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Magical Realism as an Agent for Social Change Surprise Us: Reading Between the Submission Guidelines. Translation as/and Advocacy

Thursday, February 9 MARRIOTT MARQUIS 9:00 10:15 10:30 11: :15 1 Marquis Salon 1&2 Girlhood, Womanhood, Coming of Age The Politics of Queering Characters Imagining the Essay Marquis Salon 3&4 Marquis
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Thursday, February 9 MARRIOTT MARQUIS 9:00 10:15 10:30 11: :15 1 Marquis Salon 1&2 Girlhood, Womanhood, Coming of Age The Politics of Queering Characters Imagining the Essay Marquis Salon 3&4 Marquis Salon 5 Marquis Salon 6 Marquis Salon 7&8 Marquis Salon 9&10 Marquis Salon 12&13 Liberty Salon I,J,K Liberty Salon L Liberty Salon M Liberty Salon N,O,P Archives Capital & Congress Monument Supreme Court Magical Realism as an Agent for Social Change Surprise Us: Between the Submission Guidelines Translation as/and Advocacy Radical Caretaking as Essential to Creating Revolutionary Communities The Long and Winding Road: Book-Length Poems and Poetic Sequences Uneasy Alliances: Poets Laureate & Government Agencies Liberate Literature: Creating an Artistic Culture Outside of Academia How Effective Small Publishers Do What They Do, Sponsored by SPD Representing State-Driven Slavery, Genocide, The Holocaust, and Other Systemic Murders Demystifying the Business Side of Writing and Publishing Writing in a Time of Terror and Environmental Collapse Dylanology Inclusive Anthologies: The Challenge of Building Books That Reflect Our World It s the End of the World as She Knows It: Apocalypse Poetry by Women WALTER E. WASHINGTON CONVENTION CENTER Ballroom A Ballroom B Ballroom C Making Space A Hmong American Writers Circle Which Comes First, Activism or Artist? The G Word: Writing and Teaching Genre in a Changing Literary Landscape Global Narratives Within US Literature Writing from the Wound Singular Opportunity: Teaching Creative Writing to One-Time Learners Noemi Press: 15th Anniversary Making Space in Children s Publishing: An Intersectional Feminist of Color Perspective Time, Space, Community Four Indigenous Writers, Not Just Simple Indian Stereotypes Guilty Pleasures: Autobiography into Fiction Leashing the Beast: Humanizing Fictional Monsters Why Every Writer Should Create at Least One Play Citizen-Soldier-Poet: Using Poetry to Bridge the Civil-Military Gap Beyond Show, Don t Tell : How to Give (and Get) Truly Dynamic Feedback Real Talk, Real Action: Road Maps to Authentic Cultural Diversity Not Just Novelists: On Publishing Contemporary African Poets Queer Journeys: A Celebration of the University of Wisconsin Press s 80th Anniversary No, You Tell It! True-Life Tales with a Twist My First Year: From Graduate School to Academic Life The Infinite in the Finite: One Hundred Years of H.P. Lovecraft s Legacy Beautiful Mysteries: Science in Fiction and Poetry POC Leveraging Their Experience in the Academy to Initiate Community Healing What s Workshop Got to Do with It: Altering Power Structures in the Creative Writing Classroom Willow Books 10th Anniversary The Multiheaded Beast: Challenging Genre in Creative Nonfiction Studying Abroad with Writers Not Tourists A Chorus, a Community, a Welcome: 25 Years of DC Poetry Anthologies A Lecture by Jacqueline Woodson, Sponsored by the Poetry Foundation Mining a Appalachia Asian Am I Didn t Ask Names M Criticism or The Politic Reimagine and United Stat Shifting La Writers o The Baby P Surrounding M If You Don t H to Write St Celebrating Trauma and Writing C Speaking o Crea From Verse Diode Poet AWP Bookfair Stage Cody D. Todd Memorial Stage Virginia Barber Middleton Stage Room 101 Room 102A Room 102B Salon F Room 202A Room 202B Halo-Halo: The Ingredients of the Global Conference What Journalists Can Teach Literary Writers The Body in Words: Teaching Creative Techniques Beyond the Human: Writing the Animal Submission as Action From Writing Student to Editor: Preparing Yourself for the Editorial Job Market But That s Not How It Was: Memoir Writers on Pushing Back Against Expected Narratives Naugatuck River Review Narrative Poets The Backwaters Press Celebrates 20 Years On Caucuses: Caucus Leaders Unite Word Banks: Accounting for Small Presses, Sponsored by CLMP Innocents Abroad: Essaying with Study Abroad Students AWP Program Directors Southwest Council Protean Acts: The Art of Reinvention Doing Good Better: Resources for Nonprofit Literary Organizations Room 203AB Tell the Truth and Lie to Me AWP Program Directors Midwest Council Room 204AB Room 204C Room 206 Room 207A Room 207B Room 208AB Room 209ABC Contemporary Mythopoetics Know Your Place: Great Lakes Literary Arts Organizations on the Impact of Location The Long from the Short: Turning Flash Pieces into a Novel, Novella, or Memoir Lit Mag Editors Share Funding, Staffing, and Operational Strategies for Survival AWP Program Directors Plenary Assembly Discovery, Revelation, and Withholding for Writers and Their Readers The Craft of Editing Poetry: Practices and Perspectives from Literary Magazine Editors AWP Program Directors Southern Council AWP Program Directors Western Council AWP Program Directors Northeast Council AWP Program Directors Mid-Atlantic Council Translation as a Political Act Adaptation in Three Acts: Adventures in Adapting Material for Scripts Exclusive Interview with Joan Naviyuk Kane, Ada Limón, & Alicia Ostriker Finding a Way: The Secret Life of a Solo Mom Writer A Field Guide for the Craft of Fiction: Finding Structure Demystifying Copyright: A Crash Course on the Law of Literature Writing in the National Parks Artist-in- Residence Program Stakes Is High: The Urgency of Intersectional Poetics Bite Hard: A Tribute to Justin Chin Write Your Memoir like a Novel The Poet Confronts History: The Art of Research for Creative Writing A and Conversation with Stanley Crawford, Sarah Stark, and Robert Wilder Don t Stop the Presses: On the Enduring Value of the University Press Degree of Change: Using Your MFA in Social Justice Nonprofit Work A 25th Anniversary by CGU s Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award Winners We All Have to Start Somewhere: How Bad Writing Gets Good The Art of the Novella: Publishers and Writers on Crafting the Beautifully In-Between Black Magic Women: Black Women Examine Creativity in Digital Spaces News of the World: Fact-Based Practice in the Creative Writing Classroom Book Public an I Amazon P A Second Time The Elegy En W Solo en Esp a Dr. STE(A)M Stop Wor Current Tr S Celebra Foundatio The Immig The Imitat Narratives Tr Success, Failu Thriving i Kaylie Beyond the a Writing the S Expand You Can w to Give edback Maps to rsity lishing oets e University iversary ith a Twist School to Hundred egacy Fiction and nce in the ty Healing ltering Power lassroom y ging Genre n ot Tourists lcome: 25 logies odson, ndation Naviyuk striker of a Solo Fiction: sh Course re Artist-in- cy of s in Chin Novel e Art of iting ith Stanley ert Wilder Enduring ress r MFA in ork by CGU s Winners e: How Bad and Writers Between Women l Spaces Practice in room 1:30 2:45 3:00 4:15 4:30 5:45 Mining a Dark Vein: Writing About Appalachia and America s Working Class Asian American Generations at Coffee House Press I Didn t Ask to Be in Your Story: When Real Names Matter and When They Don t Criticism or Chronicle? Poetry Reviewing Today The Political Woman: Historical Novelists Reimagine and Reclaim Women s Place in Politics United States Military Intrusion and the Shifting Landscape of American Poetry Writers on the Road: The Life of the Writers Circuit The Baby Penalty: The Complex Dynamics Surrounding Motherhood and a Literary Career If You Don t Have Anything Nice to Say: How to Write Stories People Don t Want Told Celebrating 45 Years of Mississippi Review Trauma and Trigger Warnings in Creative Writing Classrooms and Communies Speaking of the Dead: Craft & Ethics in Nonfiction Genre Bias in the Creative Writing Workshop From Verse to Stage and Screen, Veterans Adapt Diode Poetry Journal s 10th Anniversary Book Publicity Round Table: Working with an Independent Publicist Understanding the Role of the Author as a Reader and Reviewer Second Time Around: On the Second Novel The Elegy Endures: 30 Years of Community Witness to HIV/AIDS Solo en Español: An All-Spanish and Craft Discussion Dr. STE(A)M-Love, Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Technology Imaginary Vessels Current Trends in Literary Publishing, Sponsored by CLMP Celebrating the Hurston/Wright Foundation: 27 Years of Literary Legacy The Immigrant as Translator, Sponsored by ALTA The Imitation Game: Adapting Classic Narratives in Contemporary Literature Tribute to Dave Smith Success, Failure, and the Green-Eyed Monster: Thriving in a Competitive Environment Kaylie Jones Books: A Beyond the Spoken Word: Black Poets in and on Performance Writing the South Asian Diaspora in Young Adult Fiction Expand Your Teaching Range: Yes, Writing Can Be Taught Well Online The New New New Journalism: Reporting with the I What Happens When Non-Native American Writers Write About Native Americans Beyond the Deadline: Surviving (and Thriving) in Magazine Publishing Troubled Waters: Negotiating Disturbing Students & Texts in the Creative Writing Classroom The Lyric Narrative: Telling Stories in Poems Women Directing Creative Writing Programs: Navigating the Red Tape Together with All That Could Happen: A Teaching Roundtable Major Problems with Minor Characters in CNF Are Literary Magazines Too Secretive About Slushpile Submissions? What Women Want: Writing Female Desire Mommy Dearest/Daughter Darling: Putting Words in Her Mouth Agents of Change: Social Justice and Activism in the Literary Community But Do You Have a Novel? How and Why Short Story Writers Transition into Novelists Writing on the Frontlines of the Tex-Mex Frontera Cat Painters: Contemporary Serbian Poetry in Translation Distinguished Editors: Jonathan Galassi, Nan Graham, Erroll McDonald, & Dan Halpern Poet at Springtime: A and Conversation on John Keats and Countee Cullen Using Research to Illuminate, Shape, and Expand Creative Writing Mile-High MFA Faculty Speculative Fiction Across Genres Children s Authors in the Academy Ensuring/Enduring Presence: Transgender People of Color Artists, Editors, and Publishers Transforming Adverse Audiences to Verse: Lessons Learned from the NEA Big Read Publishing Diversely: Challenges and Successes, Sponsored by SPD In the Box/Out of the Box: Writing With/ Against Your Gender/Race/Ethnicity/Etc. The Intersection of Community Activism and Writing Within and Beyond the Academy Celebrating 15 Years of American Lives: A University of Nebraska Press Copyright Basics for the Digital Age From the Fishouse: A Bilingual of Poets from Around the World Fourscore Feminist Fabulous Years: A Tribute to Alicia Ostriker The Animal That Therefore I Am: I -ing and Eyeing the Animal. Zero Chill: Writers of Color Against Respectability Silent Hearing: Poetry That Sounds on the Page or Screen Postcolonial Perspectives on Workshops of Empire American Meds: The Literature of Medicine Black Girl Magic, Blues, & Beauty in Young Adult Literature Marking the Occasion: The Necessity of Occasional Poetry Whereas, Standoff, Cinder, Rapture: Graywolf Poets The Planners vs. the Pants-ers: Outlining Your Novel Who Runs the World? Women with Power and Purpose, Sponsored by WITS Literary Center and Independent Publisher Partnerships as Community Hubs Translation: Bringing Pakistani Writer Intizar Husain to the West Going for Gold: Five Novelists Rewrite the Sports Narrative Women s Fiction: How to Write It, Sell It, and Market It The Politician as Writer: The Rise of the Political Autobiography Tough Stuff: Workshopping Depression and Grief Come Firewalk with Me: The Black Mind Asian American Poetics and Politics in the South: Self-Articulation and Solidarity The Independent Press Anthology: Editing, Designing, Publishing, and Marketing Jennifer Egan, Karen Joy Fowler, and Hannah Tinti: A and Conversation An Invitation to Poetic Discovery, Sponsored by Poets House Bookfair Stages Sponsored by Science in Literary and Mainstream Fiction: A New Wave Reinventing Collaboration: Transforming Arts Education Celebrating 50 Years of Southern Humanities Review Iranian Diaspora Writers as Cultural Ambassadors A by 2016 Guggenheim Fellows in Poetry Amplifying Unheard Voices Juggling from Within: The Art of Voice United Artists: Creative Writers in the Trenches of the American Education System Variations on Audionarrative: The Next Wave of Literary Podcasting Jim Harrison: A Remembrance and Celebration Fractured Selves: Fabulism as a Platform for Minorities, Women, and the LGBT Community How Poets of Color Migrated South and Built an Inclusive and Growing Community Thirteen Ways of Looking at Translation: Polish Poetry and Beyond The Four Directions: A Tribute to Francisco X. Alarcón Evening Events 6:00 7:15 p.m. Latino Caucus, Room 101, Walter E. Washington K-12 Teachers & Writers Caucus, Room 102A, Walter LGBTQ Writers Caucus, Room 102B, Walter E. Washington Asian American Caucus, Salon F, Walter E. Washington Low-Residency MFA Director s Caucus, Room 203 AB, Walter Two-Year College Creative Writing Caucus, 204C, Walter Sober AWP, 209ABC, Walter 6:30 8:00 p.m. Chatham University Reception, Silver Linden Room, Marriott Marquis, St. Petersburg Review Celebrates DISQUIET, Magnolia Room, Marriott Marquis, Iowa Writers' Workshop 80th Anniversary Reception, Georgetown Room, Marriott American University MFA Reception, George Washington Meeting Ohio State University Alumni Welcome Reception, Dogwood Sierra Nevada College s MFA 5 Year Anniversary Celebration, Scarlet Oak Room, Marriott Marquis, Tahoma Literary Review Reception: Meet Editors Who Pay, Howard Room, Marriott Eyewear Publishing: Spring 2017 Author s Reception, Gallaudet Room, Marriott Helen Zell Writers Program Reception, Catholic Room, The Georgia Review s 70th Anniversary Reception, University of DC Room, Marriott 8:30 10:00 p.m. #AWP17 Keynote Address by Azar Nafisi, Sponsored by the Lannan Center for Poetics and Social Practice at Georgetown University, Ballroom A, Walter 10:00 p.m. midnight AWP Public Reception & Dance Party, Independence Ballroom, Level Four Open Mic & Old School Slam, 102 B, Walter E. Washington Thursday, February 9 Friday, February 10 MARRIOTT MARQUIS 9:00 10:15 10:30 11: :15 Marquis Salon 1&2 Marquis Salon 3&4 Marquis Salon 5 Marquis Salon 6 Marquis Salon 7&8 Marquis Salon 9&10 Marquis Salon 12&13 Liberty Salon I,J,K Liberty Salon L Liberty Salon M Liberty Salon N,O,P Can You Go Home Again? A 5th Anniversary Celebration of the Kenyon Review Fellows Old Journals, New Writing: Editors on History and Discovery The Middle Americans: How Flyover Country Responds to War Dreaming the World Through Translation: International Perspectives on Creative Process Hop, Skype, and a Jump: Connecting Authors and Students with Skype Conference Veterans Discuss the Benefits and Drawbacks of Writing Conferences Writing as Refugees: Collective Trauma & Impossible Return When Writers Move In and Out of their Countries and Genres Emerging from the Slush: How to Get Your Short Story Published Home: A Four-Letter Word A and Conversation from Paycock Press Hybrid Genres and Hybrid Forms: How YA Lit Is Breaking All the Rules Outward in Larger Terms: Adrienne Rich s Collected Poems Greater than the Sum: Collaborations Between Publishers Writing the Dual Self: Opening Spaces for Hybrid Identities Loose, Faithful, and Literal: Adaptation from Novel to Screen What Borders? Multilingualism and the Creative Writing Workshop The World as Refuge Second Blooming: Women Authors Debuting After Fifty Social Justice and Poetic Communities Novels and Short Stories: How a Narrative Finds Its Form Archives Ethnicity and Craft The Craft of Empathy Capital & Congress Monument Supreme Court The Vein of Jade: What a Single Detail Can Reveal in Nonfiction Translation and Power, Sponsored by ALTA On the Care and Feeding of Interns, the Lifeblood of Lit Mags WALTER E. WASHINGTON CONVENTION CENTER Ballroom A Ballroom B WITS Membership Meeting Workshopping War: The Challenges of War Writing in the Classroom Sri Lankan American Writers on Shaping an Emerging Literary Identity The Manifesto Project: A and Conversation Peace Corps Writers: Crossing Borders, Spanning Genres West Branch 40th Anniversary Beyond Sex: The Poetics of Desire Columbia University s Poets and Teachers: A and Pedagogy Panel with MFA Faculty Multiple Points of View and Ensemble Casts in Young Adult and Middle Grade Novels Slow : Creative Writing, Experiential Learning, and Values It s None of Your Business Or Is It? When Students Resist Their Own Compelling Stories Beyond the Classroom: Teaching Outside Academia Writing Under the Gun: The Agony & Ecstasy of the Book Contract Coming of Age: The Blurry Line Between Adult and YA Literature Tía Chucha Presents an Anthology of Central American Literature in the United States Seeing the Forest for the Trees: Organizing and Structuring Story Collections 2016/2017 Writers Conferences & Centers (WC&C) Meeting From the Margins to the Mainstream: Mixed Writers on Representation Creative Writing in the US, Canada, Australia, China, the UK, and Europe N 45th From Flash Man Lookin C Beyond the B When a P The Fift Therapis Women of C Influence US/Pacific Foremothe Th A 20 Latina Mem the The Body E Writin The D The Art of R a M The Poe A Balakian, Pa Ballroom C AWP Bookfair Stage Cody D. Todd Memorial Stage Virginia Barber Middleton Stage Room 101 Room 102A Room 102B Salon F Room 202A Room 202B Room 203AB Room 204AB Celebrating the Golden Shovel Anthology in Honor of Gwendolyn Brooks The Lyric Invitation: Readers as Collaborators Writing the Motherland: A Demeter Press and Discussion Digital Pedagogy for Beginners Hands, a Flurry of Words: A by Deaf Writers Strange Bedfellows: The Unholy Mingling of Politics and Art Mentorship and Applied Learning in Literary Publishing A Novelist s Job: The Realities, Joys, and Challenges No One Thinks They re a Racist: Conscious and Unconscious Bias and Racism in MFA Programs When Is It Defamation? Legal Issues for Nonfiction Authors Four Way Books Poetry & Fiction, Part 1 New Poetry from Omnidawn Writing in the Internet Age Poetry as Public Art in Public Spaces Lessons Learned from Publisher Website Redesigns, Sponsored by CLMP Literary Awards: Help or Hindrance? Zora s Legacy: Black Women Writing Fiction About the South National Monuments: The Poetry of Contested Spaces Body of Work: Exploring Disability, Creativity, and Inclusivity Crafty: Four City University of New York MFA Graduates Read from Their Work Room 204C Shape-Shifting and Writers Centers The Civics of Literature Room 206 Room 207A Room 207B Room 208AB Room 209ABC Ecofiction: Spreading Ecological Literacy Through Stories Latinx Literary Activism: A CantoMundo Roundtable The Written Orality of Hip Hop Lyricism Contested Histories: Portraying the Complexity of the Past for Teen Readers Translation: Out of Context, Into the Wild 25 Years of Soft Skull: Nonfiction from the Next Generation Furthering the MFA vs. POC and AWP 2016 Keynote Conversations Confronting the Creative Writing/ Literature/Comp and Rhetoric Divide A Cross-Genre of Bold Writings About Women and Their Bodies Artists, Athletes, Immigrants, and Teachers Revise Formulaic Templates for Originality AWP Award Series Crab Orchard Series in Poetry A World of Our Own: Women s Voices from Three Continents in Cultural Exchange Carolina African American Writers Collective: After Over 20 Years Audio Drama and Podcasting: The Future Is Now 2.0 Advice to Nonprofit Organizations Seeking Funding from the NEA The Shape of Fiction: A Look at Structuring Novel-Length Prose Raising Hell: Writing from the Extremes American Smooth: A Tribute to Rita Dove A Celebration of the Cliff Becker Book Prize in Translation, Sponsored by ALTA Reclaiming the Past: The Challenge of Understanding Vanished Cultures Invisible Scaffolds: The Writer-Editor Collaborative Process George Mason Poetry Faculty Crossing the Line: Writing as a Healing Practice (Not) Just the Facts: Teaching Docupoetry and Investigative Poetics Bringing LGBTQ Folk Forms into Our Literature Times They Are A-Changin' : Reinventing the MFA Alexander Ch by Coffe Celebrating The Grea Understand R V Going The Truth
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