Is Compromise the Best Way to Resolve a Conflict

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  Is compromise the best way to resolve a conflict? Quick Draft: Reasons: War wastes: 1)Resources including fossil fuels 2)Lives-Over 3 Million Casualities from American Wars Essay: Compromise is the best way to resolve a conflict.Compromise solves many of the problems that war cannot resolve.Permit me to give 2 Reasons to show Compromise is the most effective way to resolve a conflict.Firstly,war wastes resorces (i.e. fossil fuels).War Machines(i.e. planes,tanks) use Oil,Natural Gas,Coal,etc.In the following paragraph,I will go in depth about how compromise resolves conflicts with peace and words & how war solves the exact same problem but with much more money,resoruce,and time wasted.However,this leads me to my next point-Not only does war waste these precious unrenewable resources,war also destroys lives.The United States has experienced at least 4 Million Casualities from War.The civil war alone takes up 25% of that amount.I will discuss this further in the 2nd paragraph.And lastly,I'll combine the Advantages of Conpromise and the Disadvantages of Violent Conflict and show why one is more effective than the other.  As I have mentioned,one of the most disruptful and uneconomical sides of war is the quantity of waste it produces.There have been many wars over resources for Oil,Coal,and Natural Gas.War Vehicles such as airplanes emit CO2 into the air.Tank Vehicles burn Fuel which also releases carbon dioxide,polluting the air which leads to sick animals and unhealthy humans.However,wasting resources are just one of the reasons why war is the best solution to conflict-which leads me to my next point. One of the most devastating portion of war is the fact that it erases thousands of lives.The Civil War alone has had at least a million casualties.However,a compromise is not about giving in-it's about cooperation.For example,when Ralph Emerson declared that every state in the Union should have a representative based on population,there were no fights or protests.It wasnt about giving in.It was about cooperation & assitance between political goverments. Every state representative selected their own rights but also had to follow the laws of the nation.There were local laws,and national laws.All in all,cooperation is a safer,more effiecient way to lead to the resolution rather than violence. We can now see why compromise is better than war.War wastes resources and destroys lives.Compromise solves a conflict in a peaceful manner and allows the opponent to get a point of view of their adversary. War may have some advantages including diabling the opponent's power-however it has many more dasadvantages than advantages,including hurting innocent citizens.Compromoise however is a rather peaceful agreement(usually with an argument) between 2 advesaries. This is why  compromise is a more effiecient way to resolve a conflict. 2 Other Uncomplete Essays I had started Essay Prompt: Many persons believe that to move up the ladder of success and acheivement, they must forget the past,repress it,and reliquish it.But others have just the opposite view.They see old memories as a chance to reckon with the past and integrate past and present.  Adapted forom Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot, Prompt:Do memories hinder or help people in their effort to learn from the past and succeed in the present? Memories are tools,equipment that guide us in the present world.Permit me to give 2 such reasons that show why memories should not be dark,and forgetten-but used,to help us guide our present.First of all,past mistakes help us build on.Past academic mistakes(cramming,disorganization,overduesk,etc.) help us resolve those mistakes or at least take a step further to avoid them.I will clarify my first point further in the following paragraph.Secondly,forgetting memmories are essentially disregarding them.Disregarding important memories can lead to overconfidence which further leads to repititive mistakes-which I'll further discuss about in the 3rd paragraph. Now,the decision is up to you-forget mistakes,or learn from them? *last line 2nd Uncomplete essay:  Are people better at making observations, discoveries, and decisions if they remain neutral and impartial? We are all human.We cannot disagree with what our brain already sets it's minds on.We will always be biased based on our emotions which guild lines which direct our decisions.However-even though we can never be fully unprejudiced,it's much better to set aside our opinions and take a look at the real statistics.I think so because of 2 reasons-which I will further clarify in the following paragraphs.First-I want to say,that being close minded does not allow you to gather new,perhaps unexpected data. Building up on that,comes my second reason-when a researcher does an experiment,and it proves a theory wrong,well of course,that same result has to be produced multiple times to confirm a theory is false.However,a closed perception would support the broken theory even many experiments have vindicated it wrong.Being biased is wrong on the academic,social and scientific level.Allow me to explain why below.  

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Jul 23, 2017


Jul 23, 2017
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