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MEMORANDUM OF DEPOSIT OF SHARES Southeast Bank Limited The Merchant Banking Wing Head Ofce 1, Dilkusha Commercial Area Dhaka-1000 TH! M#MO$A%D&M O' D#(O !T O' HA$# ! MAD# O% TH! TH# )))))))))) DA* O' )))))))))))))))))))))))), +00, !, Mohammad Shahidul Alam son o- Ha.i A/dur $o/, 0ro0rietor o- M1s Hamdan (harmac2, a 0ro0rietorshi0 concern ha3ing its 0lace o- /usiness at Cha4lk, Comilla-5,00, do here/2 con6rm, admit, ackno4ledge and record7 i that !
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  MEMORANDUM OF DEPOSIT OF SHARES Southeast Bank Limited  The Merchant Banking WingHead Ofce1, Dilkusha Commercial AreaDhaka-1000 TH! M#MO$A%D&M O' D#(O !T O' HA$# ! MAD# O% TH! TH# )))))))))) DA* O' )))))))))))))))))))))))), +00!, Mohammad Shahidul Alam son o Ha.i A/dur $o/, rorietor o MsHamdan (harmac2, a rorietorshi concern ha3ing its lace o /usiness atCha4lk, Comilla-500, do here/2 con6rm, admit, ackno4ledge and record7 ithat ! ha3e alread2 deosited 8,000 9si: thousand; o shares ha3ingcategor2 <A< or <B< as er the ecurit2 and #:change Commission =uide>ines along 4ith (ledge $e?uest 'orm @'orm-1 and Con6scate $e?uest'orm @'orm-1, mentioned in the CH#D&># attached here4ith relatingto the shares 4hich ma2 /e relaced /2 me time to time and the saidrelacement 9i an2; shall /e deemed to /e an integral art o cheduleattached here4ith O 4hich ! am the holder, 4ith7 Southeast Bank Limited  The Merchant Banking WingHead Ofce1, Dilkusha CA 95 rd  'loor;Dhaka-1000hereinater reerred to as the Bank 94hich e:ression shall include its successors-in-interest, legal reresentati3es, administrators and assignees; and ha3e agreedto create ledge on the shares descri/ed in the CH#D&># attached here4ith9hereinater collecti3el2 reerred to as the E haresF; or the urose o securingthe rea2ment to the Bank on demand o all outstanding dues including allcharges and interest against the credit acilit2 o Tk +G,00,00000 9Taka t4ent2our lac; onl2 in the orm o Bai-Muaal against ledge o demateriali.ed sharesgi3en /2 the Bank to me 3ide its anction >etter %o #B>HOMBW+000+dated 105+00 9the E anction >etterF;, either solel2 and or ointl2 4ith an2other erson 9s; lia/le to the Bank 4hether on account o the Credit acilit2 or  an2 other lia/ilities including romissor2 notes, che?ues, and other negotia/leinstruments, or in an2 manner 4hatsoe3er including the interests and chargesaccruing on or in connection 4ith the >oan lia/ilities and an2 other credit acilit2as ma2 /e gi3en to the Borro4er in utureA%D ! here/2 authori.e and emo4er the Bank, in the e3ent o non-a2ment o the said >oan lia/ilities, to sell the HA$# or cause the HA$# to /e sold atan2 time in an2 manner the Bank ma2 think 6t and roer, at m2 risk and on m2account and out o the roceeds o such sale, ater a2ing all costs, charges ande:enses incidental to the sale, to adust the outstanding dues in the loanaccount and an2 other outstanding accounts along 4ith interests to /e accruedthereonA%D in the e3ent o an2 shortall in the said account, ! shall remain resonsi/le torea2 the shortall amount rom m2 o4n source to the Bank 4ithin the eriodseci6ed /2 the BankA%D ! ma2 ha3e the right to sell or transer the resent shares mentioned in chedule or relaced shares to /e mentioned in chedule su/ect to the rior4ritten aro3al o the Bank and in the case o such sale or transer ! here/2con6rm and undertake to relace the cheduled shares 4ith deositing samecategor2 ie <A< or <B< categor2 shares as er the ecurit2 and #:changeCommission =uide >ines along 4ith 'orm-1 I 1And ! here/2 undertake unconditionall2 to /e held resonsi/le i an2 o the hares deosited 4ith the Bank is ound orged, ake or other4ise deecti3e  The chedule attached here4ith shall /e deemed to /e an integral art o thisMemorandum Deosit o hares EXEUTED AND DELI!ERED B ME ON THE DA # MONTH AND EARMENTIONED ABO!E$  )))))))))))))))))))))) Mohammad hahidul AlamWitnesses71 %ame I signature7 Address7+ %ame I signature7 Address7 (age + o 5  SHEDULE OF SHARES  Total 8,000 num/ers o shares o #:ort !mort Bank o Bangladesh >imited, 'ace3alue o 4hich are o Tk 800 lac held /2 Mohammad hahidul Alam'olio7%um/er o hares78,000! !% Code7BD01+#J!MB+! !%7#J!M Bank >imitedBO !D71+0+0G0001G+1G+D( !D7+0G00 Total 8,000 num/er o shares and all di3idends, interests or other distri/utionsand all allotments, accretions, oKers, rights, /ene6ts and ad3antages 4hatsoe3erat an2 time accruing oKered or arising in resect o the same 4hether /2 4a2 o con3ersion, redemtion, /onus, reerence, otion or other4ise /ut the Bankshall in an2 circumstances incur an2 lia/ilit2 4hatsoe3er in resect o an2 calls,installments or other4ise in connection 4ith the ecurities (age 5 o 5


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