Kamasutra Dalam Pandangan Agama Islam

Kamasutra Dalam Pandangan Islam Kamasutra sejatinya berasal dari India dan menyebar ke seluruh dunia. Sebagian besar posisi seks dalam kitab kamasutra sulit dilakukan dan cenderung mengandung risiko. Berikut ini beberapa tips cara mempraktekkan ilmu Kamasutra dalam Islam. Selamat membaca.
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  • 1. POSISI SEKS KAMASUTRA DALAM ISLAM Due to the sensitive nature of subject Author: Anonymous
  • 2. INTRODUCTION  Islam is a complete code of life.  It includes how to deal with the most intimate of relations between husband and wife  One of the key Islamic texts on the subject of is The Perfumed Garden of Sensual Delight by Muhammad ibn Muhammad al- Nafzawi (15th century). It’s an OK book, with some strange content and a few gems  One of the best books on the subject is by Dr. Ahmed Sakhr…..  Plus many authentic Hadith  Anything that is not forbidden is allowed. Many of the resources referenced are not Islamic, but as these specific references do not contradict Islamic principles they are included.  We are to have sex only in marriage; one man with one woman. We are to lovingly meet the legitimate sexual needs and wants of our spouse.
  • 3. SEXUAL ETHICS  Sex is the ultimate expression of love and is a total physical and emotional encounter. In a brief but beautiful expression the Quran refers, to this relation between husbands and wives saying:  "They are your garments and you are their garments." (2:187)
  • 4. SEX AS SADAQA  The sexual unison between husband and wife is more than seeking a relief from the urge of desire. Indeed the prophet taught that it is one of the charities in Islam. He said to his companions, enumerating examples of charitable deeds :  "And when the one of you makes love (has lawful sex, ie with spouse) it is a rewardable charity. “
  • 5. SEX POSITIONS  The following slides are some of the most common positions  The most common is missionary  But in the end it’s whatever gives satisfaction to both partners (we don’t advocate any)  Be creative  Be respectful  Enjoy what God has made lawful for you that-double-as-exercise/?page=2
  • 7. SEX POSITIONS Missionary Woman on top Lotus that-double-as-exercise/?page=2
  • 8. SEX POSITIONS Standing Scissors Bridge that-double-as-exercise/?page=2
  • 9. SEX POSITIONS Arch that-double-as-exercise/?page=2 Lunges
  • 10. SEX POSITIONS The “T-shaped” position. A sitting sex position. The “spooning” position.
  • 12. AFTER INTERCOURSE  Both should have ghusl  Or if not make wudu  And then have full bath or ghusl later
  • 13. ROLE PLAYING AND FANTASY  This is another area which is difficult because it covers a very wide array of things. There is certainly a difference between fantasizing you and your spouse are making love on the beach of a deserted island, and pretending to be having an adulterous affair.  Since God cares about our thoughts, not just our actions, there must be a line in this that we should not cross, but where is that line? A safe way to approach this is to say it's wrong to fantasize or act out anything it would be wrong to actually do. This means you must always play yourselves, not a real movie star or someone you know. It also means you must be married in the fantasy.  However, we do not think this means you must limit yourself to things you might actually be able to do. If you want to pretend it's several hundred years ago and you are a ship captain and a damsel saved from pirates, go for it (you got married at the nearest port). Or maybe you are husband and wife on a spaceship, exploring the bounds of the universe and the bounds of weightless sex.
  • 14. PROHIBITED SEX  During menstruation  Anal Sex  Post-natal  While fasting  We are to abstain from immoral sex, adultery, homosexuality , bestiality, prostitution, incest Do not discuss intimate bedroom and sexual secrets with friends and acquaintances  "Amongst the lowest grades of people before God on the day of judgement, is the man going to his wife (and making sex) and she going to him: then either of them divulging their common secret." (Abu Said)
  • 15. FOR MORE DETAILS Please go to  
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