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  MINDSTREAM written byDerik WestAddressPhoneE-mail   FADE IN:INT. WHITE ROOMA massive white room fills the frame. Absolutely no color. No form. no walls. Looks like Infinite Nothingness... V.O Welcome to the mindstream. A man late 20's walks in front of the camera from off screen  with a how the fuck did I get here kind of look on his face. We see he is wearing PJs. Clean cut. No style. Like a blank canvas... WRITER What is this place?V.OExcellent question. The Writer's head is on a swivel. Looking around for something to look at...V.OThis space. Think of it as a playground for your imagination. A blank canvas if you will as vast and infinite as space itself. Empty as this page was one hundred and twenty one words ago... WRITER Wait. how did you...who are you?V.O(sigh) who I am is irrelevant. But if I must be personified...A person appears out of thin air. Sharp dressed. Looks identical to Writer. If writer were to hire a stylist that is. LOGOSYou may call me Logos. Writer walks towards Logos... WRITERLogos? You look... like me?  2.LOGOSIndeed. Does this appearance not satisfy you? Writer touches Logos as if to confirm that Logos is actually real.. WRITER(smile with a chuckle)No no. All good. A bit weird but it's whatever. so...  Writers eyes scan the infinite emptiness... WRITER...this place. is like a dream  world?LOGOSPrecisely. Here in this space you can do whatever you want. Have anything you want. Be whoever you  want. All you got to do is.. WRITERUse my imagination right?LOGOSExactly. Go ahead. Give it a try. Don't be shy. WRITEROk imagination. Let's do this. I can have anything I want. What do I  want?  We close in on Writer squeezing his eyelids tight and --POOF -- a tan leather recliner chair appears. LOGOS Interesting....Logos rubs his chin as if pondering. WRITERI did it!  Writer begins to celebrate like he just won the lottery. WRITERIt actually worked.  3.The Writer proceeds to leap into the chair. It's time to get comfy sit down and figure out what to materialize next. BUT the illusion shatters. The chair can not hold any weight. It explodes into dust the second the writer touches it. The Writers gluteus maximus hits the ground with a thud.  WRITER What the..LOGOSTell me. When you closed your eyes Did you think of a chair? Or what a chair looks like?The writer stands back up brushing off dust. WRITERI guess I just thought of what the chair looks like....LOGOSAhh you produced a figment. WRITERA What?LOGOSA figment. An optical illusion. But no matter. No matter. This was expected. No one ever produces a proper thought form on their first try.  Writers enthusiasm is suddenly replaced with a look of thinking this was harder then I expected LOGOSAgain. Make the figment appear. just like before.The writer closes his eyes and another chair appears.LOGOSExcellent. The rate of  materialization is impressive. Make another figment appear. WRITEROk another chair.... When the writer attempts to make another chair appear the previous one disappears.
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