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LDS, Article #7 of the Articles of Faith says, We believe in the gift of tongues ... interpretation of tongues, and so forth. It's clear from the historical record that the Early Mormons spoke in tongues. So why don't modern Mormon speak in tong

SHORT ANSWER: because the actual modern LDS diminishes the significance of Tongues Speaking ignoring
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  LDS, Article #7 of the Articles of Faith says, We believe inthe gift of tongues ... interpretation of tongues, and soforth. It's clear from the historical record that the Early Mormons spoke in tongues. So why don't modern Mormonspeak in tongues too? SHORT ANSWER: because the actual modern LDS diminishes the significance of Tongues Speakingignoring their own body regarding scripture also since the Historical Record.LONG ANSWER:Well after hearing additional AB answers through Modern LDS whom have, sadly and to theirextremely own determinant, attempted in order to explain away, spin doctor, or diminish thesignificance of Tongue Speaking as being a signal of your important as well as Restored, NewTestament Church I does my extremely own research and discovered the following.WHAT DID Any MODERN LDS PROPHET HAVE TO SAY?To start, please contemplate the particular significance to 1 Mormon prophet and presidentinvolving speaking within tongues through this account through 1905 - and remember Historianscontemplate the commencement of the MODERN LDS Church Era The Actual Twentieth Century: wife....waiting for me, and the lady or even he began to lecture me, stating that I ended upbeing breaking the word associated with Wisdom. Your Woman suddenly stopped, along withthrough the gift involving tongues the lady gave me the most remarkable as well as wonderfulblessing along with promised me in which I should live to repay all of my debts, that I do reside for you to do...Unless your gift associated with tongues and the interpretation thereof are generallyenjoyed by the Saints in our day, then we have been lacking certainly 1 of the actual evidences in theaccurate faith.ÂÂYWJ [Young Women's Journal], 16:128. (Gospel Standards, (President) Heber J. Grant (1870-1945), pages 11-12, describing any individualexperience) And for anyone who would try to diminish the value of Speaking within Tongues all through MormonHistory please contemplate the particular following...WHAT DOES MORMON HISTORY SAY?* An Address to all Believers throughout Christ, by simply David Whitmer, p. 33, 1887: TheParticular Holy Ghost was with us inside much more power throughout the eight months previous inorder to April 6, 1830, than inside the past anytime thereafter. Virtually every person who wasbaptized received the actual Holy Ghost within power, a few prophesying, some speaking in tongues,the actual heavens had been opened to end up being able to a number of and all the signs whichusually Christ promised must keep in order to the believers were with us abundantly.* History in the Church 4:485, Footnotes, spring 1831: Soon right after he [Alpheus Gifford] wentalong to Kirtland, Ohio, to see the Prophet Joseph Smith and the brethren, when he ended up being  ordained an Elder; he ended up being accompanied simply by his brother Levi Elial Strong, EleazarMiller, Enos Curtis along with Abraham Brown, have been baptized about time for Pennsylvania hepreached and also baptized many, among whom had been Heber C. Kimball. The Particular gifts inthe Gospel had been enjoyed simply by many; indicators subsequent individuals that will believed,devils had been cast out; your sick were healed; many prophesied; some spake with new tongues;although some interpreted the particular same. * History of the Church 1:295-297, November 1832: About the actual 8th involving November Ireceived a visit from Elders Joseph Young, Brigham Young, as well as Heber C. Kimball of Mendon,Monroe county, New York. They Will spent 4 or even 5 days at Kirtland, throughout which usuallywe had many fascinating moments. With among our interviews, Brother Brigham Youthful and also John P. Greene spoke within tongues, that has been the first occasion I had heard this gift on the listof brethren; others also spoke, as well as I [Joseph Smith] received the particular gift myself. * History with the Church 1:297, Footnotes, September 1832: article inside the Western Monitor,imprinted at Fayette, Missouri, the actual proceedings with the mob, upon Jackson County troubles; The above incident will be thus associated by simply President Brigham young within his or perhapsthe girl own history:ÂÂIn September, 1832, Brother Heber C. Kimball took his horse and wagon,Brother Joseph Small and myself accompanying him, along with started with regard to Kirtland for you to start to determine the Prophet Joseph. We visited many pals about the way plus somebranches of the Church. We exhorted these people along with prayed along with them, and also I[Brigham young] spoke in tongues some pronounced it genuine along with in the Lord, yet otherspronounced it of the devil We proceeded to Kirtland and stopped at John P. Greene's, who had justarrived there together along with his family. We rested a couple of minutes,....In your evening,several of the brethren came in, and we conversed upon the points in the kingdom. He called uponme for you to pray: in my prayer I spoke inside tongues Because soon as we arose coming from ourknees, the brethren flocked about him, and requested his opinion in regards to the gift regardingtongues that has been upon me. He [Joseph Smith] said excitedly it had been the particular pure Adamic language. A Amount Of thought to him they expected however condemn the particular giftBrother Brigham had, nevertheless he explained No, it's regarding God. ÂÂMillennial Star, vol. xxv,p. 439....The gift of tongues here spoken of was very first exercised within among your Pennsylvaniabranches: subsequent in Mendon, the place where the Youngs along with Kimballs resided then inthe branches in between Mendon as well as Kirtland, then inside Kirtland under the circumstancesabove related and shortly afterwards it absolutely was a gift quite usually exercised through theSaints throughout Ohio. `And it came to pass,' writes John Whitmer inside his history of the Church(chap. x), `that within the fall regarding 1832, the actual disciples in Ohio received the actual gift of tongues, as well as in June, 1833, we received the gift associated with tongues within Zion.' * History with the Church 1:323, January, 1833: On the particular 23rd of January, we againassembled in conference; when, after much speaking, performing praying, and also praising God, just about all in tongues, we proceeded for the washing regarding feet (according towards thepractice recorded in the 13th chapter regarding John's Gospel), as commanded with the Lord. EveryElder washed his or perhaps your ex own feet first, following that I [Joseph Smith] girded myself with a towel and also washed the particular feet of regarding them, wiping them using the toweltogether with that I has been girded. Amongst the particular number, my father shown himself, butbefore I washed his feet, I asked associated with him a father's blessing, which in turn he granted bysimply laying his hands upon my head,.... * History of the Church, 1:325, February 1833, through John Murdock: ...remember the particularexhortation that I gave anyone whilst I was but existing together with you, in order to bewareassociated with delusive spirits. I rejoice which our Heavenly Father hath blessed you greatly, as He  also offers me, throughout enabling me to communicate the praises of God as well as the mysteriesin the kingdom within other tongues in accordance with promise; which without having throwing medown or wallowing me on the ground, or virtually any factor unbecoming or even immoral, also, without any kind of external operation in the system, however it may be the internal operation and alsoenergy of the Spirit regarding God, so that I realize that these odd actions and strange noisesusually are not caused by the Spirit with the Lord out of the box represented simply by Brother King.Consequently in the identify with the Lord Jesus Christ, by the Spirit in the living God, according forthe authority in the Holy Priesthood dedicated to me, I command Brother Thomas King, (as though Iwere present), to end up being able to cease from your diabolical acts involving enthusiasm, and also via serving as an Elder on this Church involving Christ,... * History in the Church 1:397, July 1833: What could be your fate in our lives along with property,within the hands of jurors and witnesses, who don't blush in order to declare, and also wouldn't uponoccasion hesitate to become able to swear, that they get wrought miracles, along with happen inorder to be the themes associated with miraculous along with supernatural cures, get converse withGod along with His angels, as well as possess and workout the particular gifts involving divination aswell as regarding unidentified tongues, as well as fired using the prospect associated with obtaininginheritances with out money along with with out priceÂÂmay be significantly better imagined whencompared with described. * History in the Church 1:409, September 1833: A hymn, concerning the travels, toils, troubles,along with tribulations of the Nephites, has been sung throughout tongues simply by Elder W. W.Phelps, interpreted simply by Elder Lyman Wight,... * History with the Church 1:422, October 1833: Tuesday, 29.ÂÂAfter preaching with 10 o'clock a.m., I [Joseph Smith] baptized two, and Confirmed all of them at the water's side. Final evening weordained F. A. Nickerson an Elder; and also one of the sisters received the gift associated withtongues, that created the particular Saints rejoice exceedingly.++ Tuesday, the actual 29th of October, additionally we took our departure from Mount Pleasant, on our return to Kirtland, alongwith arrived from Buffalo, New York, on the 31st. * History in the Church 2:40, December, 1833: .... I [Joseph Smith] extract from Brother MosesChapman Nickerson's letter involving December 20, 1833. `Your labors in Canada happen in orderto be first of your excellent work; you will find thirtyÂfour members attached for the Church inMount Pleasant, almost all involving whom appear to surpass his or her profession, 5 associated withwhom get spoken within tongues, as well as three have sung throughout tongues; and we reside withthe top your mountain.' * History of the Church 2:137, July 1834 : Elder Nathan West preferred fees against Samuel Brown,Higher Priest, for teaching contrary in order to counsel, namely, encouraging your brethren inpracticing gifts (speaking in tongues,) inside ordaining Sylvester Hulet any Substantial Priest(without counsel) in a clandestine manner; asserting he had obtained any witness with the Lord,which in turn would become a command to perform exactly your same on receiving the giftregarding tongues, that gift he had in absolutely no way before received, but afterwards said whichhe have been within possession of that gift for your area of a year;... * History with the Church 2:139-141, August 1834: Charles English testified that the Hulet Branchbelieved which they received the phrase of the Lord through the gift regarding tongues, and wouldnot move forward for their temporal company without receiving the word in the Lord....DanielStanton testified which Sally Crandall stated she saw his coronary heart and saw two booksthroughout it, along with that will there was clearly a Nephite standing at the actual rear of him in  order to push him directly into his duty; additionally in which Sylvester Hulet spoke within tongueswithin meeting, along with Sally Crandall interpreted thus: Verily, verily, thus saith the particularLord unto you, small band, ye must beware, with regard to you could find many who are seeking tobe able to pry into your privileges....Absalom Crichfield testified that when he is at Jackson countylast spring, the actual Hulet Branch said, inside tongues, they would be safe, throughout the night,through any kind of interruption by the mob; but, prior to morning, Lyman Leonard and also JosiahSumner had been whipped; they also stated that they observed my heart, along with three youngerladies within it.....After councilors had spoken, the president said: `As for the gift associated withtongues in the way it absolutely was used inside the Hulet Branch, the actual devil deceived them,and they obtained not the word in the Lord, because they supposed, however had been deceived; sowhen for that gift regarding `seeing,' as held through the Hulet Branch, it is in the devil, saith theLord God.'....I are already thus specific within providing a brief history regarding this council, sincethe gift of tongues is really often used by Satan to deceive the Saints. * History with the Church 2:162, September 1834: President Joseph Smith then gave an explanationin the gift regarding tongues, that it was especially instituted for your preaching with the Gospelwith other nations and languages, but it was not given for the government in the Church....Hefurther said, if Brother Gordon launched your gift of tongues as being a testimony against BrotherCarpenter, it was contrary for the rules and regulations with the Church, since in most our choiceswe have got to judge coming from real testimony....Elder Gordon said the testimony has beenreceived and the decision givenbefore the gift associated with tongues was manifested....President Smith said, relative towards the very first question, that Brother Gordon's tongue within the finish would operate as testimony, as, byhis remarks throughout tongues, the former choice has been set aside and the (given withintongues) taken; that it was his (President Smith's) choice in which Brother Gordon's manifestationwas incorrect, and from a suspicious mind. He approved the first decision, but discarded the actualsecond.* History of the Church 2:376, January 1836: President Rigdon then arose as well as observedwhich as opposed to preaching time will be occupied by the Presidency and also Twelve, in speakingeach within his turn until they'd almost all spoken. The Actual Lord poured out His Spirit upon us,and the brethren began for you to confess their faults one towards the other, and the congregationwas soon overwhelmed within tears, and the few in our hearts had been too big pertaining toutterance. Your gift associated with tongues came about us also, such as the rushing of your mightywind, and my soul ended up being filled with almost all the glory associated with God. * History of the Church 2:383, January 1836: President Rigdon arose to end up being able toconclude your services with the evening by invoking your blessing of heaven upon the Lord'sanointed, which he would within an eloquent manner; the actual congregation shouted the longhosanna: your gift associated with tongues fell upon us within mighty power, angels mingled his orher voices with ours, although their own existence is at our midst, along with unceasing praisesswelled our bosoms for the space regarding halfÂanÂhour. * History with the Church 2:392, February 1836: President Zebedee Coltrin, among the actualSeven, noticed the vision in the Lord's host. and others had been filled using the Spirit, and alsospake using tongues and prophesied. This was a period of rejoicing lengthy to become remembered.Praise the particular Lord. * William Draper Autobiography, (1807-1881) typescript, April, 1836, BYUÂS, web page 2Â3: Andthere within the [Kirtland] temple about the Day regarding Pentecost with the 6th day involving
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