Lanna Tai of the 16th century as attested from Chinese source

The phonological evolution from Proto-Southwestern Tai(Pittayaporn, 2009) to modern Lanna Tai (Rungreuangsri, 1991), a Southwestern Tai dialect spoken by majority in the Northern part of Thailand, can be demonstrated by comparing the two stages. The
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  Lanna Tai of the 16th century as attested from Chinese source Shinnakrit Tangsiriwattanakul Chulalongkorn University  Today’s Main Purpose 1.16th century’s Lanna Tai Phonology and its source 2.Implications for the historical development of the Lanna Tai phonology Main Claims The following changes postdated the 16 th  century: 1./c ʰ / > /s/ 2./r/ > /h/ 3./x/ > /k ʰ / 4.Acquisition of /e ː /, / ɛ/ and /ɔ /  Front Central Back Short Long Short Long Short Long High i i ː   ɯ   ɯː  u uː  Mid e eː   ɤ   ɤː  o oː  Low ɛ   ɛː  a aː   ɔ   ɔː  Diphthong ( iə ) ( ɯə ) ( uə ) Modern Lanna Tai Phonology Labial Alveolar Palatal Velar Glottal Stops voiced unaspirated b d voiceless unaspirated p t c k ʔ   voiceless aspirated p ʰ  t ʰ  k  ʰ ~x Fricatives f s h Nasals m n  ɲ   ŋ   Approximant w l j A B C DL DS 1 1 3 5 3 1 2 3 2 4 4 6 4 6  Development from PSWT to Modern Lanna Tai Modern Lanna Tai dialects are defined based on following changes:   1.Loss of Uvular consonants and velar fricatives 2.Merger of *aj and * aɰ  3.Merger of *j & *  ɲ  4.Loss of Voicing contrast & Tone Split 1.A12-34, BCD123-4 2.Voiced stops > Voiceless + UNASPIRATE 5.Deglottalisation of pre-glottalised phonemes 6.Merger of /r/ and /h/ 7.Merger of / cʰ / and /s/ 8.Acquisition of more symmetric vowel system 9.Monophthongisation of diphthongs (in some dialects)  New findings The following changes postdates 16 th  century 1.Merger of / cʰ / & /s/ 2.Merger of /r/ & /h/ 3.Merger of /x/ & / kʰ / 4.Acquisition of vowel length contrast in non-high & non-central vowels Data Source for this study: Sino-Lanna Manual of Translation
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