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  Written Analysis and Communication Group Assignment No. 1- Research Proposal “ Factors affecting the Purchase Decision of theCustomers Buying Gold Jewelry in Meerut”   u!mitted !y # Group No.: 4   1. Aakash Kamdar (1412012. Aakriti !hah(141202 . Aastha #anglik (14120  Section:B Batch: #$A-%& (2014-201' $nstitute of Management% &irma 'ni(ersity  Date of Submission: 18/10/2014 1  )a!le of Contents Content Page &o* ntroduction a $ackground  ) *onceptual %rame+ork  c Rationale d   ,)ecties 4Preliminar/ iterature !ure/4#ethodological iscussion' a Research esign '  ) ata *ollection &ools  c ata Anal/sis &ools  2  +*$&),-D'C)$-& Bac.ground n ndia3 gold is considered as a store o alue3 s/m)ol o status and +ealth.$esides3 gold is an integral part o the personal lies o ndian citi5ens. Gitinggold is the inherent tradition in marriages in ndia and hence3 marriagescontri)ute 607 o the annual gold demand. n the last decade more than 67o the gold demand +as attri)uted to the demand or gold e+eller/. &he gold e+eller/ market is estimated to )e alued at 8! 0 )illion in *912. &hestud/ o consumer )ehaiour in the purchase o gold e+eller/3 +ill attempt tounderstand the )u/er decision processes )oth indiiduall/ and in groups. nthis stud/3 the cit/ o #eerut has )een taken into consideration or anal/sis o actors that aect the consumer )u/ing )ehaiour in gold e+eller/ and therespondents or the stud/ )elong to the same cit/. &hrough this stud/3 anattempt is made to identi/ the arious actors that inluence people to inestin general3 to understand their general a+areness and roles in )u/ingdecisions. Conce/tual framewor. ndians gie e+eller/ a sacramental role in their customs and traditions.:hile no )ridal trousseau is complete +ithout gold e+eller/3 it is alsoconsidered a preerred inestment. ;o+eer3 little attention has )een paid tounderstand the purchase )ehaiour o consumers. &his research aims to stud/the consumers purchase )ehaiour +ith a special reerence to #eerut cit/3 oneo the top ie markets o gold and siler e+eller/ in ndia. t inolesunderstanding a set o purchase decision (ho+3 +here3 +hen and consumption pattern oer a period o time.&he purpose o research is to gie the local retailers scientiic inormation anddeeper kno+ledge a)out the consumer3 +hich can help them gain success in e+eller/ market. ,ationale &he )asic motie )ehind choosing this topic or our research is that it +illena)le the sellers o the gold e+eller/ to kno+ the actors that are driing the   demand. &he/ can plan their marketing strategies accordingl/ and also makechanges in their product accordingl/. :e can also come to kno+ a)out theusage i.e. +hether most o the people in #eerut are looking to )u/ thee<pensie or the heaier e+eller/ or the ine<pensie and or the da/-to-da/usage. -!0ecti(es &he o)ecties to conduct the research on the stud/ o consumer purchase )ehaiour +hile purchasing gold e+eller/ (:ith !pecial Reerence to #eerut=e+eller/ #arket are> ã &o e<plore and anal/5e the current consumer trends and preerences thatinluences the purchase )ehaior. ã &o identi/ re?uenc/ o purchase3 the spending priorities3 place o  purchase and the actors inluencing stores choice )ehaior among therespondents. ã &o stud/ the role and degree o inluence e<ercised )/ an indiidual andamil/ as a unit3 +hile making a purchase decision. 1*2$)3,A)',3 ,34$3W r.P.!rinias Rao3 r.Padma *haran !ahu3 r.!ath/apri/a.=3 r.eepa ttimani &holath (2014. A !tud/ o *ustomers@ Attitude and $ehaiour on  purchase o Gold =e+eller/ in *hennai *it/. ol. 43 No.1.   r. P. !rinias Rao (2014 in his paper studied the customerBs attitude and )ehaiour on e+eller/ purchase. &he o)ectie o the paper +as to stud/ the customerBs attitude and )ehaiour to+ards purchase o e+eller/ in *hennai *it/3 to identi/ the spending priorities3 re?uenc/ o purchase and  place o purchase. &he sample respondents +ere selected rom the arious areas o *hennai *it/ )ased on the num)er o e+eller/ shops and population. t +as concluded in the stud/ that the education o the customer impacted their  )u/ing )ehaiour. !teiner (1C'43 in his stud/ anal/sed that human )ehaiour is so aried that man/ people despair o inding alid generali5ation to e<plainand predict the thoughts and eelings o human- )eings despair. 4
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