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JulianaSyahputriSirait CriticalReadingRespons[1]
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  Suggesting Critical-Thinking and Poblem-Solving Method into Teaching English Reading to EFL Students in Indonesia By: Juliana Syahputri Sirait Affiliation : State Islamic University of North Sumatera, Medan, Indonesia E-mail : / Teaching is the process of attending to people’s needs, experiences and feelings, and intervening. So ,they learn particular things, and go beyond the given. Teacher education  programmes and in continuing professional development a lot of time is devoted to the ‘what’ of teaching what areas we should we cover, what resources do we need and so on. The ‘how’ of teaching also gets a great deal of space how to structure a lesson, manage classes, assess for learning for learning and so on. In much modern usage, the words ‘teaching’ and ‘teacher’ are wrapped up with schooling and schools. The problem is that all sorts of things are bundled together in job descriptions or roles that may have little to do with what we can sensibly call teaching. Critical Thinking is the intellectually disciplined process of synthesizing, and evaluating information gathered from generated by observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication as a guide to belief and action. Critical thinking and problem solving have long been important terminologies in the context of education. Teaching English in Indonesia from around the world flock to Indonesia to get a taste for this colorful and diverse country. Only a few are lucky enough to call it home. Teaching English in Indonesia gives you the chance to travel like a tourist around the hotspot, but you will also get to live like a local. In this study students are required to think critically and solve problems on their own in learning English. This is made so students can be independent in learning and can express opinions that they think and can make them more active in learning problems. The method is very good to be developed because it can make students' mindset develop. Students need to think critically to find conclusions and decisions that are informative, useful, and accountable. Because decisions and conclusions are obtained from the analysis of various opinions, assumptions, and ideas that are diverse and diverse. The difference in ideas or ideas will make you think critically, namely to find clarity, similarities, and differences from each collection of all of these ideas. The ability to think critically makes you re-analyze, identify, evaluate,  consider, re-develop all ideas and all assumptions until in the end it will bring up a decision or a conclusion that is considered the best and can be done.   On the statement “The combination of critical thinking and problem solving as a method in teaching reading comprehension could help the students to get higher score in reading significantly. Those strategies could promote students-based learning environment where the teacher could enhance the different ability of students as bridge to understanding, decoding, and  putting forward the fact and information within the reading text effectively and purposefully (Li & Wang, 2010; Nash- Ditzel, 2010).” I agree with this st atement because according to my opinion  both methods can make students improve their student’s reading comprehension effectively so that students can be more active in class. In this method the teacher can use it as a tool that can make students easily understand or think critically and students can solve their own  problems. According to Zubaidah, (2010) Critical thinking is not an auto generated skill. Instead, it requires a training and stimulus to develop the skill within students. To obtain knowledge, students rely on the thinking pattern the have. Hence, it is imperative in improving students critical thinking. “Critical thinking covers some elemental aspects such as judgement, interpretative reasoning analysis, comprehension, application and evaluati on (McPeck 2016)”. I agre with this statement because, critical thinking has its own assessment aspects for a students to be able to think critically. Critical thinking must also be accustomed to students to be able to improve their thought processes so that from there it can be assessed how students can think critically. According to (Acriven & Paul, 2008; Schafersman, 1991; Templeaar, 2006) Critical thinking is a mental habit that requires students to think about their thinking and about improving the process, it requires students to use higher-order thinking skills mot memorize data or accept what they read or are told without critically thinking about it. “In terms of problem -solving as another method to improve reading comprehension skill, the two things work hard in hand. Problem-solving as a method teaching reading could be  believed helping students to develop their ability in reading (Li, 2010)”. I agree with this statement because in the method of problem solving can improve students’ reading skills  and understanding. This method believed to help improve students’ ability to read complexly. According to (Chi & Glaster in Matlin, 1989) problem solving is a cognitive skill that is complex and is perhaps the most intelligent ability possessed by human  The conclusion of this strategy has a great impact on students and teachers because in the case of the method students can become student centers and teachers become facilitators for students. but the teacher must also see the conditions in the classroom and how students will be taught to bring the method. most teachers bring different methods "to students in each class. Critical thinking and problem solving can improve reading skills in students. So, teacher are strongly advised to use critical thinking and problem solving methods in teaching activities. Irma Lismayani. 2017. The Corelation of Critical Thinking Skill and Science Problem-Solving  Ability of Junior High School Students. Jurnal Pendidikan Sains. 5(3): 96-101.   Gueldenzoph Lisa Snyder and Mark J. Snyder. 2008. Teachig Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills.  The Delita Pi Epsilon Jornal. 5(2):90-99. Miwa patnani. 2013. Upaya meningkatkan Kemampuan Problem Solving pada manusia.  Jurnal Psikogenesis. 1(2): 130-142.
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