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  +++++++++++++++++ INTRODUCTION +++++++++++++++++---<(ASSALAMU'ALAIKUM WR. WB)>--- I'm beginner hacker from Indonesia. My age is 18 years old when I submitted this.++++++++++++++++++++ GREAT THANKS TO ++++++++++++++++++++ 1. Matrixz's MegaFLEX. 2. Rock5Easily's Rockman 5 Editor, Parameter Editor and Sprite Viewer. 3. Yum0987654321 and Kain for suggesting title from 'Artefact' to 'Artifact'. 4. YY-CHR, the great tile editor. 5. FCEUX, great emulator for making ASM datas. 6. Dwiki Prayoga as tester (beta version). 7. Insectduel as tester. 8. Zieldak as tester. 9. RHDN, the great place of ROMHacks.+++++++++++++ PATCHING +++++++++++++ (I'm Indonesian, sorry for my English) Please patch this ips file into Mega Man V (U), not Rockman 5 (J).++++++++++++++++++++++++++ WHAT ARE DIFFERENCES? ++++++++++++++++++++++++++---<( I. GRAPHIC )>--- New Graphic for robot masters, Levels, weapons, etc. Some tilesets was made by me. It's fun for changing NES graphics. Also I made most of the boss graphics from scratch, while there're 3 robot masters which was integrated from other robot master.---<( II. MUSIC AND SOUND )>--- I usually use Fruity Loop and write the hex code from scratch by reading the notation block one by one, 80% of the drums from whole music are my creation, making the drum in hex editor directly is easier than reading in FL (or any other musical softwares). Most of the musics' source are song from my country, Indonesia, while others are from well known song in the world. I knew some of them are ridiculous and didn't really fit on the stages, But, I just want to pick their notation only then I rearrangement again. Here the sources : 1. Opening : Dr. L. Manik - Desaku (My Village)Desa = Village ; ~ku = My Title : Michael Bubble - Sway Password Screen : J. S. Bach - Orchestral Suite 2 (My Remix version)I don't know which OS2 song was used in my hack,but, search in the Internet the filename bachos2.mid 4. Stage Select : Opick - Assalamu'alaikum Selected Stage : Snada - Neo Shalawat(Go to Minutes 2:00 to the actual song) Puzzle Man : Project Pop - Ingatlah Hari Ini (Please Remember This Day)Ingat = Remember ; ~lah = Please ; Hari = Day ; Ini = This Name : Puzzle Power7. Sultan Man : Camelia Malik - Rekayasa Cinta (Modified Love)Rekayasa = Modified ; Cinta = Love Name : Hunter Mine8. Frozen Man : Nidji - Laskar Pelangi (Rainbow Soldier/Warrior)Laskar = Soldier/Warrior ; Pelangi = Rainbow Name : Frozen Dash9. Space Man : Air - Bintang (Star) Name : Aiming Glob10. Tune Woman : Opick - Alhamdulillah Name : Synth Burst11. Marine Man : Ratu (Queen) - Dear Diary Name : Marine Flow12. Batik Man : H. Muntahar - Hari Merdeka (Independence Day)Hari = Day ; Merdeka = Independence Name : Canting Barrier13. Brave Man : Lolita - Alay (Overact / Exagerated) Name : Brave Hound14. Dark Man Fortress Map : Mr. X Fortress Map15. Dark Man 1 : Meggy Z - Rindu (Missed) Dark Man 2-4 : Tangga - Cinta Begini (Love Like This ?¿?!!!)Cinta = Love ; Begini = Like This??? Wily Fortress Map : Mega Man 8 Wily Fortress Map  18. Wily Stage : Bon Jovi - Livin' On A Prayer Regular Boss : Opick - Irhamna(Go to Minutes 1:37 to the actual song) Fortress Boss : (Fariz RM) Rossa - Sakura Final Boss : Mega Man Battle Network - Boss22. Ending : Kahitna - Cantik (Beautiful) Boss Fanfare : My Crappy Creation (LoL)24. Final Boss Fanfare : Super Mario World Level Clear25. Chasing Wily : I don't have idea what song to change this one26. Get Weapon : Cindy Cenora - Gembala Sapi (Cowherd)Gembala = Herd ; Sapi = Cow Game Over : My Remix of Jungle Book NES Level ClearThere is several sound effect addition :---<(From other Mega Man game)>---1. Mega Man Electric shocks. (Created From Scratch)2. Mega Man 2 Quick Laser. (Created From Scratch)3. Mega Man 3 Cannon. (Just Copy and Paste in cause of same engine)4. Mega Man 3 Explosion. (Copy and Paste)---<(My Creation)>---1. Timer Ticking.2. Aiming Glob.3. Rising Platform.4. Falling Platform.5. Wily's bullet.---<( III. LEVEL )>------<( IV. TEXT )>--- The most text entirely changed in global language (English), althrough I'm suck at English grammar.---<( V. GAMEPLAY )>--- Attention, please... This is the first time I change whole bosses' AI and I just a n00b for 6502 hacking, I believe there's still many bugs in my current project. First of all, I learned how to code in 6502 based on other superior MM5 hack like RockMan 5 G , Endless, Air Sliding, or Even Matrixz's Mega Man 4 Forever and   PureSabe's RockMan 4 MI. So, there's some new stuff... :3 Oh, thanks Matrixz for giving me some help in the very beginning 9 months ago about  how to find enemy pointer and description for RAM Address $0588 and $05A0 . ---<( VI. OTHER )>--- - No longer enemy invincibility. (I learned from PureSabe's patch, but I didn'tapplied his patch) - Climb Faster. - Faster recovering. - Faster fading (by changing LDY value to 02). - Sound Effect addition. - After revisiting stages done, weapon will be full again. - Not stopped charging while take damage. - Some new stuff. - Energy Balancer. - etc.++++++++++++++ KNOWN BUG ++++++++++++++ - Lag in Sultan Man's Stage, I didn't know why but I'm pretty sure it caused by background animation. - 1UP trick from M-Tank glitched, and no longer happened. - Marine Man and Batik Man Pause Trick. No longer happen. - Wily 3 platform bug like what Zieldak said but in some cases it still happen.++++++++++++ CONFIDE ++++++++++++ I'm sorry if my hack is terrible enough, because I just sharing what is in my mind and I just a n00b. Really, I don't know any ASM languages, and I just self-taught other ASM documentations. But it's very, very hard to applying in the NES rom, until FCEUX come with its breakpoints and Hex Editor feature... My hack is easy enough to deal with, and I hope the new re-modified weapons are more useful than srcinal ones. - Why v0.94 ? This is the first time I dealt with ASM a lot. So, maybe there're still buggy or need an addition or improvisation. If you find bugs in my hack, report me immediately, I will improve it and change the version soon. ~Enjoy...+++++++++++++++ CHANGE LOG +++++++++++++++
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