Naga Bhut Jolokia

Naga Jolokia,Bhut Jolokia Hot Peppers and Me The best spice in the world is Naga/Bhut Jolokia pepper. which has devilish red beauty, a heady aroma which is fatally attractive, a bite like a King Cobra that sends searing heat and pumps warmth through your whole body. Hot chilli peppers of any other kind are my second choice. And me...well, I am a sucker for Hot chilli peppers of any kind. This blog will contain stories of my love for spices, hot Indian sauces and the hottest of chillies....The K
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   Naga Jolokia,Bhut Jolokia Hot  Peppers and Me The best spice in the world is Naga/Bhut Jolokia pepper. which has devilish red beauty, a headyaroma which is fatally attractive, a bite like a King Cobra that sends searing heat and pumpswarmth through your whole body. Hot chilli peppers of any other kind are my second choice. Andme...well, I am a sucker for Hot chilli peppers of any kind. This blog will contain stories of mylove for spices, hot Indian sauces and the hottest of chillies....The King Naga Jolokia and such Naga Jolokia O God !! Give me Chillies or Give Me Death My Blog List ã http://www.hema Welcome to Hemant's Cookery Corner~~ A one stop source for Recipe on net ã http://www.chile NMSU: The Chile Pepper Institute - Home  Blog Archive ã ▼ 2009   (3) ○ ▼ March   (2)  UNIQUE RECIPE.......I love the style  ‘ Chilligirl’ Anandita makes it to Shabash In... ○ ► February   (1)  MORE ON PAIN MANAGEMENT ã ► 2008   (23) ○ ► December   (2)  Great Brown Bears Love Hot Pepper smell   Elephants and Bhut Jolokia are No Friends ○ ► November   (5)  CHILLI...One spice, Many usages  NO HORSE SENSE...THIS  How Not To Eat Bhut Jolokia ?  World's Youngest ChilliHead at the age of 19 mont ...  World's HOTTEST girls.!!! ....Believe it or not.!!! ... ○ ► October   (8)  MARICH SAHASTRA NAMAVALI    Marcha Na Bhajia aka MenasinakaiBajjiThe ...  Marcha Na Bhajiya  Naga Morich And The Dentist !!  Death By Chili peppers...Really?  Falling In Love With Naga Morich ....For Ever  Falling In Love With Naga Jolokia  Lady With Fire ○ ► September   (8)  ADDICTION OR CRAVING?  VICTIM OF EVIL EYE ?  HILLARY'S HEALTH PLAN  RECIPE FOR LONG & HEALTHY LIFE  GLOBAL WARMING OF CHILLI KIND  Bullock-Cart drivers and Chillies  CHILLI THIEVES  I am a Spicy Man because..... I was born in Chilli... About Me HEMANT TRIVEDI Eternal searcher of answersView my complete profile  SUNDAY, MARCH 22, 2009 UNIQUE RECIPE.......I love the style  Gary's Salsa Godzilla Brand Habañero Sauce Version 1.3(makes enough to alienate all your friends twice) INGREDIENTS:1/4 Oz. Dried habañero chiles. (This is the size package common in stores)1/2 Tsp onion powder or the white section of one green onion.  3-4 Medium garlic cloves1/4 Tsp sea salt5 oz. Distilled water1 Dozen strike anywhere kitchen matches.1 #4 Grappling style fish hook.1/2 Cup battery acid1 Matchlite charcoal briquette.1 G.E. Laundry iron.1 1/2 X 4 Machine bolt.DIRECTIONS:Plug in the iron and turn it to the steam setting. Use a kitchen match to ignite the briquette, putthe match out on the tip of your tongue. Remove the stems from the chilies and toss the chiliesinto a blender. Light the remaining kitchen matches on your teeth, putting them out as before.Add the garlic, onion, sea salt and water to the blender. Do your doggone best to swallow thefishhook. Set the Blender to frappé and fire that mother up. Gargle 1/2 cup battery acid butdon't swallow any cause we don't want none of that macho crap here. Stop often to scrape thesides of the blender with a rubber spatula. Use the charcoal briquette to heat up the bolt to acheerful cherry red then pick the red hot bolt up with your lips. You need to blend theingredients in the blender for four or five minutes, until the chiles are completely liquefied. Youcan take this opportunity to see if the iron is ready by firmly pressing the flat of your tongue toit. Turn off the blender and pour the liquid into a small bottle. Extinguish the charcoal briquetteby smothering it in your mouth. Turn off the iron. Refrigerate the habañero sauce betweenusage, and when you use this stuff, please try not to get any of it in your mouth!! OK OK the REAL Directions:Add the ingredients to a blender and blend on medium until smooth. Stop the blenderoccasionally and push down the chili sauce that has been splashed onto the side of theblender carafe with a spatula. This will probably take about 5 minutes. When fully blended,remove the carafe and hold it between your hands. Swirl the contents against the side of thecontainer to remove all the bubbles. That's all there is to it!Put this into one of those 5 ounce bottles of store bought pepper sauce such as Tapatio hotsauce. It has a plastic stoppered mouth with a small shaker hole that is a great way to applythis sauce to your food. Just pour the store bought swill down the drain and wash the bottleout. You can reuse the same bottle for years. You should have some room left in the bottle,top it off with more distilled water. If the sauce is too thick once chilled, add more distilledwater when there is room. Once mixed, keep the bottle of sauce refrigerated between uses.Shake before using. Double the recipe and put it into a 10 oz. bottle if you are insane like me. I loved the presentation so much that even without getting the permission to republish, I posted this recipe on my blog.Thanks Gary for your sense of humorand the recipe. Naga Jolokia Addict Posted by Hemant Trivedi at7:58 AM 0 comments   SATURDAY, MARCH 14, 2009 ‘Chilli girl’ Anandita makes it to Shabash India By A Staff Reporter GUWAHATI, Aug 2 –When, as a five-year-old, she used some mild chilli preparations to cure a disorder of thetongue, little did she know that it would one day catapult her to fame and stardom. AnanditaDutta Tamuly’s claim to fame rests on this rather scary knack of relishing red-hot chillis intheir dozens – the very thought of which is enough to make most of us go weak on ourknees. Her love affair with chillis is not just confined to munching mouthfuls of Naga/Bhoot jalakia – the hottest known variety – but also smearing her eyes with its juice. Just backfrom the shooting of Zee TV’s Shabash India, which features extraordinary and bizarre featsby Indians, Anandita, a mother of a toddler, gave ample demonstration of her remarkableexploits before a jam-packed audience at the Swahid Nyas Bhavan today. She finished some40 chillis in no time at all – and without the least indication of any discomfort. And followedit up by applying some more to her eyes, drawing a thunderous applause from the wide-eyedonlookers. For the Shabash India episode, which is scheduled for telecast at 10-30 pm onAugust 29, Anandita gobbled up a record-shattering 60 red-hot chillis in just a couple of minutes besides applying another dozen to her eyes in one minute. “The support andencouragement from my family, friends and well-wishers apart, I am thankful to the peopleof the State for giving me the motivation to take part in the programme and establish therecord,” a modest Anandita said. Her next goal is the Guinness record, the ultimateaspiration of all record-setters. “After we had contacted the Guinness authorities, theyasked me to give a demonstration of my abilities in the Guinness headquarters in London.However, financial constraints have affected my plan to perform there, as the wholeexercise involves substantial expenditures. But with the blessings of the people and supportfrom committed organisations, I do hope to set a mark at Guinness in the near future,”Anandita said. On her uncanny appetite for chillis, Anandita said that it began when she tooksome preparations made of chill to cure a sore on the tongue. “I was about five or six then,and after that incident I developed this unusual taste for eating chillis. Gradually I realizedthat I could eat even the hottest of chillis in great numbers,” she said.Did this practice everaffect her health, particularly her digestive system? “No, rather I can say that I have neverexperienced any stomach-related problems, and my overall health, too, is quite sound,”Anandita said. Before the demonstration, Anandita was accorded a warm felicitation by theAll Assam Students Union (AASU) and Marwari Yuva Manch. Also present were a number of 
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