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Lego Animation 101

Learn all about how to make Lego animations, read interviews, and much more in this fun-filled magazine devoted to Lego stop motion animation.
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       Lego Animation 101 Contents: How to Animate Faith in Film—interview The Animator and the Boy – short story A Interview with the Builder Brothers Unrenewable—Brickfilm review How to Set up a Good Animation Table Letters to the Editor    So you want to start in animating but don’t want to spend any money? Here’s how you can do it! 1. Getting started. I assume you already have a camera, one or two desk lamps, and some Lego. So first things first-- grab a Lego  baseplate! Set it on your table and tape firmly. 2. Grab your camera. If you have a tripod, put the camera on it. If you don’t, it’s pretty easy to make a Lego camera holder. The important thing is to keep your camera steady. 3. Grab a mini-figure and your lamp. Set the minifigure on the  base plate and set your lamp on the table. Position your lamp so light falls on the minifigure. 4. Turn your camera to shortest  possible timer (normally this is 2 seconds) 5, Take photo of minifigure. 6. Move minifigure slightly. 7. Take another photo. 8. Repeat until you have a complete movement (a few steps, etc.) 9. Find animation software. There is a lot of free animation software on the web that works great. I started with  Frame by Frame  and now use iStopmotion . 10. Import photos into frame-capturing software 11. Set frame rate to 15 frames per second 12. Play back and enjoy!    How did you get into brickfilming?  -It all started in November of 2010. For some reason my mom was leafing through a random Christmas catalog and saw a stop-motion kit for sale. She asked if I was interested in that kind of thing as a Christmas gift, I replied yes, and the rest is history. What gave you the idea for STEAMPUNK?  -I can't really say that there was one special source for it. I like the building aesthetic for sure, and really wanted to make a serious drama type film, so the idea just kinda grew from there. Steampunk is a theme that is naturally grayer and grimmer, so that gave me several ideas. The first two shots I thought up were the opening clips, and the dramatic encounter between Evil-Red-Shirted-Lady and Captain, so that may help once you see the film. How or where do you get inspiration? What about story lines?  -Good question, I'd have to just say that life itself is a great place to find inspiration. For example, 'Ax' was born from a fairly common joke concerning the mis-pronunciation of the word 'ask'. I generally start with a concept of the tone of the film, and perhaps one or two scenes and/or lines that I'd like to include, and things just go from there.
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