Homily on the transformation of Zacchaeus from a detached spectator to a gracious host (Luke 19:1-10.)
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  "I MUST STAY IN YOUR HOUSE TODAYI MUST STAY IN YOUR HOUSE TODAY" Zacchaeus' Transformation From Spectator To Zacchaeus' Transformation From Spectator To Gracious Gracious  Host  Host  October 30, 2016 The Parih o! St #a$e i% St Mar&#'t i$a(i%e )hat it $'t ha*e bee% +ie #ericho )a '%-er Ro$a% occ'.atio%, )hich )a i%- o!+ie the Ma!ia co$i%( i% a%- tai%( o*er &o'r to)% E*er&o%e )a !orce- to .a& Ro$a% "ta/e," )hich )ere rea++& %othi%( b't e/tortio% Yo' either .ai- or o$ethi%( ba- ha..e%e- to &o' a%- &o'r !a$i+&The Ro$a% )ere )or o! the (o--e, ort'%a, or "ort'%e" i% E%(+ih A%- ort'%e )a a !ic+e (o--e Yo' %e*er %e) i! he )a (oi%( to b+e &o' )ith (oo- +'c or c're &o' )ith ba- +'c 4't the Ro$a% ha- a .ro*erb that (a*e the$ o$e e%e o! co%tro+ o*er her .o)er5 "ort'%e !a*o'r the bo+-," the& be+ie*e- The bo+- )ere thoe )ho )o'+- -o )hate*er it too to (ai% ort'%e b+ei%( A%- 't a ort'%e !a*o're- the bo+-, the Ro$a% be+ie*e- that ort'%e +oathe- the )ea a%- ho)ere- the$ )ith c're E$'+ati%( thi *iio% o! the (o--e theRo$a% !o'%- their !or$'+a !or 'cce i% thi )or+- The& b'++ie-, -o$i%ate- a%- e/.+oite- the )ea, a%- too their re'+ti%( )ea+th a%- .o+itica+ .o)er a i(% o! ort'%e !a*o'r7he% &o' are 'rro'%-e- a%-e- b& a% occ'.&i%( ar$&, it i 'r.rii%( ho) ea& it i !or &o'r ca.tor -eire to beco$e &o'r -eire, !or their *a+'e to beco$e &o'r *a+'e That i )hat ha..e%e- to 8acchae' i% to-a& (o.e+ te/t 9'e 1:51;10He )a a rich $a%, )hoe )ea+th )a e/torte- !ro$ !e++o) #e) o% beha+! o! Ro$e He )a Ro$e ta/ co++ector A%- a +o%( a Ro$e (ot their re<'ire- a$o'%t o! ta/, 8acchae' co'+- ee.)hate*er e+e he )a ab+e to e/tort !ro$ the .oor That a--e- '. '%ti+ he )a $'ch better o!! !i%a%cia++& tha% hi %ei(hbo'r A%- o, a+tho'(h he )a #e)ih, he ha- beco$e a er*a%t o! ort'%e, !o++o)i%( the e/a$.+e et b& hi Ro$a% $ater Yo' ca% ee )h& he )a he+- i% 'ch +o) re(ar- b& the #e)ih co$$'%it&A%- &et, %ot b& #e' #e' i a)are that 8acchae' ha +ot hi $i%- to Ro$e, that he i )orhi..i%( their (o--e, ort'%e, b't #e' a+o c+ear+& ee thi co%-itio% a c'rab+e or #e',8acchae' ha 't +ot hi )a& Hi +i!e ca% be .'t bac o% trac  4't %ot b& +o%( -ita%ce Not i! he re$ai% o%+& a -etache- .ectator '. i% the &ca$ore tree Heha to (et .ero%a++&, acti*e+& i%*o+*e- i% a !or$ati*e re+atio%hi. )ith #e' "H'rr& a%- co$e -o)%," #e' a& 9ea*e that tree )here &o' ca% 't ober*e $e !ro$ a!ar )itho't e%teri%( i%to re+atio%hi. )ith $e =I $'t ta& i% &o'r ho'e to-a&,> #e' a& That i )hat )i++ c're 8acchae' A%-, 're e%o'(h, c+oe .ero%a+ co%tact )ith #e' ha hi$ bac i% hi ri(ht $i%- i% %o ti$e 7e ee the !r'it o! hi tra%!or$atio% i% hi actio% He %ot o%+& $ae re.aratio% to a++ thoe he ha e/torte-, he !ree+& hare hi )ea+th )ith the .oor It i <'ite a ra-ica+ cha%(e that )a e!!ecte- b& i$.+& +etti%( #e' ta& i% hi ho'eSo $a%& o! ' i% the co%te$.orar& ch'rch are ecret )or o! ort'%e O'r $i%- are o o!te% obee- )ith ho) to !i%- (ai%, .+ea're, .raie a%- !a$e? ho) to !+ee !ro$ +o, .ai%, b+a$e, a%- obc'rit& A%- o'r !or$'+a !or 'cce i rea++& %ot that -i!!ere%t !ro$ the Ro$a% A +o%( a %o o%e i +ooi%(, )e o!te% -o )hate*er it tae to ec're (oo- a%- a*oi- ba- !ort'%e It $a& be $o%e& that )e toc.i+e, b't it i o!te% $ore 'bt+e thi%(, +ie a+)a& ha*i%( to be e%tertai%e-, a+)a& ha*i%( to !ih !or co$.+i$e%t, a+)a& ha*i%( to be ri(ht, a+)a& ha*i%( to ha*e or -o o$ethi%( that )e be+ie*e )i++ bri%( ' (oo- !ort'%e 7e ee. o'r e&e o% #e', o! co're, b't o!te% +ie 8acchae' -i-, !ro$ a *er& a!e -ita%ce, a .ectator Not +etti%( hi$ or hi )or- (et too c+oe, beca'e that, )e !ear, $i(ht  o'r 'cce a%- -i$i%ih the <'a+it& o! o'r +i*eThe )o%-er!'+ thi%( i that #e' -oe %ot co%-e$% ' !or bei%( o -e+'-e- He '%-erta%- that )e are 'rro'%-e- b& !orce i% o'r c'+t're that are %o +e $a+e*o+e%t tha% the Ro$a% ar$&, !orcethat )or %i(ht a%- -a& to ee. ' !oc'e- o% a%- r'%%i%( a!ter thi%( that -o %ot rea++& $atter b'$ie ' (oo- !ort'%e He %o) ho) ea& it i !or their -eire to beco$e o'r -eire, !or their *a+'e to beco$e o'r *a+'e He ca++ to ', +ie he ca++e- to 8acchae', a%- a&, =o$e -o)% Do%t 't be a re+i(io' .ectator That )i++ (et &o' %o)here I! &o' )a%t to (et )e++, +et $e ta& i% &o'r ho'e to-a&> 7hat )o'+- it be +ie i! &o' i%*ite- #e' to ta& i% &o'r ho'e to-a&B 7o'+- he reorie%t &o'r $i%- a%- &o'r +i!e, +ie he -i- !or 8acchae'B I e%co'ra(e &o' to !i%- o'tTha% be to Co-  r Rihi Sati*ihari r Rihi Sati*ihari The Parih o! St #a$e A%(+ica% h'rch,The Parih o! St #a$e A%(+ica% h'rch,   6 h'rch Street S St Mar&, O%tario a%a-a6 h'rch Street S St Mar&, O%tario a%a-aO!!ice5 1:;2F;11FG O!!ice5 1:;2F;11FG ta$ea%(+ica%<'a-ro%etta$ea%(+ica%<'a-ro%et )))$acca htt.5)))!acebooco$St#a$eStMar&
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