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New Age of Spirituality or 'Service to Self Only?' Part I: The Self-Proclaimed Gurus-Channelers and 'Unconsciousness Consumerism'

A detailed discussion of a movement dubbed as "New Age of Spirituality" effectuated by a series of ambitious, aggressive, individuals with the primary concern for 'service to self only,' with the underlying mission of easily
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    “ New Age of Spirituality ”   or ‘Service to Self Only? ’ Part I: The Self-Proclaimed “ Gurus- Channelers”  and ‘Unconsciousness Consumerism’  Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.  Abstract  A detailed discussion of a movement dubbed as “   New Age of Spirituality  ”   effectuated by a series of ambitious, aggressive, individuals with the primary concern for ‘   service to self only, ’   with the underlying mission of easily attaining fame, fortune, power, and control, by virtue of dogmatic form of ‘   elitism, ’   is presented. It is explicated that such a movement, in essence, is nothing new that epitomizes the very act of victimization that has been in effect on this planet for countless millennia by the negative aliens, preying upon derailed mind controlled instinctual impulses of the innocent public who desperately like to believe or ‘   experience, ’   and thus, indulge themselves by a form of addictive self-enslavement in fads, blindly following one another, engaging in collective unconsciousness. Note that presently there is a war on human consciousness in progress on this planet with the negative aliens consistently losing their advantage in maintaining Earth as a prison planet led by unconsciousness or unawareness in what is, in essence, a form of ‘   sleeper  ’   state, with humanity not knowing what is transpiring beyond their proverbial noses. And, the introduced movement of New Age of Spirituality that is in fact an attempt to thwart the Ascension process through keeping the mind of humanity occupied with frivolities and misinformation-disinformation while continually tightening up the reign of humanity  ’  s self-enslavement, is conceptually nothing new. It is akin to preying on humanity through  causing further separation as the concept of religion has always effectuated, by ‘   grooming ’   and supporting and accentuating the traits of a group of aggressive, selfishly ambitious individuals who are easily  prone to the mind sliding programming of narcissism, apathy, and are  prone to ‘   service to self only, ’   to mimic the role of ‘   elitist controllers, ’   with an avaricious ‘   need  ’   to exert power over others, which helps  further carrying out the negative aliens ’   nefarious agenda of thwarting humanity Ascension. And, irrespective of the fact that whether this is accomplished knowingly through their utter ‘    possession ’   similar to what has been the case, with say, Illuminati, or unknowingly, through strong  parasitic attachments, these individuals, consistent with a ‘   Faustian Dogma of betrayal of selling their souls to the proverbial devil, ’   strive to benefit financially to be “    fortunate ”   enough to ‘   lead  ’   others into further state of unconsciousness enslavement on the planet. As a result, they take it upon themselves to organize so-called “   spiritual  ”   gatherings, conferences, and retreats, which in fact, epitomize a reflection of the False or Phantom Ascension Movement to further baffle and confuse humanity about their nature of existence, instead of honestly and lovingly provide a means for their enlightenment and consciousness expansion. And, for the organizers, the underlying reason is acquiring ‘   easy money  ’   taking advantage of the feverish ‘    fad  ’   of “   New Age Spirituality. ”   So, they often employ self-proclaimed “   gurus, ”    “   spiritual masters, ”    “   counselors, ”    “   life coaches ”   and such, with little or no special acumen, true enlightenment, background education, or connection to the higher dimensions or the zero-point field, and flabbergasted with the primarily promise of fame, to provide a podium and audience for them to begin “    preaching ”   to others. In this paper, the author makes examples of two such individuals-organizations that promise to offer nothing but circus acts that at best can promise to be (poor) sources of entertainment, with the participants being likely to get nothing “   spiritual  ”   from the experience, but perhaps the benefit of their own  fellowship with like-minded individuals that could be achieved by other means such as simply through mutual enlightening discussions.  Introduction   •   The advent of human enslavement by a way of entrapment within an impr ison of ‘unconsciousness’ is not new  [1]. •   It goes back to the inception of this Ascension Time Continuum almost 26,000 years ago, which coincides with the inception of Luciferism [2]. •   However, what is new is that due to the ongoing war on human consciousness between the so-called AI negative aliens [3] and the advocates of organic consciousness [4], and the very fact that currently the negative aliens are bitterly losing this war culminating in their eviction from this part of the Universe at least [5], the strive for concerted siphoning human energies [6] while ensuring its unconsciousness numbness has clearly been exasperated in recent years. •   The negative aliens are masters of lies, deceptions, trickery, make belief, while being utterly adept to compel their victims to subjugate themselves to self-enslavement. •   And, the way this works is that they devote themselves in distorting and mis-representing the very same notions, feelings, and inclinations that the sentient, organic consciousness beings such as humans have or ‘naturally’ believe in.   •   In this respect, the age old trickery has been to mind control humanity into promoting the very concept of “religion” [7] something that any innocent human victim resorts to as a way of having reverence for its Prime Creator [8]. •   However, the crux of the matter has always been to DISTORT the TRUTH with respect to the reality of God [9], Creation [10], Consciousness [11-12], Cosmos [13-14], our Universe [15-16], and such, by deliberately promoting hypocrisies and superstitions with respect to such matters, while also carefully hiding very important truth about humanity such as its nature of quantum consciousness  [17-18], multidimensionality [19-21], the TRUTH about its srcin [22], afterlife [23-24], evolution [25-29], death [30], etc. •   Additionally, their mind control-mind sliding programing [31] has included the introduction of false ego-pride [32-33], narcissism, anger, fear [34], lust [35-36], avaricious tendencies through the invention of curse of money [37-39], and a host of other derailed and self-destructive behaviors for humanity [40], while humanity is entrapped in negative aliens ’  phantom timeline of reality. •   And, as the war on human consciousness had heated up culminating in the negative ali ens’ defeat , partly due to certain ‘awakening’ of the human race [41] with respect to rejecting the self-destructive concept of religion, they had to devise yet a new ‘trick’ by replacing religion with another deceptive invention, which may be referred to as the False Ascension Matrix [42]. •   This False Ascension Matrix that is under the disguise of “New Ag e Spirituality ”  consists of half-truth accounts of reality of the higher dimensions [43-44] •   We initially perceived to only exist in ‘ physicality ’  [45-47]. •   With careful omission of negative aliens ’  historical devastating role in our reality, as well as introduction of utter lies and deceitful misinformation- disinformation by certain “channelers” man y of whom are duped as to what is really transpiring, once again, they are trying to keep us within unconsciousness enslavement. •   In the second part of this paper, the author shall indulge in bringing more detailed examples of such occurrences, be it in the form of ‘false mystery school teachings’ [48], together with their and other historical roots of development. •   In contrast, this paper concentrates on a pathetic game of unconsciousness self-enslavement promoted by self-proclaimed “ gurus, ”   ‘want to be’ individuals, and such, who have no substantial educational-intellectual backgrounds with respect to understanding the true meaning of cosmic energetics [49-51], consciousness  vibration [52-59], quantum or continuum mechanics [60-64], physics, particularly interdimensional physics [65] and the dimensional structure aspects of Cosmos [66-71] (even the fundamental accounts of time, space, and space-time [72- 81]), or the very meaning of ‘frequency’ [82-83], ‘resonance’ [84-85], synchronicity, interconnection - entanglement [86-89], etc., etc., and the very concepts that they readily throw at people as ‘ catch phrases. ’   •   Most of these individuals have discovered a ripe opportunity to get on the band wagon to benefit from the so- called spiritual “industry” to make a career, or make easy money for themselves. •   And, in this respect, there seems to be new titles added as to describe the extent of their “expertise” every day that is no longer confined to simple “life coach,” “counselor,” “regression   therapist,” etc., etc., with the newest invented one being that of the “ exorcist! ”   •   And, while the game of greed, and the charlatan acts of fast talking salesmen (recall a used car salesman or the prolific “Music Man) , the whole affair of so-to-speak “spiritual Industry” has found new twists and turns, nowadays. •   This reminds one also of an evangelist (akin to an “ Elmer Gantry ”  like character) who has never even read the bible, yet carries it in his hand, and while keep pointing to it, keeps “ quoting ”  from it. •   Or more recently, this pertains to one who has just heard some hearsay or seen a few things in this video or that “spiritual” website and memorized certain catch phrases without adequately understanding them. •   The sad issue is that such individuals suddenly want to play “gurus” and “spiritual masters” or “experts and adepts” who strive to show their faces in so-called “ spiritual conferences, ”  reciting disjointed facts and figures from the accounts of Earth-Human history, meanwhile throwing them at the audience with faster than the speed of bullets.
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