10 green chi((is make a sma(( s(it in them1 1+) tbsps ginger gar(ic paste1 tbsp red chi((i p'd ad2ust31+4 tsp turmeric p'd.+4 tbsp coriander p'd1+) cup chopped coriander (eaes.+4 cup pudina (eaes 2uice o* 1 (emon1 .+4 tsps sa(t  Biryani masala, make pwd: / c(oes1 cinnamon stick 4 e(aichi+cardamom.+4 tsp shah 2eera1) pepper corns Ingredients to cook rice: 4 cups Basmati rice! c(oes. cardamoms1 cinnamon stick . bay (eaes1 marathi mogga1 star anise10 mint (eaes1 tbsp oi(1 1+) tbsps sa(t'ater as re5uired1 Marinate chicken 'ith the ingredients ca((ed *or 6marination7 a(ong 'ith biryani masa(a  p'd$ 8eep aside *or 4 hrs or a min o* 1 1+) hrs$ 9hi(e the chicken is marinating 'ork on the rest o* the preparation$) Cook basmati rice in (ots o* 'ater a(ong 'ith bay (eaes c(oes cinnamon cardamom marathi mogga e(aichi oi( sa(t ti(( its ha(* cooked$ Strain the 'ater and spread the rice ona (arge 'ide p(ate$ ((o' to coo($. Heat 1 tbsp oi( , 1 tbsp ghee in a esse( add s(iced onions saute *or / 10 mts ti(( carame(i;ed$ Remoe and keep aside$4 dd the sa**ron to the (uke 'arm mi(k and combine 'e(($ 8eep aside$- <ake a 'ide deep esse( to prepare the biryani$ dd . tbsps oi( add the marinated  chicken and spread out oer the esse($ Cook on high *or ) mts$ dd a tbsp o* oi( oer thechicken pieces$ Reduce *(ame$! Spread ha(* o* the rice oer the chicken (ayer pour ha(* a tbsp o* ghee a(( oer the rice add ha(* o* the carama(i;ed onions and spread oer the rice$ =e>t sprink(e a tbsp o* coriander (eaes and pour about one *ourth cup o* sa**ron mi(k oer the rice$ ?er this (ayer spread the remaining rice$ gain pour ha(* a tbsp o* ghee a(( oer add remaining carame(i;ed onions and spread oer the rice$ @ina((y sprink(e a tbsp o* coriander (eaes and pour remaining sa**ron mi(k oer the rice$# P(ace (id and oer the (id p(ace a heay 'eight and sea( the edges 'ith 'heat dough$ Cook on high *(ame *or ) mts$ Remoe the esse( *rom the stoe and p(ace a iron ta'a$ ((o' to heat$ Reduce to (o' *(ame and p(ace back the biryani esse( on the iron ta'a and cook biryani *or )0 )- mts$ <urn o** heat and do not remoe (id *or 10 mts$/ *ter 10 mts remoe (id combine gent(y and sere hot 'ith raita and curry o* your choice$


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