Let Us Look at the Benefits of Males Wearing a Beard

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  Benefits of having beard Shall we start? Hello ladies and gentlemen, a very good   morning to everyone and also our lecturer AP Dr. Jason Lee Min Hwa. My name is Muhammad Uzair. and today I would like to talk to you today about something interesting which is the benefits of having beard. For the kick off, let me introduce to you about the definition of beard. The beard, in modern usage, refers to the hair grown on a man's face (chin and cheek); while mustache refers to the hair on the upper lip. The beard develops during puberty. Beard growth is linked to stimulation of hair follicles in the area by dihydrotestosterone, which continues to affect beard growth after puberty. Hair follicles from different areas vary in what hormones they are stimulated or inhibited by; dihydrotestosterone also promotes balding. Dihydrotestosterone is produced from testosterone, the levels of which vary with season thus beards grow faster in summer. How fast the beard growth is varying in individual and biologically it depends on individuals genetic. In humans, usually only pubescent or  adult males are able to grow beards. However, women with hirsutism, a hormonal condition of excessive hairiness, may develop a beard. When differentiating between upper and lower  facial hair, a beard specifically excludes the moustache.   Over the course of history, men with facial hair have been ascribed various attributes such as wisdom, sexual virility, masculinity, or a higher status; however, beards may at times have also been perceived to be associated with a loss of refinement. Beards also play an important role in some religions. Keeping a beard is adhere practice according to the Sunnah in Islam by consensus and trimming the mustaches is one of the  fitra . Generally growing a beard has been a sign of manliness since the dawn of time. In ancient civilizations, beard is claimed as a sign of honor. The beard is only cut whenever people committed crime as a symbol of punishment. However around 345 B.C. Alexander the Great decreed that soldiers could not have beards. This is because he fears that it will bring disadvantages to them as the enemies will pull the beards in the battle. Since then, beard has regularly cycled in and out of fashion, separating the men from boys for centuries. Nowadays beard are still manly, but fewer and fewer women can handle them. Statistically there are about 33 percent of the American males have facial hair and there are about 55 percent of males worldwide have facial hair. Its mean that over half of men around the world are prefer to have beard rather than shaving it. In a study of facial hair, women found that bearded men to be 2/3 as attractive as clean shaven men. However, don’t lose hope as well as men surveyed, they found tha t full-bearded men to also appear older, more respected, powerful, and of a higher status compared to clean-shaven men.  In order to know about the scientific advantages of growing beard Dr. Daniel G. Freedman, of the University of Chicago, did research on the reproductive value of male beardedness. To test his theory, Dr. Freedman and his graduate students asked a group of undergraduates of their feelings about beardedness by giving them questionnaires and interviewing them. Furthermore, one of the graduate students interviewed seven women about their feelings toward men with beards. The female students rated a bearded male face as more masculine, independent, sophisticated and mature compared to a clean-shaven male face. They concluded from their studies that a beard increases “sexual magnetism” and attractiveness and makes men more appealing to women. In addition to that the presence of a beard makes a man appear more masculine to women. It is interesting to note here that scientific research has shown that compared with the hair of the head, the hair of the beard has a faster swelling rate and higher reaction rate with a variety of reagents due to the less extensive disulphide bonding in it. This may suggest that the hair of the beard has more capacity to absorb harmful vapours in the air before they affect the face. Therefore, the can beard protects the face from harmful chemicals, and pollution in the air, which will cause cell damage, and increase wrinkling and bad skin.  According to research of herbalists, allowing the beard to grow prevents a person from contracting diseases of the throat and of the gums. Similarly, some medical doctors of western medicine are also aware of the medical benefits of allowing the beard to grow. Physicians tell us that if we allow a beard to grow, we are less likely to suffer throat diseases. Recently, a medical specialist from United States prescribed that  beard as treatment for a man who suffering from a chronic cough. In this case, the patient is allowed to grow his beard. After that, when the patient acted upon the advice of the doctor, his cough disappeared. Chronic coughs may be major indications of asthma and, hence, they may be activated by the same factors as for asthma, which include sudden changes in temperature or exposure to cold air. In this case, a beard acts as a preventive measure by keeping the neck warm. In conclusion, growing a beard has been a sign of manliness since the dawn of time and also bring more benefit to health rather than shaving it. However it depends on individual whether to keep it or shaved it. But of course, real men know better. Thank you.
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