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CONTENTS About Bicycling Street Smarts Introduction 1. Off to a Good Start 2. Where to Ride on the Road 3. Riding Through Intersections 4. Getting Across Non-standard Intersections 5. Steer Out of Trou!e . #sing $our %ra&es '. Riding in Grou(s ). Riding in Rain and *ar&ness +. Wa,s to dea! -ith Tough Situations 1.. Riding -ith confidence ABOUT BICYCLING STREET SMARTS This compact tutorial, available as a 46-page booklet and online version, will increase your safety and
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  CONTENTS About Bicycling Street Smarts Introduction 1.Off to a Good Start2.Where to Ride on the Road3.Riding Through Intersections4.Getting Across Non-standard Intersections 5.Steer Out of Trou!e .#sing $our %ra&es'.Riding in Grou(s).Riding in Rain and *ar&ness +.Wa,s to dea! ith Tough Situations1.Riding ith confidence  ABOUT BICYCLING STREET SMARTS  This compact tutorial, available as a 46-page booklet and onlineversion, will increase your safety and condence while bicycling onany road, whether you are a beginner or an epert! ou#ll have morefun and feel better about riding, be it for pleasure, tness ortransportation! $ee below for information about obtaining copies of the printed version!  This manual teaches safe bicycling techni%ues on public roads andstreets, but it#s up to you to apply them appropriately! &sers of thismanual assume full responsibly for their own actions and safety! Wow! Great! This easy-to-read book will make you a better, safer cyclist.! '! (reston Tyree, )ducation *irector Teas +icycle oalition Bicycling Street Smarts covers all the bases of theIPMBA method in a short easy-to-read format. It helps give our ocers the on-road survival sills they need...!verall an outstanding boo. - .cer *on /udson,0A(* +icycle Instructor, and (ast (resident,International (olice 1ountain +ike Association Author23ohn $! Allenontributingeditors2Andrew ubel, 1adeleine 5oland and onrad 'illemanIllustrations2eorge etseck and 3ohn $! Allenover design2eorge Almasi(age layout7print82onrad 'illeman(age layout7Internet82 3ohn $! Allen and onrad 'illeman$pecialthanks to2*ave +achman, (atricia +rown, Andrew 9ischer, 3ohn9orester, 3ohn 9ranklin, (atti 1arshall, 5elson (e:a and  ! /! $tancer Bicycling Street Smarts  is copyright ; <=>>, ?@@<, odale Inc! andpublished by ubel +ike1aps under license from odale Inc! All rightsreserved! 5o part of the Internet posting or print version may bereproduced in any form by any means, electronic or mechanical,including information storage and retrieval systems, ecept aspermitted by &!$! copyright law by a reviewer %uoting brief passagesor by permission in writing from ubel +ike1aps!(rint copies are available from ubel +ike1aps and at some bicycleshops, book stores, and map dealers the I$+5 number is <->><BB=-CB-@! +ulk discounts are available direct from ubel +ike1aps, whocan also provide custom versions! *ealer in%uiries are welcome! /O %o0 4135 aridge A 214 #SAinfoi&ea(.i&ea(  Bicycling Street Smarts  is an u(dated and re6ised edition of Street Smarts  srcina!!, (u!ished , %ic,c!ing aga7ine a (u!ication of Roda!e Inc. of 8aus /A #SA.%, granting (erission for this (u!ication Roda!e su((orts the education and safet, of  ic,c!ists. 9or ore inforation or to suscrie to %I$:ING go tohtt(;<<.%I$ or ca!! )- -2) .  INTRODUCTION  This manual will teach you safe bicycling on public roads and streets!1ost books about bicycling begin with the selection of a bicycle andaccessories! This one is going to be diDerent! 'e#re going to start withbicyclists# attitudes about riding on the road! The ost i(ortant factor in ho ,ou ride ,our ic,c!e is ho ,ou fee! aout it. If ,ou find ic,c!ing en=o,a!e and reasona!, safe then ,ou>!! ant to co6er greater distances and goore (!aces. %ut to do so ,ou usua!!, ha6e to ride in the co(an, of cars - and sharing theroad ith cars ca!!s for an attitude of securit, and confidence. nce you have that condence, you can safely and enEoyably take on acommute to work in city tra.c or a long day#s tour on almost any kind of roads! Almost anyone can become a condent, streetwise cyclist! $tart outwith conditions under which you feel comfortable and work up to moredi.cult ones! This booklet will show you how!Feep in mind that the rules of the road apply to all drivers of vehicles,regardless of vehicle type! +ut the laws themselves often describe onlywhat a bicyclist is re%uired to do, not how to do it! This manual describeshow to do it! This manual will teach you safe bicycling on public roads andstreets! CHILDREN  To ride safely re%uires the ability to process information about tra.cconditions, Eust as when driving an automobile! That skill develops withage and education! hildren are not ready to ride in tra.c until they havethe re%uisite physical and cognitive skills! 'hen a parent or guardian issatised that a child is ready, start out in easy conditions 7on %uietneighborhood streets or rural roads8 under the close supervision of someone who understands the principles of safe street bicycling taught inthis manual!
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