Jammu and Kashmir: Baramulla -The Terror Hub

Jammu and Kashmir: Baramulla -The Terror Hub
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Spread over 4,588 squarekilometers, it is bordered by Kupwara in the west, Budgam and Poonch in thesouth, parts of the summer capital, Srinagar, and Kargil in the east, and theNeelam District in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) in the north. Baramulla,consequently, has immense ‘geo-strategic importance’ for the Pakistani handlersof terrorist groups like the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT), Hizb-ul-Mujahideen (HM) andother foreign terrorist formations, as it serves as a principal route of infiltrationinto the Indian side. As a result, Baramulla has emerged as a nodal point of terrorism in J&K.According to the Institute for Conflict Management database, a total of 627persons, including 401 militants, 119 Security Force (SF) personnel and 108civilians, have been killed in terrorist-related incidents in the District since 2001.While there was a continuous increase in fatalities till 2006 (barring 2003), the fatalities have registered a broadly declining trend since. There was, however, aspurt in 2010 to 72 killed, with SF fatalities at 22, and terrorists accounting for45. Fatalities in Baramulla 2001-2011 Year Civilians SFs Terrorists Total2001 5 2 4 112002 7 2 24 332003 7 4 14 252004 16 13 33 622005 14 11 62 872006 26 21 88 135  Forward to friends | Print Content HomeAbout usAbout the EditorArchivesNew Age Islam TVDictionaryDonateAdvertise 2012-06-07  Spiritual MeditationsIslam, Women andFeminismIslamic SocietyIslam and PluralismIslam and ToleranceIslamic HistoryIslamic PersonalitiesIslam and ScienceIslam and EnvironmentIslamic CultureDebating IslamInterviewIslam and the MediaLetter to the EditorFrom the Desk of EditorPersian SectionBangla Section Books and Documents The Quran: A New Translation- The eternal present tensePreface: The Reconstructionof Religious Thought in IslamBy Dr. Muhammad IqbalMunir Commission Reportinto Anti-Ahmadiya Riots inPakistan – 1: Contents andIntroductionIntroduction: Islam - AChallenge to Religion by Allama Ghulam Ahmad 2007 14 25 78 1172008 4 5 30 392009 6 14 19 392010 5 22 45 722011* 4 0 4 8Total 108 119 401 627Source: Institute for Conflict Management*Data till April 17, 2011Significantly, 2010 also equaled the 2006 peak in the number of encounters, at41, between SFs and terrorists. There were 26 encounters in 2007, 18 in 2005 and17 in 2008.In the most recent encounter, the SFs killed a foreign militant, ‘Chacha Talha’ of the LeT in Reban village in the Sopore area of the District on March 28, 2011.Talha was active in the Sopore-Rafiabad belt of the Baramulla District. Some other major encounters since January 2010 include: October 23, 2010: Three terrorists were killed as the Army foiled an infiltrationbid near the Line of Control (LoC) in Uri sector.August 29-30, 2010: The Army killed nine terrorists in a failed infiltration bid nearthe LoC in the Uri sector. Sources said the number of militants in the infiltratinggroup was about 15.May 7, 2010: Seven LeT militants and two Army personnel were killed in agunfight that lasted over 24 hours, ending in the evening in the Shiekhporaforest area of Rafiabad.February 23, 2010: Five top militants and three SF personnel, including an Armyofficer, were killed and three soldiers were injured in a fierce 18-hour gun battlebetween the SFs and militants in the Sopore town.Unsurprisingly, Baramulla has been notified as a ‘Disturbed Area’, along withJammu, Kathua, Poonch, Udhampur, Rajouri and Doda Districts of the JammuDivision, and Srinagar, Budgam, Anantnag, Pulwama and Kupwara Districts of theSrinagar Division, under Section 3 of the Armed Forces (Jammu and Kashmir)Special Powers Act, 1990. The Act came into being in 1958 and was extended toKashmir in 1990, and has remained in force since.Sources indicate that a large number of armed militants are present in Baramulla.Shiv Murari Sahai, Inspector General of Police (Kashmir Zone), thus noted, inNovember 2010, "Around 150 militants were active in three north KashmirDistricts of Bandipora, Baramulla and Kupwara. They had used the recent unrestin the Valley to regroup and reorganise their ranks." Militant outfits such as LeTand HM have been very visible, with the maximum number terrorist fatalitiesdrawn from these two groups. Since 2001, at least 93 LeT terrorists have beenkilled in the District, along with 17 HM and 11 Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) cadres.  ParwezThe War Within Islam: NiyazFatehpuri’s Struggle AgainstThe Fundamentalists By JuhiShahinINTRODUCTION: TablighiJamaat in the light of Factsand Truth by Maulana Arshadul Qadri (CompleteBook in Installments) ByMaulana Arshadul QadriCaste and Caste-BasedDiscrimination among IndianMuslims - Part 1: Thedomination of ‘high’ casteMuslims that parallels theHindu caseThe Criminals of Islam by Dr.Shabbir AhmedText and Context: Quran andContemporary Challenges By Arif Mohammed Khan Asghar Ali Engineer: Faith andReason By Lyla BavadamThe Making of Terrorists: Roleof indoctrination and ideologyBy Zakeria ShiraziPakistan Army Forgot the Artof Soldiering in its love for Power: Hamoodur RahmanReportThe Sufi Message: Excerptsfrom Hazrat Inayat Khan’sDiscourses on the Unity of Religious Ideals; Unity andUniformity -1 The terrorists killed include one ‘Deputy Chief of Operations’, two ‘DivisionalCommanders’, one ‘District Commander’, five ‘Commanders’ of LeT; one ‘DeputyChief’, four ‘Battalion Commanders’, two ‘District Commanders’ and three‘Commanders’ of HM; one Divisional Commander’, two ‘District Commanders’ andone ‘Commander’ of JeM; one ‘Chief Commander’, two ‘District Commanders’and two ‘Commanders’ of Al Badr.On a positive note, there are very few fatalities among the civilians in terrorismrelated incidents in the District and the general trend on this index is declining.Nevertheless, Baramulla bore the brunt of the summer unrest of 2010. Out of 104protesters killed, 33 (31.73 per cent) died in this District alone. Though theescalation started in Srinagar in the last week of June 2010, it progressivelyswelled, with a large number of demonstrations erupting in Sopore in BaramullaDistrict. Media reports indicate that, between January 1 and July 7, 2010, thetown of Baramulla accounted for 46 clashes (involving violent mobs), while nearbySopore, which has been an historic stronghold of the Jamaat-e-Islami (JeI),witnessed 21 clashes.This was far from coincidental, since Sopore has emerged as a significant hub of terrorism and subversion in the State. On March 2, 2010, Chief Minister OmarAbdullah, had noted, "Militants are grouping in the Sopore area and KulgamDistrict. These areas are a challenge for us on the militancy front. We are takingextra measures to deal with the militants there." Subsequently, on June 30,2010, Union Home Minister, P. Chidambaram observed, "Anti-national elementsare clearly linked to LeT, which is active in the Sopore area."Clearly, troop cuts, long pushed by an uncomprehending ‘peace lobby’, bothdomestic and international, and by aggressive Pakistani diplomacy, have had anadverse impact on the security scenario in the State in general and Baramulla inparticular. Significantly, the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) was withdrawnfrom Baramulla in the aftermath of unrest following the killing of four civilians inJune 2009. Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram, however, had insisted that thedisengaging of the force from law and order duties in Baramulla was part of thelatest strategy agreed to by the Centre and J&K Government to "redraw the linesof responsibility" of the various forces stationed in the State. "When I visitedJammu & Kashmir on June 11 and 12, we agreed that the lines of responsibility(for maintenance of security in J&K) must be redrawn...we have been in touchwith J&K to allow us to withdraw some of the CRPF companies," Chidambaramhad said on July 1, 2009. He added, further, that it was only on June 30, 2009,that the Chief Minister had got in touch with him to convey that the J&K Policewas ready to take over from the CRPF in Baramulla.A confidential report by the J&K Police, however, has blamed the resurgence of militancy in Sopore on troop ‘relocation’. Yet, Chief Minister Abdullah, on March18, 2011, boasted that, with marked improvement in the internal securitysituation and gradual restoration of peace, 35,000 Army personnel and hundredsof Central Paramilitary Force (CPMF) personnel had been shifted out of J&K inthe preceding 15 months alone: "We have reduced thousands of troops and alsodecreased the number of Central Paramilitary Forces from internal duty withoutcreating any hype... the process (of troop reduction) will continue."In view of escalating trends in both terrorist and street violence, such a positionis clearly problematic. Conspicuously, the infrastructure, logistics and humanresources of Pakistan-backed Islamist terrorism are entrenched and active (both  Blogging the Qur'an byZiauddin Sardar- Part 47:Ethics and Morality: Part 1 A Critical Exposition of thePopular ‘Jihad’—Part 1: JihadDoes Not Exegetically Mean'Warfare' by Moulavi Chirágh AliTHE ESSENCE OF THEQURAN by Sant Vinoba Bhave – Part 1Why Search For Truth?- شﻼﺗ 1 ہﺼﺣ   ںﻮﯿﮐ   ﻖﺣ THE ESSENCE OF THEQURAN by Sant Vinoba Bhave – Part 1(Yoga Vashishta Tr. PrinceDara Shikoh -1) : ﺖﺸﺴﺑ   گﻮﺟﻮﮐ   رﺪﻨﭽﻣار   ﺎﮐ   اﺮﺘﻣاﻮﺴﺑ  : نﺮﮐﺮﭘ   گاﺮﯿﺑﺎﻨﮕﻧﺎﻣ covertly and overtly) in the State, with Sopore-Baramulla as their prominent hub.The events of 2010 have unambiguously demonstrated the dangers of complacence and of the hasty, politically motivated, undermining of the securitygrid. Such dangers can only deepen, particularly in the context of inputs that thelatest strategy of Pakistan's external intelligence agency, the Inter ServicesIntelligence (ISI), and LeT, is to combine renewed infiltration attempts byheavily-armed terrorists with escalating civil unrest, to ensure that Kashmirremains in a state of chaos, despite the loss of tempo on the terrorism front.Source: Institute for Conflict ManagementURL:  0   3,904 people recommend this. Recommend Share Compose Your Comments here: TOTAL COMMENTS:- 1 It is known fact that the army is at the mercy of the USA for their aid in terms of arms, intelligence and also funds. Drama of Davis arrest is more a chip for bargaining.Army will always hold two views inside the country and with USA and they will nevertally. It was the state earlier and shall continue infuture. By satwa gunam - 4/19/2011 11:05:27 AM NameEmail (Not to be published)Comments  Fill the below text  Submit Disclaimer:  The opinions expressed in the articles and comments are the opinions of the authors and do not necessarily reflect that of About Home About UsContact Us More  ArchivesBooksDebateDictionary Policies Disclaimer Privacy Policy  Connect with us FacebookTwitter You TubeBlogBaramulla: Terror HubIslam,Terrorism and JihadSanchita BhattacharyaIslamJihadIslam & Terrorism FAIR USE NOTICE:  This site contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are makingsuch material available in our efforts to promote Co-Existence and Dialogue of Religions and Civilisations, and advance understanding of Islam and Democracy,Pluralism, Terrorism, Human Rights, Islamic Laws and Ideology, etc. We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section107 of the US Copyright Law. If you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for purposes of your own that go beyond 'fair use', you must obtain permissionfrom the copyright owner. The material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included informationfor research and educational purposes. New Age Islam has no affiliation whatsoever with the srcinator of these articles nor is New Age Islam endorsed or sponsoredby the srcinator of these articles. For more information go to: Copyright 2008 - 2012 NewAgeIslam.Com All Rights Reserved. Editor and Publisher: Sultan Shahin, E-22, Indra Prastha Apts., 114, I. P. Extension, New Delhi – 110092 Phone No. (+91-11) 222 44 868 E-mails:, Google+
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